Coastal Grandmother Style – Newest Home Decor and Fashion Trend You’ll Want to Copy


The coastal grandmother style is, hands down, one of the coolest trends by far this season. Needless to say, it took me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting to love this style so much and see so many women my age and even younger, try it out. The coastal grandmother aesthetic combines everything you know and love about Diane Keaton’s character in Nancy Meyers’s Something’s Gotta Give as well as Meryl Streep’s character in the hit movie, It’s Complicated. 

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This cool new trend taken from classy, middle-aged women is, in my eyes, the best way to make any home look charming or to enhance one’s wardrobe effortlessly. You’ll love the coastal grandmother trend as it’s elegant, simple, and like a breath of fresh air compared to most other trends.

Maybe you’ve seen the coastal grandma style and, like me, thought, ‘Oh my goodness. I want a look just like that!’ Luckily, I’m taking a deep dive into this TikTok famous interior design aesthetic and A-lister wardrobe trend in the easiest way possible. I’ll cover everything from my tried-and-true ways to decorate your home coastal grandmother style, where to find coastal grandmother home décor as well as coastal grandmother clothing so you can live out your Something’s Gotta Give summer style fantasy and look incredible doing so.



Okay, before I get carried away and bombard you with every reason why I love this trend, let’s go over the coastal grandma aesthetic and why you’ll love it/ become borderline obsessed with it.

History may not have been your favorite high school subject, but trust me, you’ll want to know where this style originated and how it even came to be this trendy all of a sudden.

Way before the “Nancy Meyers aesthetic” came to exist there was something similar called “grandmillennial” style. This home décor aesthetic was every young person’s revamp of traditional interior design and even Southern home décor you most likely saw in your grandma’s home growing up. Or, on an episode of Southern Charm. Does anyone recall Patricia Altschul’s Charleston home featured in various episodes of Southern Charm?

The grand millennial style takes everything from chinoiserie, ruffles, needlepoint, jute, porcelain, florals, chintz, and fringe and gives these classic décor materials new life.

Next, came the trendsetter in all her glory, Nancy Meyers’s aesthetic films.




Nancy Meyers popularized the breezy and comfortable style in the movies, Something’s Gotta Give, and It’s Complicated where the main characters’ homes and personal fashion sense were coastal grandmother vibes to a T.


Many movie lovers and pop culture enthusiasts found home inspiration from the scenes in these movies and even found themselves wanting to replicate some of the character outfits. Hence, the coastal grandmother style was born, even if there wasn’t a name for it yet.

Fast forward to 2022, the coastal grandma style has become the latest fashion trend and design theme that’s taken TikTok and Instagram by storm of all places. Lex Nicoleta coined the term, ‘coastal grandmother’ in her now famous TikTok and Instagram videos which skyrocketed in popularity as millennial women started to replicate her fashion sense and share her niche videos of this style.


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It’s not hard to see why every millennial wants to raid their grandma’s home – and closet – to get that Martha Stewart and Ina Garten type of poised, breezy, and preppy style.

Not to mention, the coastal grandmother interior design can be tailored to essentially anyone’s home (even if you do not live anywhere coastal). I mean, who doesn’t want their kitchen looking like the set of Something’s Gotta Give?! Light and bright spaces, flowy linens, fresh flowers, stacks of books, hints of baby blue, and natural tones of beige that breathe life back into your home will amplify any space.

Though, who says the coastal grandma aesthetic must end with design? One can easily copy this trend in their wardrobe on a high to low budget.

This style trend is great for those who want to always look ready, but still relaxed. It’s almost impossible to not look as if you’ve stepped right off the glossy cover of a Home’s and Garden magazine when wearing a coastal grandmother-style outfit.

Now, let’s roleplay yourself into a coastal grandma for a second. *Just imagine* yourself making frequent visits to your local farmers’ market for fresh flowers, fruit, and vegetables whilst wearing a charming woven visor or large floppy sun hat. Or looking out your window as you dawn a crisp clean muumuu and slippers, sipping on your go-to latte, and writing some daily affirmations.

I’ve personally worn this style with a loose-fitting shirt or flowy blouse with the sleeves rolled up, a white tee, beige khaki shorts, a pair of Birkenstocks, and my favorite dainty pearl studs whilst watering my garden outside.

And yes, I totally feel and look like the Ina Garten of my neighborhood.


It’s no surprise that walls play a massive role in every home, no matter which room or design inspo picture you want to emulate. The same goes for the coastal grandma style in your home or apartment. Start with painting your walls a fresh coat of clean white, beige, or light blue paint color.

I recommend Sherwin Williams paint colors as well as Benjamin Moore paint. Novel blue-gray paints tend to be a paint color that most coastal grandmother homes have.

Next, up the coastal grandmother style in your home with lush window coverings in linen, satin, sheen, or velvet for a lovely Avant Garde feel. For the furniture, aim for lighter options of sofas and chairs in white, cream, off-white, and beige options.

Serena and Lily, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, and Ballard Designs have some exceptional white and off-white furniture options for the coastal grandmother look. As far as console tables, side tables, coffee tables, and dining room tables go – choose a whitewash wood look, honey oak color furniture, or a few accent pieces of dark mahogany furniture.

Though, glass and gold, as well as wicker and rattan furniture, just say, coastal grandmother all over it.

Finish your coastal grandmother décor for your pad by adding touches of cream and bright white décor pieces that can be found with trendy lighting (lamps, sconces, flush mounts, and pendants), white bowls, milk-white glassware, and gorgeous faux floral arrangements. If you haven’t noticed a theme of white and blue hydrangeas or white tulips, you will definitely see dainty light-colored florals in most coastal grandmother homes.

Also, major bonus points for whoever adds antique home décor or blue and white chinoiserie.

If you want more of a quaint and warm feel for your coastal grandmother décor start adding natural elements to top off your design inspiration. The house depicted in, It’s Complicated detailed MANY natural and neutral design elements. Light-colored woods, textured jute rugs, blue and gray rugs, plenty of wicker baskets, cozy throw blankets as well as comfy throw pillows will do the trick to achieve this home style.

If you love pops of color and botanicals, try filling your space with plants like olive branches with leaves, faux fig trees, olive trees, pampas grass, lavender stems, and any seasonal garden element. Finally, keep the primary and accent colors in your home soft and muted, representing the hues you’d see in the sand, sky, and sea.

As stated above, beige, blue, white, and cream-colored walls work exceptionally well bringing out the coastal grandmother vibe. However, if you do not have time or energy to paint, try to add these colored elements to your décor and find what coastal grandmother décor items can mix well with your pre-existing wall color.

This is the one-way route to instilling the most beautiful coastal grandmother home design.


You’re going to adore the coastal grandmother style because it is relaxed, peaceful, and easy to replicate. However, if you do not have a huge budget to revamp your entire space to fit the trending home theme, you can just add simple elements here and there.

This home décor trend does not have to cost a fortune either if you are on a budget. Places like TJ Maxx, Homegoods, Marshalls, Amazon, Target, Walmart, Ikea, and even Kirkland’s have coastal grandmother décor pieces that are just as beautiful and well-made as designer furniture and home decor.

Coastal Grandmother Décor (my budget-friendly picks)



Like most trends, it’s easy to get caught up in the small details or worry about the price of brand-new furniture and home décor. You can find coastal grandmother decor somewhere as budget-friendly as Walmart all the way to a more expensive store like Serena and Lily or Ballard Designs. Where you choose to buy your coastal grandmother decor is totally personal to you. Though, you’ll find some options below that are more budget-friendly whilst retaining the utmost quality.

If you still do not have a full grasp of the coastal grandmother aesthetic, a great tip is to avoid certain décor pieces that could possibly deter one away from nailing the coastal grandmother style.

coastal-grandmother-style Bria Hammel Interiors

Home décor pieces to avoid:

  • Nautical accents
  • Anchors
  • Sea creatures
  • Ropes

Remember, we want the coastal grandmother décor to be classy and chic. The home décor pieces listed above will most likely give you a vacation theme or Red Lobster restaurant feel.

To help you out even more, here’s a list of elements to incorporate into your home that will capture the essence of the coastal grandmother style.

Coastal Grandmother décor pieces to buy:

  • Ceramic planters
  • Wool, sisal or jute rugs.
  • Soft cotton and fresh linens for furniture, drapery, and bedding.
  • Vases of fresh flowers around the house.
  • Tall leafy plants or faux trees in neutral planters.
  • Accent bowls on open shelving.
  • Copper pots and pans.
  • Linen napkins and dishtowels.
  • Cute lamps and lamp shades
  • Wooden cutting boards.
  • Accents in the kitchen like spices, utensils, and cookbooks.



Time to emulate the coastal grandmother style for your wardrobe! Perhaps you want to look and feel like a coastal grandmother even though you might not be a grandma or live on the coast.

Coastal grandmother style doesn’t mean you have to look older or like a grandma. This trend embodies a look that’s classy, sophisticated, and yet, laidback. I’ve featured a list of elements you can incorporate into your wardrobe so you can keep the coastal grandmother vibe alive wherever you go, no matter the season and whatever age you might be.

Coastal Grandmother Flowy Maxi Dresses

Coastal grandmothers embody ‘going with the flow,’ and what better way to say “I’m relaxed and ready for wherever life takes me” than adorning a long, airy dress that flutters in the breeze and when walking. At Style Like Shelby, we LOVE finding affordable linen dresses, gingham prints, floral dresses, and any dress with peplum sleeves or balloon sleeves.

Stores Like J. Crew, The Loft, Nordstrom’s, Revolve, and even more budget-friendly stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Target have spectacular dresses for a coastal grandma style.

Coastal Grandmother Tote Bags

A cotton canvas tote bag, braided purse, or woven beach bag is a signature piece in every coastal grandmother’s closet. What else would you use to carry a bottle of wine, a book, and your sandals as you have an impromptu picnic on the beach with your gal pals?

Linen Blend Pants and Khaki Pants

Linen pants and linen beach pants are essential bottoms for a coastal grandmother style. Khaki-colored pants for women are also a great call when assembling a coastal grandma-style outfit. What coastal grandma has time for being uncomfortable in anything put lightweight and neutral pants? Don these versatile and breathable linen pants so you can relax while staying freshly fashionable. One of Style Like Shelby’s favorite stores to shop for excellent quality women’s linen pants is Revolve and J.Crew.

Garden Clogs for Women

Women’s clogs may shock some because of the way they look– OR clogs may be a go-to pair of comfy shoes to wear 24/7. Garden clogs and soft clog crocs are something coastal grandmothers love to wear outside, running errands, or even inside the house. The only reason that comes to mind why these shoes look fancy when assembled in a coastal grandmother outfit is because they look ultra-comfy and “cool” without pushing any gaudy fashion trend boundaries.

Everyday women (especially new moms) can own a pair of garden clogs because they are generally inexpensive from brand to brand. Every “coastal grandma” I know – loves being able to slip on their favorite pair of clogs to walk out on their back porch to sip their coffee as they gaze out at the day ahead and whilst running errands tackling their to-do’s.

There you have it!

Hopefully, you now know the extent of the coastal grandmother style. Be sure to wear the coastal grandmother style with confidence, class, and be sure to add personal touches to your own personal style to make it truly unique.

This post was all about coastal grandmother style and coastal grandmother decor!




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