Couples Halloween Costumes That are Super Popular + Affordable 2022

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Choosing a superb couples Halloween costume can be a tricky task to accomplish for multiple reasons. 

If you can't seem to figure out what to wear for this years Halloween spooktacular events then we have some out of this world and impressively cute couple costumes ideas for you! 

From movie characters, iconic celebrities, fictional characters and so much more to pick and choose from, we got you covered with the BEST affordable + insanely popular couples Halloween outfits.

Lets break the ice with some stress-free, DIY couples Halloween costumes.

DIY couples Halloween costumes are the best route for couples who are:

1. Crafty and ingenious making creative couples costumes in the past for themed parties or prior Halloweens.

2. Tend to last-minute costume plan or (just become pressed on time).

3. Have multiple Halloween parties OR spooky Halloweekend events to attend!

In many ways, couples who have hectic schedules or children, tend to put costume ideas on the back burner. And even though they may be super creative and want an awesome costume to wear, the chance just doesn't happen.

Not to fear though! A DIY Halloween costume is naturally, creative and fun once you begin to brainstorm and piece items together. Most items you could find around your house or can whip up within a few days (or even a few short hours).

DIY couples Halloween costumes or cute easy couple costumes do not have to look the least bit shabby.

Visit your nearest Jo Ann fabrics, Michaels or Hobby Lobby to scope out interesting elements you can add to you and your partners Halloween costume to give it that wow factor.

Ever go to a Halloween party or see someone dressed up for Halloween in a costume you wanted to recreate yourself but didn't have time to pull off?

Halloween couples costumes can be #goals or just mehh...and we certainly are striving for couple costume goals this year right?!

Hence, even if you or your partner isn't too keen on Halloween or a big Halloween party-try a quirky theme or trendy costume idea based off something you both enjoy!

This will make your DIY costume (or store bought) couples Halloween costumes actually enjoyable to dress up as.

Even for guys who may dread dressing up.

Think about what your favorite movies are, shows, characters, books, celebrities, role models, etc. This can all tie into designing a marvelous couples costume that's a home run.

Nowadays, it's possible to have the best of both worlds with a costume that's affordable and popular.

If you're someone who likes to go all out for costume parties and all things Halloween then go all the way and commit to an idea this year!

I encourage you to go full throttle with your artistic abilities and create and totally unique, one of a kind and memorable,  couples Halloween costume to be proud of and look back on years later.

(With some funny and nostalgic photos of course).

If you're totally lost what to be with your (boo!) for Halloween, then it'll behoove you to research and pull inspiration from Pinterest for easy couples Halloween costumes to dress up as.

Pinterest always houses amazingly helpful content, pictures and resources for costume ideas. 

Continue reading the best, affordable and popular couples Halloween costumes for a ghouley great Halloween 2022!

Forrest Gump + Jenny Halloween Costume


Sandy + Danny Costume from Grease Couples Halloween Costume


Trendy Karl Lagerfeld + Choupette Couples Costume


Bonnie and Clyde Couples Costume 


Easy Couple Costumes 2022:

Energizer Bunny and Energizer Battery Couples Halloween Costume


Britney Spears + Justin Timberlake 2001 Denim Halloween Costume


Firefighter and Dalmatian Rescue Halloween Couples Costume


Elvis + Priscilla Presley Halloween Costume for Couples


Statue of Liberty and NYC Tourist Couples Costume


Bugs and Lola Couples Halloween Costume


JFK and Jackie Kennedy Halloween Costume for Couples


Poseidon + Mermaid Couples Costume


Sailor and Mermaid Halloween Couples Costume

Jack + Jill Halloween Costume


80's Style Workout Couple Halloween Costume


Gomez + Morticia Adams Family Halloween Costume


Steve Irwin + Crocodile Halloween Couples Costume


Chip and Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper HGTV Couples Halloween Costume


Bay Watch Halloween Costume For Couple


Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone Anchorman Couples Halloween Costume


Barbie and Ken Couples Costumes Ideas 2022


King and Queen of Hearts Couples Halloween Costume


Bandits / Robbers Halloween Costume


Nascar Race Car Drivers Couples Costume Idea


Alice in Wonderland + Mad Hatter Couple Halloween Outfit


Ringmaster/Lion Tamer + Lion Couple Halloween Costume


Sonny + Cher Halloween Costume


Toothfairy and Dentist Halloween Costume


Popeye + Olive Oil Costume


Austin Powers + Fembot Costume


Britney Spears Oops I did it Again! and Astronaut Couples Halloween Costume


This blog post was all about affordable and popular couples Halloween costumes 2022.


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