How to Create 3 Weeks of Influencer Worthy Content Under 3 Hours!

Ever wonder how influencers seem to take the most aesthetically pleasing and cute-insta worthy pictures 24/7?!

Me too at times!

Here, I breakdown why social media is the way it is in society, the importance of it and how to be CONFIDENT to utilize content creating to your advantage-instantly!

If you’re someone seriously considering taking your social media presence and content to the next level, this blog post is absolutely for YOU! 

This blog post is all about How to Create 3 Weeks of Influencer Worthy Content Under 3 Hours!


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Posting even ONE solid week’s worth of photos on social media can turn into a whole ordeal.

We’ve all been there.

It can seem so frustrating and draining not knowing what to post, you can feel like giving up at times.

Let’s start out with a brief history of social media’s existence and how it can seem so vital in our daily lives before our content creating sesh.

Then dive into all the ways to shoot content, go-to content creation tools & helpful tips as well as social media inspo to pull from!

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Social Media Beginning’s + Uses


Anyone remember when Instagram was in a simpler form used as a hipster, photography-based type of app?

This may or may not be showing my age! 

Way back when Instagram was a bright-eyed Silicon Valley baby, Instagram had what was it…?

…10 filters for your pictures or something of the sorts?

(BTW the filter, ‘Valencia’ is still bomb!)

A younger, intelligent crowd would feature interesting beatnik shots of their cool, new botanical and or their college semester studying abroad.

Today, social media platforms and specifically, Instagram is on the precipice of world domination.

Well, not literally but figuratively. 

I hope. 

It’s an apex predator and alpha dog in the tech-world that charges the underbelly of society.

We can operate our businesses through social media, be employed by it, make and keep up with friends, share pivotal moments and photos of our lives, date, teach, learn and SO much more.

Having said that, something as simple as sharing a hipster vibe-y botanical back in 2012 has evolved into what’s now called:

Content Creating!

*dun, dun…DUN!*

From where the photo is taken, what the picture/video should be taken with, what’s the mood of the photo as well as editing said content…

Can be overwhelming.

There is thousands of presets out there, apps to edit pictures, cameras and aesthetically pleasing inspiration to pull from all over the place.

My advice is to stay authentic to who you are, keep it simple and do your best to plan ahead!

If you’re someone wanting to use your social media platform as a business OR simply and organically gain loyal followers; posting valuable, quality content is key 

How in the world do you do that when so many factors play into it?!

Isn’t it just as simple as snapping a pic in the moment and posting?


Well, technically it could be.

It should be.

Though, if you want to GROW rapidly in a short period of time, you then have to put a little extra effort into the social media game and show ’em who’s boss.

To my fellow content creators, bloggers, influencers or photographers YOU KNOW how competitive social media is these days!

It can take one YEARS to find a groove, style or strategy that works accordingly.

Try out a social media course online, study different strategies from accounts you personally admire and STAY sane in the process.

There’s only one YOU in the world and your social media should spotlight your individuality.

This is the time I’d say step it up a bit more and perhaps invest in yourself, brand or business.

Even if you are using social media for fun-this still applies!

(About to have an ever so nerdy technological-discovery spiel now)

Imagine your personal social media account and then add a deeper back-end data blueprint, under tow of mathematical algorithms and rules that vastly alter the social world.

This subsequently happens with technology updates in what seems as swift as tap on a screen.


A perfectly effective strategy, balance and tone you had set in place for your social media presence can be disrupted.

Annoying, I know.

These social media updates usually happen minutely every 6 months & majorly every couple of years.

If you don’t care about social media, content creating or need it for your career/social life then this article most likely…doesn’t apply to you.

But hey, you can still stick around for my witty, dry sense of humor and some seriously juicy tidbits about creating content that will fascinate you! 

For example, (as far as social media in 2021)…

I know for a fact the social media platform, Instagram favors the number of saves on a photo rather than the amount of likes said photo receives.



This wasn’t necessarily the case a year or two ago! But why??

Well, if you’re someone who uses Instagram daily, think about how many photos you hit the little ‘save’ banner on.

You probably save WAY more content for a multitude of reasons rather than liking a photo anymore.


See what I mean?

Also, with the new ‘reels’ feature that’s trending on Instagram, taking any sort of video is ranked higher in importance against photos (at the moment at least).

This is mainly because with other platforms such as TikTok becoming increasingly dominant in the social media playing arena, OG platforms like Instagram have to stay current to compete.

Thus, offering similar video features.

Reels and stories have to be taken into consideration when planning out your feed or shooting content of any kind these days.

You can obtain SO much valuable info in a short video reel.

Offering value to someones life in a video reel may e easier than doing a photo post with the same intent.

A video reel can assist and be set in place for businesses, marketing, sharing info, giving ‘BTS’ looks at your life OR just being creative & entertaining!

Though, photos in that meticulous, 3 x 3 grid on a feed will hopefully, always be the classic standard and meat of one’s social media feed.

If you can go above and beyond taking little videos throughout your day, photoshoot, project or business, DO IT!

REMINDER: don’t forget to have FUN with it!

You can be silly, informational or really anything you want to be spliced into quick, video tidbits.

This makes for easier posting when you have nothing planned in particular OR this offers your viewers/followers a different angle of who you ARE through your content.

Even if you shoot the video reel, IGTV video or Tiktok one day and then edit the content later on.

AT LEAST you have it now where you wouldn’t have had it before!

Moreso, be authentic!

People want to view videos or look at photos of people just like THEMSELVES doing incredible or relatable things!

Even when cramming 3 weeks worth instagram of content creation in or under three hours…PLEASE keep this in mind.

Try making at least ONE, yes just one video reel, IGTV video or insta-story in the duration of your 3 hours of jam-packed productiveness.

Social media is a legitimate, accelerative and extremely profitable career choice for those who put in the work.

Let’s be real though, we’re not saving lives here or working in the coal mines all live long day.

(I mean, you totally could be saving lives with your social media platform nowadays-the uses are endless!)

This is a highly creative field that allows people to become their own boss, set their own hours and get paid whatever their heart desires.

If you have a full-time career you enjoy, I’d say stick with it until you find your rhythm with social media and go full force.

Sometimes, we have to make a living while cultivating a dream that will sustain our lives.

You can 1000% achieve the most, ridiculous sounding dream of dreams as long as you are smart going about it and set realistic expectations over time with goals.


Social Media Influencers + Content Creators 


Content creating has its own set of challenges, hurdles and setbacks.

A content creator, influencer, blogger and or brand ambassador has to utilize their time so precisely and wear various hats.

Don’t believe me?!

I am going to showcase two very real + insanely talented, ambitious and stylish social media content trailblazers.

The proof is very much so in the pudding here!

They are also two, *OG fashion & lifestyle bloggers turned designers and even, CEO!


Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies blog and Rachel Parcell Collection

(Photo Credit: @rachparcell Instagram)

Rachel Parcell is a Utah based fashion and lifestyle blogger that makes turned a hobby of taking pictures in her daily outfits.

Now taking pictures that promote numerous products, brands and more so, her own woman’s clothing line at Nordstroms (which you’ll be totally obsessed with!) 



(Photo Credit: @rachparcell instagram)

Not only is she a maven at snapping the perfect iPhone pic, she started out like most of us.

Just a creative gal wanting to share her life and how to achieve her stellar style through pictures.

From posting on social media, she created a a fabulous and legitimate style empire!



(photo credit: @rachparcell instagram)

Anyone who says, you can’t make a serious living or career off of social media, just doesn’t know the name of the game yet. 

Here is another incredible, social media content creator turned designer and CEO of multiple brands!


Danielle Bernstein of @weworewhat, @shopweworewhat, The Danielle Bernstein Collection



(photo credit: Danielle Bernstein @weworewhat)


(Photo credit: Danielle Bernstein @weworewhat)


Danielle Bernstein is one mogul-mindset boss babe to be aware of!

It’s astounding the amount this young content creator, designer and entrepreneur has put her mind to and accomplished within such a relatively short timespan.

Danielle Bernstein of @weworeaht founded, created and curated all the in and outs of what is…5-6 companies now?!



(Photo credit: Danielle Bernstein @weworewhat)


If you are SERIOUS in pursuing social media and content creating as a career choice, this is a prime spotlight of what can become reality for YOU!

You got this!

Even if you aren’t interested in becoming an influencer or relying on this avenue for an income, it’s SO valuable to obtain this knowledge.

If you have any type of brand or business that markets or operates online…

Knowing how to curate pictures, develop a solid theme OR communicating what you want when hiring out for these jobs, is essential!


Content Creating Trends + Tips 


Ok, ok now lets discuss photos and ‘what works’ for the gram, specifically.

However, unless you’re a major celebrity, athlete or mega-brand, chances are not everyone is going to dig the pic of you playing golf or what you had for breakfast ?

A couple years ago this may have even deterred people away from your coal media profile.

The beautiful mystery with growing a social media platform as a brand, content creator and or entrepreneur; trends can change drastically even within 6 months.

Having said that!

For some reason, a picture of a coffee-run moment is totally acceptable and considered ‘trendy’ nowadays to add into your content creation session!

A caffeinated, coffee run moment at the ‘Bucks or an early morning, delicate looking cup-of-joe is quite the ‘thing’ right now to post and see engagement.

Even making a how-to video of an iced latte, cappuccino or espresso drink is favored from the ‘gram at the moment.

See below how a ritual, morning cup of joe can look like deliciously artistic! 



(Photo Credit: via Pinterest)


(Photo Credit: @blakehealey Instagram)


Try to find beauty in everything and stay creative with your surroundings!

A helpful tip would be to snap a few pics throughout the day with whatever you find interesting or unique.

Just like the ‘grammable coffee cup picture above, it works as a filler photo as its something ordinary turned artsy.

Cityscapes, architecture, coffee, perfumes on a vanity, clouds, the beach, animals, designer stores signs, random mirror pics etc!

Another trending picture trend on social media is a fresh manicure pic! 


Trending fresh manicure and nail polish pic on the ‘gram:


(Photo Credit: @jessthrowiton_ Instagram)


Once, you have these pictures you can pop them into your feed with whichever picture you’re feeling that day to fill in a spot.

You name it-snap it to upload later. 

Wasn’t that easy?!

You can even take a few pics like this no matter WHAT your niche is with your content creation.

Or just have these pics on your phone/camera to appreciate later what you found beautiful throughout a particular day 🙂

Everyone seems to like aesthetic-y pictures every once in a while.

If you’re pressed for time, or don’t find anything unique/interesting to take a picture of, then check out:





Here, you can search ANY kind of filler type photo you want. You can then  download or screenshot on Pinterest.

Pinterest is also a tool to use for finding inspo pics in categories like: fashion, home decor, nail design, hairstyles, celebrity style, food recipes etc!

If you can think of it-Pinterest has it!

I highly recommend using Pinterest to create mood boards or themed boards for creating pictures, honing in on a theme and most importantly, visualizing your content goals!

Aesthetic Instagram filler type pictures to be inspired by!



(Photo Credit: @shestyledwhat Instagram)


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)


(Photo Credit: @leximars Instagram)


(Photo Credit: via Pinterest)

These are some quintessential ‘filler’ pictures to add to your feed to break up content but still make it worthy of the almighty like or save button.

Better yet, its quick and you didn’t have to really try that hard to make this photo work.

It just does.

Now, let’s get ready to STYLE!

(This applies if you’re content niche is anything fashion and or lifestyle related)

However! The tips and content here apply to any and all social media users! So stick around.

The method I’ve found to work best is pre-planning and narrowing down my outfits a couple days prior to my shoot days.

QUICKVIEW → One of the most ideal totes to carry multiple outfits in for shooting content days!

When content creating, prepare for something to go wrong or throw a curve in you’re precious content schedule. 

Trust me, I still have those days where I’m a hot-mess running around trying to find that one top I swore was just washed.

Here are some of the most HELPFUL products to prepare me and my content creating work flow 


✅ White dry erase board for my content ideas! Great for visualization and jotting down notes!

✅ Multi-color dry erase markers writing those content strategies and staying organized 

✅ Rollable suitcase for content creating items like: makeup, shoes, accessories, clothes, camera, props, etc.

✅ Top rated steam iron and portable steamer from Walmart! (Great for fashion bloggers or influencers!)

✅ Lint roller-to rid your clothes of any hair before shooting!

...Don’t worry, it happens to every influencer or content creator and some days-don’t work out point blank. 

Do the best you can with what you have and MAKE THE MOST OF ANY PHOTO OP DAY!

Though, a rule of thumb is to plan your outfit 2-3 days beforehand!

Shelby Says:

Use your Pinterest account to find styles you like, save photos on Instagram of other content creators you admire AND take pictures of YOUR outfit choices when deciding what to wear.

As far as style goes…that’s totally personal to you!!

Know what styles you like to wear most and are easy to assemble.

Then, this eliminates the threat of trying to figure out how to make an item that’s too loose or tight to work on the day of the shoot or when you plan to snap pics. 

Also, remember to stick with a theme for a particular shoot day!

Whether it’s monochrome theme, season themed, light and airy, darker tones, über mod OR something for paid sponsorships:


Trust me with this one, it will save you time and effort in the long run if you can plan your feed at least 7 days out.

This is with a norm of posting 3-4 times a week on all your chosen social platforms with a 7 day lead.

Some content creators, lifestyle gurus and brand ambassadors I know plan their themes for social media MONTHLY!

Now that’s some serious content dedication.

This makes sense if you know you have to post something more so one week than another or have a contract to post at a certain time/date. 

Once you start to post more often, you’ll see your social media engagement go up, followers increase, sponsorships/collabs roll in and you won’t have as much time anymore to post every day.

That’s why having an app to assist in planning ahead, scheduling automatic posting and even help with social media metrics for optimal times/days to post! 

Here are some influencer-favorite apps to plan a cohesive + organized feed!


1. UNUM – Design Photo & Video Layouts, Collages



2. Preview – Planner for Instagram feed, Reels, Stories and more!



3. Unfold – Story and Collage Maker


This is the fun part!! 

With a theme, you can plan a color palette and narrow down your wardrobe choices BEFORE even skimming through your closet.

Hopefully you totally have a mental picture of what your closet or drawers look like as I do!

For real, I can pretty much direct a stranger into my closet and tell them exactly where my favorite houndstooth co-ord is. 

Secret superpower, eh? I say yes! 

On that theme note, you can even pick your location to create your content based on your chosen theme.

Indoors, outdoors, light backdrop, golden hour vibes; developing a theme can truly marry the best location with any given outfit.


Top rated apps to use for editing social media posts for content creating:


1. VSCO: Photo and Video Editor 



2. Lightroom Photo Editor



3. Prequel: Aesthetic Editor



4. Tezza: Aesthetic Photo Editor 



(I also just want to point out the fun fact that the Tezza app, was based off and created by another female content creator with a passion of editing pictures!)


Content Creating: How, Where + When 


For example, do you have a particular outfit or wardrobe piece you’d like to showcase but don’t know where to take the photo? 

*This even goes for product shots!*

Well, search no further or question if your house is trendy enough to take pictures.

For products, think about your theme, the goal for the picture and the FEELING you want to capture. AKA the vibe of the content.

As for outfits, think particularly about how a certain outfit moves or photographs in numerous forms of lighting.

Maybe try walking around in your planned outfit and also do some poses you’d do for your shoot day to see if everything looks adequate.

Next with your theme in mind, take into consideration if you shoot outdoors, lighting can change DRAMATICALLY every hour of the day.

A certain style or piece of clothing may not look as great in moody weather or overcast skies.

Also! Sun can be your WORST nightmare on shoot days.

Who would have thought right?

Yes! That big circular ball in the sky packed with Vitamin-D can ruin a photoshoot.

If you’re new to creating content, try to avoid shooting outside at noontime-1pm.

It’s very rare to make a shot look aesthetic the way you want it to at this time of day.

This is where the importance of the ‘laws of lighting’ comes into play.

From around noon-1pm the sun is highest in the sky and shines directly overhead, creating an unsightly downward shadow on your face, outfit and or location.

However, a shot can happen to look trendy under direct sunlight at this time IF done right-or edited the right way. 


Laws of lighting overhead sunlight example



(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

See how the sunlight is casting a shadow on the subject face?

Even though she is posed correctly AND against a light wall/backdrop, scattered shadows are inevitable at the time of day.

Naturally so, this editorial photo is still considered ‘ok’ and trendy for content creation.

I mean duh…it’s Kaia Gerber so anything she models in is just going to serve.

It really depends on what your goal is for that day of content creating.

If you still want a super sun-filled shot that’s an A+ no matter what, find a direction or area of reflection so the light doesn’t create shadows directly on the subject (you).

If you shoot around noon-1pm, find a sweet spot with a direction.

This way, the light can reflect off a lighter color wall or glass window/building creating a gorgeous glowy effect.

Similar to what a light reflector would professionally do!

Golden Hour Glow →  If you like this type of glowy, halo-type lighting and want to be extra you can just invest in a light reflector!



This actually might be a good idea to cary around or have in tow on shoot days just in case!

When shooting content solo Here’s a nifty solution to mount a light reflector in place! 

Ideally, you want the sun to be rising (in the am) or setting (in the pm) to deliver that angled light shine.

Also referred to as ‘golden hour’.


If there’s no golden hour because its a dreary winter day or rainy spring afternoon, then maybe try embracing the conditions outside.


Golden hour lighting example:


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

VIDEO TUTORIAL → You can also easily, ‘fake’ a golden hour picture with editing!

Another type of lighting that produces BOMB photos is overcast or cloudy skies.

Didn’t expect me to say that one right?!

It’s true!

Some photographer’s LOVE to take pictures when its overcast outside. 

This also applies to taking pictures on a simple, smartphone as well!

Overcast skies can actually produce some of the best lighting for fashionable instagram pictures!

Since overcast skies act as a natural soft light, not glaring or in complete pitch black darkness, you can find that some of your content turns out better than expected.

If the photo is too dark or moody looking, you can always edit the exposure, brightness, shadows, highlights etc. later on with the apps I recommended to edit!


Content creating when it’s overcast:


(Photo credit: @negin_mirsalehi)


(Photo credit: @iziangus)


(Photo credit: @miamiamine)


(@shelbyannkatherine / photographer credit: @jon_cast2)

Now, that you’re styled for the perfect fashion pic…POSING comes into play, too.

Get ready to bring out your inner Bella Hadid.

It’s time to strike a pose!

Posing can make or BREAK an otherwise excellent, hands down, epic picture.

If your’e in a rush or want something to look as natural as possible in a crowded area *where people are staring at you because your randomly posing everywhere* then here’s a quick tip:

Insta-model mode: move in slow motions and create as much SPACE with your body as possible!

What does that even mean though?!

In an ideal, impromptu photo-op, create space or angles with your arms and legs.

Try to create a sideways triangle with your arms by placing your hands on your hip(s), in your pockets/belt loops or create an angle with ‘hair check’ gesture.

You can also incorporate hats, sunglasses, purses or various clothing items to create natural, slow movements and space with gestures or pretending to adjust your stylish fit while shooting.

If you’re a visual person like I am then you’ll LOVE these examples from my actual shoot days! 


My examples of creating movement in pictures



Create some space with your body in a picture



(@shelbyannkatherine & photographer credit: @jon_cast2)


See the sideways triangle shape created with the angle of my elbow by holding onto my purse?

Like my trendy black, shoulder bag featured here?

Quick Style tip → If you want a 90’s, Prada bag lookalike then you’ll NEED this trendy shoulder bag dupe!

By incorporating my outfit/accessories into the pose, I created amble space and room to show off the side view of my jeans’ style whilst strutting my stuff holding my Prada bag.

ALSO! I was able to create another larger triangle shape by taking a wide stride forward in the picture.

Thus, making space with my legs and giving the illusion I am taller/lankier, this easily makes for a more appealing fashion shot on the first or second snap.


It’s that easy.


Game Changing Products for Content Creating


For particular photos, I chose to shoot with a professional photographer and his/her camera choice.

You don’t need an expensive DSLR camera either just starting out getting used to nailing an epic content creation day.

However, if you have nice professional camera or like to shoot with a photographer, then do it!

I personally appreciate someone who takes the time to shoot with a professional camera or hire a photographer to snap their pics. 

However, companies like Samsung and Apple with their signature smartphones have rapidly grown their camera features the past couple of years.

These lenses on smartphones are becoming increasingly high-definition, clearer and customized with numerous settings for aperture and or lens’ zoom.

Unique camera lens → Here is an innovative, lens enhancer for different methods of shooting content on your iPhone!

Being a former-professional model (yes, me…the nerdiest girl in the entire world).

I truly enjoy shooting with different photographers and the art of a perfectly curated professional photo.

I have also studied how these photographers took their signature style-photos over multiple projects through the years!

If you want to go ahead and invest in your own high-def or DSLR camera, here are three different camera brands with some of the most professional cameras out there!

Recommended professional cameras for some serious content creation!


1. Sony A7iii




2. Canon EOS 90D



3. Nikon D7500



You’ll probably have to figure out which kind of lens you want to shoot for your content creation with.

THOUGH, a great industry standard is to shoot with a 24mm or 50mm lens.

The higher up in mm’s you get with a lens, there is more of a bokeh or (blurred) background look.

You know that blurred background you can achieve on an iPhone in the camera settings?

Well, a 50mm lens-107mm will give you something similar thats super, professional or editorial with a bokeh background look.

Top rated lenses on the market!

From shooting product photography for my skincare and e-commerce business, modeling for my own boutique and then modeling as a fun side hustle (which ended up being a whirlwind journey in itself)…


Go-to props for your home content creating


Let’s just say I’ve learned a LOT about photography but still not to the point where I am a pro.

There’s so much to learn with shooting content and sometimes its best to find a professional photographer and get their opinion or feedback!

It’s truly skilled work for that money shot! 


A perfect inspo product photography, lifestyle picture



Affordable flowers + botanical props for your social media photoshoot

Take my word!

You can use props like faux flowers, designer coffee table books, mid century modern chairs and even pedestal stands for your IG pics.

Some of the most popular IG bloggers, influencers, content creators or style icons take a majority of their pictures on their feed with just a regular smartphone.

You don’t NEED to spend thousands of dollars to have a cohesive feed or quality photos.

Creating content should be just that: creative.

If you’re constantly stressed or spending money you don’t need to for a ‘perfect’ picture, then you’re doing it wrong.

Keep it simple and see how that translates to your energy WITHIN a picture or how it ultimately turns out.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised and relieved to find the best pictures on the ‘gram are the ones with minimal stress, investment or editing behind it.

Product photography tips →  Tiktok tutorial how to shoot incredible product photography with a smartphone! 

If you’re super pressed for time, try nailing one whole look but with numerous different accessories.


Affordable accessories to transform one look into MULTIPLE looks!


Need an area to change into your multiple looks for content creating?

Typically, I shoot outside, around town and change in my car or nearest Starbucks bathroom.

LOL. It’s true! 

If you’re car has windows that aren’t blacked out enough for doing quickness’s changes, below is a solution for you!

Here are two car window covers to keep in your car for shooting content.


Front windshield car window visor




Blackout Window Shades For Car



If you don’t want to waste time changing or finding the nearest private spot to transform into your next look, check out this genius content creation necessity! 


Easy pop-up changing tent for content creators!



This nifty Amazon must-have is just the thing to quickly change outfits in a somewhat private way.

QUICKVIEW → If you want a more feminine color option for your cute, new changing area this pop-up tent also comes in pink!

Also, this pop up tent easily folds up in a circular, sealable bag making it lightweight enough to carry around.

That being said, I like to plan my feed comprised of ‘mini’ shoots with 2-3 looks, 2-3 days ahead.

Especially in the midwest, ‘mini shoots’ are basically all one can do when it’s in the negatives outside.


Seriously, I caught a two-week, head cold the day AFTER this winter park photoshoot.


Taking pictures for social media (and dressing for the weather!)


(Photo credit: @shelbyannkatherine Instagram)

Looks great huh? 

Well, my gorgeous gal-pal and I were freezing our patoooots off! 

By getting sick from being in the cold and the grim weather forecast, my next ‘mini’ shoots had to be put off FOR WEEKS.

Thus, I knew my next shoot was going to be a lot more looks packed into a certain timeframe.

If you live in a place where the weather is not conducive that day or week, try taking as many INDOORS photos as possible.

If where you live isn’t aesthetically cool, chic or pleasing-you can always go shoot in a studio, house, office or hotel from Peerspace, airbnb or

Now, this is not the most cost efficient way but it definitely beats:

1. Getting sick from shooting in cold weather

2. Not having content because you can’t take the quality photos you so wish to create!

If budget is an issue or you just want to save money to shoot indoors, try renting a studio space with a friend or two who also wants to take cute pics for the ‘gram.

This way, you’re all splitting the cost but still able to get something unique, fun and beneficial out of it. 


Example of an in-studio, influencer photoshoot



(Photo credit: @anniemadgett)


(Photo credit: @hannaschonberg)

If you don’t have the time to rent a studio space then another option is one of my personal favorites.

You can create an indoor, mini photoshoot area in your HOME! ??

Now, I know you’re imagining some big ordeal of a set-up with a backdrop, lights, and props.

However this is not necessarily the case.

The easiest way to take instagram-worthy content is to find a plain, light colorer white wall like this!


Find a plain wall in your home to take pictures in front of:



(Photo Credit: @devinbrugman Instagram)


(Photo Credit: @nitsanraiter Instagram)

If you can’t find any backdrops or walls in you home like this then use a bedding sheet!

Yes, a white, bedding SHEET!

Or perhaps a set of drapes/curtains if you don’t have a sheet easily available to use.


Photoshoot Hack: Use a sheet or set of curtains to take photos at home


(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

(Photo credit: @jesshunt2 Instagram)

(Photo credit: @emmagraceland Instagram)

You can ALSO include different materials and or fabrics if you don’t want to use a basic sheet or a cheap pair of light colored curtains.

BACKDROP MATERIAL If you want to go the extra mile pick out a sheen material fabric, silk or satin in a neutral color as a backdrop.

This can be held up by clip, pins or an easy set-up back drop stand.

This is by-far, the quickest and one of the most affordable ways to produce a natural looking, aesthetically trendy photoshoot in your home

Don’t fret…

This works even if you live in a small space like an apartment or condo!

Create an easy, photo studio set up in your home with a backdrop stand!


Backdrop Photo Studio Stand





If you’re not shooting something thats full body or full length, just get a mini backdrop box set up for smaller items and or product photography!


Mini product photography set up thats an Amazon Choice






Another valuable tip is to find some different size boxes to create little platforms to set your products on for a photoshoot!

If you can find some old shoe boxes or plastic containers, here is a link to fairly inexpensive boxes to use.

You can ALSO reuse them for storage later on! $$$


HELPFUL TIPUse 1-3 boxes to create platform to set your products on for product photography pictures!

All in all, content creation for social media is loads of work which can deter one from even getting started.

Hopefully, this article has given you inspiration, insight and knowledge for how to take pictures from your social media niche or products, pose, find the best lighting, what to take the pictures with and SO much more.

NOW, it’s time for you to take what you’ve learned here, personalize it for your social media platforms and be a bonafide boss babe creating content like its going out of style! 🙂


This post was all about Influencer Worthy Content Under 3 Hours!








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