Best Women’s Halloween Costumes in 2022 That are Trendy and Classy

This blog post is all about the best women's Halloween costumes in 2022 to pull inspiration from and recreate!

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Women's Halloween costumes can be a total hit or a total miss.

To ensure your 2022 Halloweekend costume ideas are not in the later category; we emphasize a couple of things when picking a show stopping halloween costume.

A couple of things to keep in mind when pulling ideas together and cultivating the perfect women's Halloween costume is:

  1. Find Halloween costume inspiration (on Google, Instagram + Pinterest) and save your ideas in a folder on your laptop or take screenshots and save them on your phone.
  2. Know your audience and what you actually could imagine yourself wearing at a gathering or Halloween party.
  3. Pick a theme. A theme can be DIY costumes, scary costumes, funny costumes or something totally trendy and cute for Halloween.
  4. ALWAYS be yourself-even within a fun costume! Add personal touches to a look that only you would do. This will make your Halloween costume that much more memorable and aw inspiring.

If you still cannot find something to wear after searching high and low for a Halloween costume then best bet is to dress up as something simple or funny you can whip up with items already in your closet or around the house.

Poshmark and Ebay are also ideal options for an affordable women's Halloween costume. If you're ok with possibly wearing something second hand (only worn once usually on Halloween) then this way is the cheapest route.

1. Ice Queen and Snow Princess Costumes for Women

Brrrr. Time to bring on the freeze with this unique womens Halloween costume. One of our favorite renditions of this (literal) cool-girl Halloween outfit is Kylie Jenners Ice Queen Costume.

Ice Queen Halloween Costume:

Pair this costume with white eyeliner, shimmery blue and white colored eyeshadow for a winter-makeup look. White and blue wigs also work in adding a touch of iciness to this perfect ice queen Halloween costume. 

Snow Princess is similar to Ice Queen but this particular costume just adds more furry and winter-esque components to the Ice Queen costume.

Snow Princess Costume Items:

2. Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's Costume

Audrey Hepburn's character in Breakfast at Tiffany's is hands down, one of the classiest and sophisticated Halloween costumes for women. If you're more conservative and or don't know what to be for Halloween; a Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired Halloween costume idea is purely genius and simple.

Here are some staple items for a Breakfast at Tiffany's Halloween costume:

3. Whimsical Pixie / Fairy with Wings Halloween Costume

One of the most fun aspects for Halloween costume lovers is to roll up their creativity sleeves with colors schemes and personalization for generic Halloween costumes.

Pastel colors just say FAIRY all over it!

A magical, pastel inspired color scheme for your Pixie/Fairy Costume is a sure way to go with touches of mint, baby pink, periwinkle blue, lilac and ascents of a dark hunter green for a nature-forest feel.

Either way you choose to go with a color scheme for this particular costume, wings are a MUST for this enchanted Halloween costume idea for women to really fly!

Throw in some touches of glitter and stick on rhinestones as costume accents to your face, fairy wings and body. You'll glimmer around your Halloween event.

Fairy Costumes for women and Pixie Halloween Costumes:

4. Marilyn Monroe Halloween Costume



You cannot go wrong with a classic, Marilyn Monroe inspired 1940's/1950's inspired Halloween costume.

Celebrities from Madonna to Paris Hilton have recreated their own spinoff's of an iconic Marilyn Monroe style Halloween Costume that's classy-yet trendy with newer, wardrobe designer pieces.

A Style Like Shelby favorite is Marilyn Monroe's pink dress outfit in, Diamonds are a Girl Bestfriend.

This is a timeless, romantic look that is glamorous, feminine and classy for literally any Halloween party.

You will turn heads at any Halloween event wearing bombshell of Marilyn Monroe get up and look back with some gorgeous halloween pictures!

Get inspired with a Marilyn Monroe Halloween Costume:

5. Roaring 20's Dress / Great Gatsby Movie Themed Halloween Costume


If you've ever seen The Great Gatsby, Chicago or just like 1920's style prohibition flapper outfits; the roaring 20's era is a must! Decked out with feathers, beads, tights and dark lipstick, this outfit is totally

Don't forget to add some feathers with a chic feathered boa or some realistic flapper style retro high heels.

Roaring 20's / Great Gatsby Style Halloween Costume Necessities:

6. Nasa Space Astronaut Halloween Costume


Don't be spacey...unless you're a space fanatic of course!

Dressing up as a Nasa Space Astronaut can go a couple of different routes-all are on the more conservative side and very cool nonetheless. 

One way to assemble a Nasa Space Astronaut Halloween outfit is by wearing a costume jumpsuit or one piece jumper. This jumpsuit/jumper can be white, orange, blue or metallic silver for a true Nasa Astronaut inspired costume.

Though, make sure you are comfortable at all times, as this costume canoe made to be more sexy and skin-tight with a jumpsuit OR more of a loose fit like the actual Nasa Astronauts would wear.

Nasa Astronaut Women's Costume Looks:

7. Cher from Clueless Movie Costume


As if!

Wear a darling 90's style it-girl outfit and steal the show at this years Halloween event amongst your peers. This costume is even more noteworthy if you go as Cher from Clueless and you get some girlfriends to dress up as Cher's stylish friends, Dionne + Tai.

If you can manage to replicate dressing up as the Clueless movie cover as a group for Halloween with your friends then you have mastered a Style Like Shelby halloween look!

90's Style Clueless Movie Halloween Women Costume Ideas:

8. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Halloween Costume


A cheerleader costume for Halloween is preppy and a signature girly Halloween costume you can also, (rep your favorite Sports team with!)

Basically, all you NEED for a cheerleader costume is a cute, sporty skirt and some inexpensive cheerleading pom poms.

Dressing up in a Dallas Cowboy's cheerleader costume is always a popular women's Halloween costume. Mostly because the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are so iconic looking with their blue and white uniform, white cowgirl boots and big 'ol, volumized to the heavens Texas hair.

Dallas Cowboys Women's Cheerleader Halloween Costume Style:

9. Sea Siren / Mermaid Halloween Costume


Ever pretend you were a whimsical mermaid as a kid in the pool?! Soooo accurate!

Bring out you're inner Sea Goddess, Sea Siren or Mystically Mermaid costume this halloween and witness compliments left and right.

The best part about this outfit has to the embellished headdress pieces you can DIY or purchase on Etsy!

Also...can we talk about a mermaid tail for a minute?

You can easily purchase a long cotton skirt from Amazon and add fishing net, pearls, sea shells and metallic looking scales to make a mermaid style halloween costume tail.

(Etsy is also one of the BEST places to purchase beautifully and and ornate crafted pieces for costumes!) You're welcome 🙂

Women's Mermaid / Sea Siren Halloween Costume Sets:

10. Elle Woods from Legally Blonde Costume Idea

'Whoever said Orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed!'

Elle Woods is a chick-flick character classic. Elle Woods (and Bruiser Woods!) is a girly and adorable Halloween costume for college girls and woman wanting a classy costume with a spunky flare.

Legally Blonde brings some of fashions greatest highlights from the early 2000's. Even though Elle Woods has numerous iconic and copy-worthy, bonafide pink looks from the Legally Blonde installments; here are some of Style Like Shelby's favorite Elle Woods looks!

And yes-we included cute and adorable chihuahua stuffed animal that looks Bruiser Woods as the cherry on top of this Legally Blonde moment!

Elle Woods from Legally Blonde Halloween Costume Ideas:

11. Catwoman from Batman / Catwoman the Movie Costume


Meow, witches!

Catwoman is an ideal Halloween costume for women because it usually requires only wearing black clothing, black boots and some fun cat years that are typically all inexpensive to piece together.

Go the extra mile with a mysterious cat-like face masks for a real lifelike Catwoman costume effect!

Similarly, you can purchase some cat-like contacts, and cat claw style press on nails for the even more of a bold cat woman spectacular-ness of a Halloween costume!

Prrrrr. Halle Berry-lookout!

Cat Woman Women's Halloween Costume:

12. Wonderwoman Halloween Costume


Ever since Gal Gadot stole the silver screen in her rendition of the cult favorite superhero character, Wonderwoman; women everywhere love a good 'ol Wonderwoman Halloween costume!

Dressing up as Wonderwoman for Halloween parties is for the most part and a painless way to wear a halloween costume that everyone loves!

If you're a mom or have children that love superheroes like Marvel or DC comic characters, then you're sure to be a hit amongst the younger crowd too as Wonderwoman!

Wonderwoman Halloween Costume Necessities:

13. 60's Go Go Girl Halloween Outfit


A London's style 60's go-go girl Halloween costume is groovy, retro and comfortable to wear at Halloween parties!

No wonder why women in the 60's loved this far-out ensemble as it's mom-friendly and appropriate for even college girls to wear for Halloween.

60's Go Go Girl Halloween Outfit with White Boots:

14. 70's Women Hippie Halloween Costume


Time for a little more love, peace and radical women's costume ideas here!

A unique aspect of a 70's hippie Halloween costume is that you can actually find and buy real, vintage 70's era pieces to incorporate or make your hippie costume-that more uncanny to the 1970's.

Be a savvy shopper and lookout for local antique or second hand stores to get your hands on some radically cool and authentic 70's style pieces!

OR you can find 70's looking hippie costume attire on Amazon for easy costume searching and expedited shipping. (If you're one who waits till last minute to pick a Halloween costume!)

You can even make your own tie dye clothes for a effortless 70's touch. We all know tie dye was HUGE for the 70's and worn many eras thereafter-even today.

70's Women Hippie Costume Ensemble:

15. Space Cowgirl Halloween Costume


A Space cowboy aka space (cowgirl!) costume is a fun women's Halloween costume that you can do under $50! Metallic accessories like rhinestones, silvery clothing and shiney cowboy hats and sparkle boots will completely stand out at any party you attend.

Pull some inspiration from Kacey Musgraves, Dolly Parton and Maren Morris with some stellar western girl outfits that can be incorporated to a space cowgirl halloween look.

A space cowgirl Halloween costume is an enjoyable and crowd favorite Halloween costume amongst teenage girl, college girls and an uncomplicated costume idea for groups!

Our favorite part is the fringe skirt paired with some western style women's boots to wear even after Halloween festivities.

Space Cowgirl Halloween Outfit:

16. Golden Goddess Halloween Costume


This women's Halloween costume suits the gal who sets out inspire, be bold and make a fashionable, golden statement!

Interpretations of this golden goddess women's Halloween costume can be a Greek Goddess, Egyptian Queen vibe or a more mystical flare from above the stars with a an unearthly sun goddess.

Try out a golden goddess Halloween costume with long flowy skirts and one of a kind, adorned headdress pieces.

Pair with some golden eyeshadow, highlighter and metallic gold body paint for a wow-factor this Halloween season!

Goddess Halloween Costume Items:

17. Women's Pirate Halloween Costume 


Pirate Halloween Costume Ideas 2021:

18. Women's Gypsy Halloween Costume


Women's Gypsy Halloween Costume:

19. Boxer Halloween Costume for Women


This women's Halloween costume is sporty, affordable and an ideal fit for someone wanting a phenomenal Halloween costume that isn't too girly looking.

Pair this boxer Halloween costume with some traditional boxing-style french braids, boxing gloves and boxing champion belt for the ultimate boxing queen costume. You can also wear sneakers, heeled boots or high heels-whichever is most comfortable for your boxing champ halloween look!

Women's Boxer Halloween Costume:

20. Magician Women's Halloween Costume


Now you see me, now you don't! 

A magician Halloween costume for women is much simpler than imagined! All you need for a women's magician Halloween costume is a top hat, bow tie, bodysuit (or all black/white outfit) and a black blazer.

If you wanted to jazz this Halloween costume up you can include a magician's wand, white gloves and or glistening, sequin bodysuit.

Abracadabra! You now have a high quality and magical Halloween costume idea.

Magician Halloween Women's Costume:

21. Cupid Halloween Costume Idea for Women 


We love-LOVE!

A cupid Halloween costume is adorable for any women to wear on Halloween. This Halloween costume idea for women is easy to replicate on a budget and can be worn multiple times (as for instance) around Valentines Day!

Basically, all you need for this costume is something red, white or pink to wear in clothing with some sparkly stick on hearts, a cupids love bow and arrow as well as a lovable, heart pattern head piece.

How sweet and endearing right?!

Cupid Halloween Costume Idea for Women:

This blog post was all Halloween Costumes for Women in 2022!


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