17 Trendy Amazon Home Decor Finds for 2022 You NEED to Try!

Want to know some of the trendiest Amazon home décor finds so far this year for an affordable price?! 

This post is all about 17 Trendy Amazon Home Decor Finds of 2022! 

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Investing in the proper home décor to suit you, your family, and your house’s vibe should be relatively easy.

Time to find the BEST options for a variety of homeowners, renters, and every niché-focused decor enthusiast reading this article. Whether you live in an apartment or mansion, we all deserve to have a beautiful abode without breaking the bank.

Get ready to have the home décor guide of your dreams with kitchen décor, living room essentials, and enhancing every plain wall in between!



Here, is a prime example of how a retro, household kitchen item is making a comeback in a MAJOR way. An Amazon lazy susan can be utilized for storage in a pantry, closet, bathroom, office, and even your children’s playroom! Thus, making your organizational skills look like an A+ 

An Amazon lazy susan is insanely practical as well as a helpful kitchen gadget turned multi-functional household staple for 2022 trends.

Made out of an assortment of materials and in several sizes, a lazy susan has totally revamped its classic image in 2021. Like this popular Amazon lazy susan with over 4,000 reviews!

From collecting dust on your parents/grandparents’ 1980’s dinette set perfectly garnished with a doily; to now…a chic, simple, and affordable Amazon staple for your home.

A lazy susan from Amazon can be especially handy for bigger families or someone that lives in a small space. These bad boys will quickly tidy up your home in ways you couldn’t even imagine!

You’ll be happy to know that a multitude of styles and materials are trending at the moment on the Amazon website. My personal favorites (I know you’ll love them too) include acrylic, wood, marble, and even concrete. 

Yes, you heard me right! A concrete lazy susan! The concrete lazy susan is so Architectural Digest.

If you are a person who enjoys entertaining guests, then you’ll NEED this next trendy piece…

This wooden Amazon lazy susan in a cool, non-circular, wavy root-wood finish is beyond in right now. I have this one located in my living room and it is ALWAYS noticed by guests.

Your guests will be impressed and ask which high-end department store or furniture shop custom made this deal of an Amazon lazy susan.

As you can see, lazy susans are highly incorporated in relevant home decor design this year. They can be made into a modern focal point or unique centerpiece of a coffee table, desk, or kitchen island.

The acrylic or plastic Amazon lazy susans are by far the most functional for organizing as some of them come with detachable containers to secure and hold items upright.

Can anyone say spice cabinet?  We all have that one cabinet or pantry where our spices and seasonings are just discombobulated.


 Here’s a solution for you! ↓


A 2-tier lazy susan is not only the most popular through the years but the most practical as well for giving your spice cabinet a little twirl of tidiness. 

Now…this particular clear lazy susan shown below will be your best friend if you are a gal who gets ready in a total hot-mess-tornado fashion and leaves their bathroom like a Sephora crime scene. I mean, not that I would know anyone like that or anything!



The container feature is quite suitable for make-up products and brushes. This clear lazy susan with detachable bins is super chic with clean-cut transparent edges making it PERFECT for sprucing up a messy, cluttered vanity or beauty counter.


If you aren’t into lazy Susan’s then try out a trendy tray from Amazon.




Even though this option doesn’t spin, trays are an ideal way to showcase items in your homes like candles, magazines, books, store TV remotes, or in-keep dainty vanity items in the order. This home decor item also doubles as sturdy trays for food and beverages!





An Amazon bar car is a wonderfully, re-imagined decor piece for a home or apartment in 2022! A bar car is a great idea for anyone wanting to display their favorite drinks, mixers and glassware on/in something other than a cabinet or shelf.

You can even make this bar cart alcohol-free serving a place to show off a dainty tea set or coffee station 🙂

Tea + Coffee lovers: an Amazon bar cart that functions as a tea or coffee station!

It’s an easy way to add some glam to a corner of your kitchen, living, or dining room. To popular belief, bar carts aren’t a total wanna-be-sophisticated-bachelor-type home decor piece. 


Bar carts for small spaces:

  1. Creative Co-Op Octagon Modern Black Metal Bar Cart
  2. Design Guild Rolling 2 Tier Round Serving Cart w Wheels

  3. Nathan James Sally Rolling Bar or Cart for Tea or Cocktail, 2-Tiered Glass and Metal, Black




For some reason or another vases are SUPER trendy at the moment in 2022. You can choose from ceramic, glass, metal, and even wooden vases to incorporate as a new home decor item this year.

Trending Amazon vase → The most coveted vases on Amazon tend to be the more pottery aesthetic ones in a light cream color.


Trending, pottery design vase inspiration


(Photo Credit: @jessthrowiton_)

Gray, black, or a rustic terracotta color are all trendy as well!



If you’re someone who appreciates different textures in design, then you’ll adore something like this Amazon vase pictured above. If you want a vase that stands out against a more neutral and cohesive decor palette, then try opting for a darker color vase.

Unexpectedly, these darker vases like this blue ginger jar vase is sophisticated as an accent piece in your home!

Place some healing eucalyptus branches, pampas grass, cherry blossom branches in this Amazon vase and walla! 


Designer inspired stripe Amazon vase amazon-home-decor-finds-Black-white-vases-mackenzie-childs-dupe

Doesn’t this remind you of a Mackenzie Child’s piece with the signature black and white stripe or checker design? IKYKWK.





Speaking of vases! Now, I know this pampas grass is a trend from 2020…but it’s ending up in our vases more so; in our social media feeds in influencers’ pictures.

Admittedly, I too, have browsed Amazon, Etsy, and even eBay where to find pampas grass at the best price point. 



(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

Whether you’re a millennial Instagram-lover or the next Martha Stewart, you probably have pampas grass in your home already or have typed in ‘pampas grass’ on Google.

This home decor trend of 2022 looks BEST when it’s done right in a simplistic way with just a couple of tall pampas grass stems about 1ft to 3.5ft tall like these.

If you’re more on the eco-friendly side, be sure see to check out some artificial or faux pampas grass.



Kitchen islands are one of the most utilized spots for eating, working, or studying in a household. 

No wonder why so many people are putting in a little extra effort to spruce up the seating at their kitchen islands. People are at home more than ever using their kitchen islands and bar stools for normal work or school days.

The most purchased bar stools on Amazon with over 9,000 reviews come in three colors black, walnut, and white!

Perfect for someone who doesn’t want to have to paint their bar stools to match their home decor.

 Bar stools for the contemporary or rustic home decor lover 


These leather and metal Amazon bar stools come in multiple colors and are as well, extremely durable. If you would like bar stools that swivel, then take a peek at these mid-century swivel bar stools from Amazon.





Want to improve your kitchen atmosphere in 2021? Candleholders and candles are currently BIG right now in the home decor area. But shouldn’t they always be?! I vote yes!

Candleholders can look so elegant and really add extra pizzazz to a dull or decor-less room.

Especially on your kitchen counter or kitchen table! A trend I noticed people were going crazy for were these extremely elongated candles, particularly in white or an arrangement of colors with a metal-style candle holder set. 


Below is the best glass candle holder set under $30 on Amazon!





These glass candle holders can double as vases for different types of floral arrangements. 

Amazon candle holders are extremely affordable and easy to place in your home. They don’t need any sort of setup or much thought to look radiant and enhance the atmosphere in an intimately simple way. 

Unique sets of candle holders:

  1. Rustic white candle holder set French country style
  2. Smytle Gold Candle Holders Set of 3 Candelabra 




 The first wall mirror I’d like to showcase is best for someone wanting a large-and-in-charge type of mirror that will be the highlight of any room! 

Anthropology Mirror Dupe → Here is an alternative to the very trendy Anthropology Primrose mirror.


If you like mirrors above a console table or in a bathroom then…this mirror is a suitable option.



Round wall mirrors and interesting gold leaf mirrors are also trending at the moment. You can use a round wall mirror to really brighten up a room without it being too square. 

Circular mirror → This circle mirror is perfect for an entryway or small bathroom remodel


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

Adding another element of design around the mirror-like a leaf, seashell or flower is something that Amazon shoppers are also leaning towards in 2021.


You’re going to absolutely LOVE this golden embellished, Amazon wall mirror


Here are some other options if you prefer a wall mirror that’s more ornate, lighted with LED lights, or interesting design-wise. 

  1. Round Beveled Wall Mirror
  2. Mosiac cut glass round Wall Mirror 
  3. LED Backlit Bathroom Mirror



Yep…you read correctly, wall stickers!

I know you’re currently imagining some life-size wall sticker of a football player or the latest, cartoon character wall sticker in your kid’s playroom. I can ASSURE you that the ones I am referring to are quite trendy and none of them have to do with cartoon characters.

 See the wall sticker above? THAT’S TILE!

You can transform a whole room or backsplash with Amazon wall stickers (that look like tile, brick, wood, or marble)

Another gorgeous option is these butterfly wall decals.

It is not only über darling, but it is also just the thing for a butterfly wall,  bathroom decor or even girls’ bedroom!

This Amazon 80 pcs butterfly wall sticker set can be placed on the walls or ceiling for that true, dreamy butterfly effect!

If you’re wanting to add some life to a small space check out these botanical Amazon wall stickers below!

Here are some more lively, green, and natural-looking Amazon wall stickers to amp up your wall decor.

This Amazon wall sticker pictured below would be a great idea for a gender-neutral nursery theme OR drab, laundry room.



My personal favorites are listed below. You can purchase each of these for under $25! 

Check out some of my other Amazon wall sticker picks like this modern Maxwell wall art decals for girls’ nursery, bedroom, & living room.

That dainty wall sticker decal would look stunning in a girl’s nursery or room!




The Amazon wall art department offers thousands of options to choose from so let’s break down some of the trendiest wall art finds.

Home Decor Gift Idea → Here is the trendiest Amazon wall art for a one-of-a-kind GIFT!

Have you noticed in numerous homes this past year portraits of horses, horses running, or some sort of western-style bull with horns in a pasture as art?



Don’t get me wrong, this sort of wall art is actually very unique and a great option for people who:

#1. love animals 

#2. like more of a rustic-contemporary vibe for their walls.

Though, try to stick with more neutral or muted colors like grays, tans, creams, and light browns if you choose animal wall art *larger than 10 x1 2in.*

Your wall decor should seemingly fuse all the elements, colors, and emotions of a room.

Yes…a room can have emotions and energy. Especially, when decorated with art. 

Animal wall art options below would look wonderful in a children’s bedroom

For the animal lover, check out these fantastic Amazon wall art options for your home!

  1. Kate and Laurel Sylvie Wildlife Safari Animal Print Photo Portraits 
  2. Kate and Laurel Sylvia Highland Cow Framed Canvas Wall by Amy Peterson 
  3. Equestrian Horse Wall Art

If you are someone who likes modern or abstract wall art, feast your eyes upon these excellent choices below!


Colorful Wall Art→ This Amazon wall art would be a great choice if you are someone who likes color but also like neutrals. It’s a minimal abstract artwork with muted tones of pink, seafood green, charcoal, and blue!

For the Amazon shopper who needs a little pep in their step or motivation for the day ahead, check out some artwork to get you pumped up to hustle, accomplish and crush the goals you have!


Motivational wall art 


I especially love the term ‘GRIT’ depicted on this wall art above. 






Now, one of my favorites for the living room decor section of this blog post is the BEST Amazon couches out there.


This is the comfiest-looking couch on Amazon! 


From reading a book, studying, watching tv, or just getting some R&R, our couch selection is of utmost importance and should be considered stylish, decorated, and beautiful as well.

You should know by now, that I am totally obsessed with the latest in home decor and home furnishings and try to stay as up-to-date as I can with all the current market favorites. 



(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Pottery Barn, Serena and Lily, West Elm, Ikea, Crate, and Barrel ALL have couches/sofas that are so delightful. 

West Elm Vibe Get the West Elm to look for WAY less on Amazon!

If you have the extra $$$ to spend, I say GO for it! A couch is something that is going to be utilized probably every day for years!

I believe that this couch above is definitely worth the extra price. As well as this next, classic, Amazon brand pick!


This couch would look beautiful for a contemporary, Parisian theme living room or den!amazon-home-decor-Rivet-Revolve-Modern-Sofa-Linen

After doing some major research on this topic, Ikea brand couches and sofas tend to seemingly stand the test of time and fads.

If you already know, Ikea is very affordable but AMAZON is a teensy bit better with some sofa choices. The added benefits that come with an Amazon purchase is outstanding!

Fort starters, Amazon couches/sofas ship out way faster (especially if you have Amazon Prime), there are usually easier to assemble instructions and excellent customer service with Amazon support.

If you choose to keep an Ikea sofa or Ikea-looking couch to save money this new year…then maybe some new slipcovers would be of interest! Whatever kind of style couch you own, slipcovers should be on hand at all times or at least sofa fabric cleaner.

 If you don’t want a ‘slip-cover-look’ couch, take a peek at these resistant and casual cool, slipcovers on Amazon!

Shelby Says…

Personally, I like to save where I can and find something totally worthy of a major price tag but at a college student’s budget. OR at least, a 20-somethings budget. I love keeping that mindset with spending and cutting corners where I can on beautiful home decor.

Try to skim a few more sites and get a sense of all the prices out there before making a final investment. Amazon truly has some radically impressive-priced couches that I know you’ll love.

Here are two additional  affordable couches for your living room decor on Amazon:

  1. Christopher Knight Home Norma Sofa Beige
  2. MGH Chesterfield Sofas




Blankets and throws have skyrocketed in sales on Amazon within the past year. It is completely acceptable and even recommended to have multiple throws throughout your home to add not only to the decor but to stay cozy, warm, and comfortable.

 Here are the most plsuh Amazon throws below! 

  1. Fleece Throw Blanket for Couch light beige 
  2. Cotton Waffle Weave Blanket
  3. Flannel Fleece Bed Blankets

These throw choices above have some of the most competitive ratings and reviews on Amazon! With multiple options for colors and sizes as well.

If you like something a little more glam then maybe a faux fur throw is for you!



If you are an Instagram influencer or part of an affiliate rewards program for fashion or lifestyle products, taking pictures with a faux fur throw as a flat lay is always a cool idea!

It hardly takes much effort and maybe 10 seconds total to position a stylish throw over a table or on the floor to lay out products for the perfect flat lay!

Items like jewelry, clothes, shoes, or even makeup products can make a gorgeous flat lay and link for your affiliate projects! 




Now onto one of my favorite home decor areas: rugs!

Some styles that Amazon customers are currently leaning towards are boho rugs, Moroccan style rugs, shag rugs, braided rugs, and lastly, gray rugs of all designs.

Before I dive any further into rug selection: you’ll NEED this Hoover rug cleaner at some point for your new Amazon rug.


One of the most popular gray and beige rugs on Amazon:



Stunning handwoven Amazon rug


In 2022, a buying characteristic seems to be favoring rugs that can serve as both indoor and outdoor rugs. The first option listed below has over 3,000 ratings *so far!

Here are more options for indoor/outdoor rugs:

  1. nuLOOM Wynn Braided Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug in Tan
  2. Uphome Indoor Outdoor Rug 3′ x 5′ Gray Farmhouse Patio Rug Moroccan Cotton Area Rug


For rooms that are designed for an oval or square rug, you may fancy this Safavieh boho option! 


If you’re familiar with Amazon brands, then you’ll know Safavieh is a trusted, recognized, and highly rated brand for home decor and furnishings.  I highly recommend Safavieh’s products. Truly a great, affordable Amazon brand with quality in their manufacturing and products.



If you have a daughter, granddaughter, or niece this, ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Rug’ is by far the most precious option in the children’s rugs department.




For a good quality, TV stand one doesn’t have to do too much researching or scrolling on Amazon to find something suitable. Thank goodness! Because let’s admit it…online shopping SHOULD be relatively quick and stress-free. 

If you like something more traditional and don’t want to risk your TV taking a tumultuous tumble, then this TV stand is one of the safest bets!

This tv stand is perfect for someone wanting to have a selection and not contrived to what everyone else has.

 Amazon TV stand to match a lighter interior decor



Since it’s 2021, perhaps a more modern design would pique your interest as well.

Here is a glossy white, glass LED TV stand that’s spectacular for modern spaces! 





Something that 2020 only was only lucky enough to get a taste of, was the pedestal trend. Now, you may not even remember what a pedestal is and that’s OK!

A pedestal stand is basically a pillar, column, or tiny end table used for home decor, photography, or display botanicals.

For plants + and botanicals  Here is a pedestal plant stand for your living room or bedroom!

It’s funny how literally every style for the past couple of hundred years somehow makes a comeback in one way or another. Including, an ornate, roman style column-pedestal.

Grand millenial home decor  this type of pedestal is regal, timeless, and yet, simple.


(Photo credit: via Pinterest)



To continue on that clear, acrylic, glass-looking pedestal trend…check out this elegant Amazon pedestal

I have to say, this Amazon pedestal set is extremely trendy and custom-looking.

In essence, you get what you pay for. Even though this is something I personally wouldn’t spend more than $100 on if you have the means to spend a little extra on your living room decor this pedestal set is simply, incredible.



In 2021, storage is something taken very seriously. Finding places for storage in your home should be effective for decluttering, and organizing, and still considered a fabulous piece of decor. Just like the blush and gold storage ottoman seat pictured above…so luxurious! 

This upholstered piece found on Amazon acts as a bench, footrest, or just a place for storage in glam-room! If you like the featured ottoman above then you’ll adore THIS fuzzy storage ottoman!

Amazon storage ottomans are also a great way to add an extra piece of furniture to your living room decor without spending a lot of money OR taking up a ton of valuable space.


A storage ottoman can function as a coffee table Simpli-Home-Upholstered-Distressed-Contemporary

1. This lightweight storage ottoman is one of the most valued on Amazon!

2. See this living room storage cube ottoman that can hold up to 350lbs (it’s also fabric) 


Popular blue storage ottoman on Amazon



This blue storage ottoman is a wonderful piece to add to an entryway or mudroom, children’s room, or at the end of a bed.


16. WICKER BASKETS amazon-home-decor-wicker-basketsSpeaking of storage…

Amazon wicker baskets are trending at just the right time. Feast your eyes upon these cube-style wicker baskets on Amazon for storing numerous household items.



These wicker baskets in a set of four are also collapsable. I can already vision towels and linens perfectly organized in these or throw blankets in a living room. 

Storage can be made easy with these wicker baskets with linen for bathrooms.






In light of this next 2021 home decor favorite, lighting has been a tremendously fabulous way to brighten, elevate and renovate a room with the flick of a light switch! Currently, what’s trending right now is boho design, modern or sputnik lighting as well as glamorous crystal cut pendant lighting from Amazon.

Any kind of lighting in bronze, gold, or brass finish is selling best right now.

For example, these gold wall sconce lights for a bathroom, hallway, or bedroom are just the finishing touch to make your home feel…well, more homey and chic.


Some more gold options for Amazon lighting are below:

  1. KSANA Bathroom Light Fixture, Bathroom Vanity Light Fixture with Globe Glass
  2. Minka Lavery Ceiling Pendant Lantern Chandelier Lighting
  3. Motini 6 Lights Sputnik Chandelier in Brushed Brass with Adjustable Arms

Be sure to click the last link above if you like the sputnik trend! ↑

If you’re not a gold finish kind of person, then maybe these next two options will peek at your fancy. This first pendant below comes in four different colors!

Colors include antique brass, brushed nickel, chrome, and even oil-rubbed bronze for that Starbucks atmosphere aesthetic.


Next here, is a Modo Lighting Glass Pendant in the color black for a super sophisticated and mid-century modern, look.


If you’re ultra-posh or more feminine with design tastes, then try out some of these affordable crystal and glass chandeliers from Amazon. The first one up is a classic, four-tier layered crystal chandelier with a mid-century glam twist.


Restoration Hardware dupe lighting on Amazon


Next, this modern, sputnik chandelier is for the Amazon customer that likes to stand out. Also, this is an optimal light fixture for someone who prefers to keep their spending around $100 for home decor finds.

Boho Lighting ideas Some options displayed on Amazon consist of beaded, fabric, or glass materials like the one featured here with over 400 reviews.

Isn’t that marvelous?! I personally adore the boho design because it’s a blend of glam, earthy, and casual-cool in an understated, nongaudy type of way.


Amazon Boho Lighting Beaded Chandelier


Just the thing for a dreamy aesthetic above a bed, bathtub, or in an inspiring office!

Something important to note, please always try to read reviews and ratings before purchasing home decor online for your home.

These 17 trendy Amazon home decor finds for 2022 have been thoroughly researched, reviewed, and rated on the Amazon website by customers and home decor lovers.

One of the first factors would be reviews and ratings as stated previously but WITH picture reviews.se

You can get an amazingly accurate sense of what a certain home decor product looks like in size, style, and design with people who take the time to upload a picture review.



(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

Well-reviewed and highly rated rattan light fixture



This rattan-style light fixture is as well another wonderful boho Amazon home decor pick.

The second thing to consider prior to purchasing something online is the price of the home decor compared to other websites or brick-and-mortar stores.

Just like with chandeliers and lighting in general; that COULD be a huge expense for someone’s home budget. However, with these findings indicated in this blog post, I have taken a lot of the guesswork out of finding the best deals just like this dimmable touch bedsidtable lamp light fixture.


Budget-friendly LED strip lighting from Amazon


LED strip lighting is very popular right now amongst the TikTok generation. Strip lighting is also an ideal way to add lighting to your kitchen cabinets and or closets.


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

Essentially, any bedroom or ‘hangout’ area for pre-teens or teens nowadays has this kind of Amazon lighting in it. However, I do have to say, they are pretty cool.


Do you feel like your brain is about to explode yet with all this valuable info?! Me too!

Now, you can finally be an Amazon home decor know-it-all and begin shopping and OR browsing all the trendiest selections within this blog post.

Any of these Amazon home decor finds will help you and enhance your home in the most simplistic, handy-dandy way!


This post was all about 17 Trendy Amazon Home Decor Finds for 2022!





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