Dreamy Fall Home Décor for the Perfect Autumn Home Aesthetic

 Looking to decorate your home with some cute fall home decor on a budget? Check out Style Like Shelby’s fall home decor tips and recommended products! 

This blog post is all about dreamy fall home décor made easy on a budget!

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Finally, it’s fall time! Roll up your sweater weather sleeves, ladies. We’re about to bring out some drop-down, stellar festive, and chic seasonal home décor favs for fall!

Better yet? All these fall home decor trends are easy to recreate and on a smart budget.

Style like Shelby is a huge fan of bringing warmth and coziness back to major living areas around a home; especially in a penny-pinching kind of way. People all over the world and especially, Style like Shelby headquarters, (the midwest) still work remotely or in a hybrid situation. Thus, your autumn home décor ideas should be accommodating and not too distracting when working at home.

Picking the perfect fall home decor is a time one can really spice up (yes, the Starbucks pumpkin spice kind) the perfect mixture of autumn decorating and timeless home aesthetics into one, fabulous design.

The picturesque, rich colors outside the windows of your home genuinely impact mood and influence those initial fall home decor choices.

From fall throw pillows on your sofas to gold, arched or round mirrors; always manage the aura and mood you’re going for in your own living space. Fall home décor and autumn harvest decorating with wreaths and leaves can be light and airy OR way moodier (even spooky!) as Halloween approaches.


Both styles of fall home décor are still rich with color and anything but bland. Just make sure to search for daily deals and glamorous fall home décor must-haves for a great price on anything fall-related you fancy.

Fall time can be a time people majorly overpay for something with a spike in markup (just because it’s fall and of people start buying for the holidays in droves.)

After going through all the fall home décor trends, I recently did a makeover of my own Style Like Shelby living room, and here’s how you can peep in for some easy fall inspiration for your home. Take your fall décor inspiration to new heights and begin saving money with some of the best fall home décor items below.

Dreamy Fall Home Décor Ideas to try!

1. Pampas Grass Arrangement


Photo Source

Oh boy…don’t even get me started with this trend! A minimalist fall floral arrangement donning neutral colors accessorized with dried pampas grass decor and or some fall flowers is understated yet elegant.

Pampas grass blends seamlessly with most paint colors, home aesthetics, and home décor tastes across the board for most seasons.

You can place inexpensive pampas like this best-selling pampas grass in interesting antique vases on a dining table, fireplace mantle, entryway table, kitchen island, OR coffee table. Mix in some other seasonal fall flowers like daisies, mums, or a classic set of roses as well as colorful fall leaves! You now have an insanely gorgeous fall floral arrangement and focal point for any room.

I preferred pampas grass in light brown when decorating my home for fall with some elegant, faux roses (I use these year-round for floral arrangements)Though, you can purchase pink or beige pampas grass from Amazon or DIY with some dried branches from your yard and arrange them how you like. 


2. Affordable Fall Wreaths

Just like fall arrangements or gorgeous autumn florals; affordable fall wreaths are a must for this time of year when feeling festive. You can choose a similar style to the fall arrangement(s) around your home for a fall wreath, make your own wreath or do something totally off the beaten track.

My suggestion is to start out with a semi-finished one-element fall wreath from somewhere like Target, HomeGoods, Amazon, Jo Ann Fabrics, Tj Maxx, or Kohls.


This is how full you want your fall wreath to look fall-wreath-fall-home-decor-amazon



A semi-finished wreath can be a wreath of wheatgrass, a branch wreath, or a plain leaves wreath.


Next, add elements to your fall wreath to make it uniquely your own.

Feature elements like mini (and we mean very tiny!) pumpkins, pops of color with bright flowers, wheatgrass/pampas grass or bring out the novelty of Halloween with some Halloween accents to your wreaths like decorative bats or little, ghoulies ghosts.


3. Modern Round Wooden Mirrors for Fall


Photo Source

A retro-style mirror with a pop of modern appeal certainly can elevate a living area, almost immediately it seems.  Many new home buyers and enthusiastic interior designers have been placing more natural elements in their homes like distressed wood or lightly stained wood furniture.

These affordable wooden mirrors are simply aesthetic for fall time. Purchase your own Kate and Laurel modern wooden mirror at a bargain and spruce a small powder room, entryway table, or bare wall.





Another unique idea is to add these natural element mirrors to smaller spaces to open up a particular room (see below).

Guest bathrooms/powder rooms can look way trendier with some affordable new materials. Copper mirrors and copper lighting as well as budget-friendly, round gold mirrors are another way to bring the fall warmth to your home in smaller spaces.


Photo Source

4. Decorative Mini Pumpkins


The autumn look in my home really began to unfold with these decorative, mini pumpkins I usually customize faux or real pumpkins with some paint, glitter, and cheap stencils from Amazon. I can already hear you saying, ‘Awwww!’ with these bold mini pumpkins.

Artificial mini pumpkins are traditional yet trendy. You can put your own twist on them by using DIY materials like spray paint, jewels, fringe, glitter, rhinestones, stencils, bows, or drawing on them with sharpies.

I believe mini pumpkins like these are universally well-liked for adding touches of orange and black without being overpowering or gaudy-looking.





An example: you can place mini orange pumpkins or multi-colored mini pumpkins on the fireplace mantle, on the dining room table with rustic dishes and bowls, or in huge glass vases around your home.

Personally, I shy away from overdoing the typical, orange pumpkin blast for fall.

Instead, I use mini white, cream, and stylish glam pumpkins with some sparkle to make my home chic yet, fall-inspired. There are different sizes and colors for these fall home decor items (including these mini pumpkins).

Mix it up or snag your standard orange 7pc pumpkin set here and decorate accordingly to suit your own style.


5. Cozy Candles in Glass and Chic Candle Holders


Photo Source

Candles can fit in essentially, anywhere around your home. I find candles to be romantic, aesthetic, and cozy-so I placed them in my favorite spot to entertain (which happens to be my dining room table).

The flickering orange reflection on my mini white pumpkins makes them look enchanting come nighttime. 

My buying experience from Amazon was fair enough in terms of budget and timely delivery for seriously the BEST smelling candles. If you’re a fan of more ambiance and warm energy in your home, I’d suggest complimenting candles with these farmhouse lanterns.

They, too, look exquisite in the fall season.

Place some gold candle holders, matte black metal candle holders, or mercury glass candle holders on your fireplace mantel or kitchen island to liven up your home for autumn.





6.  Fall Pillow Covers

Image Source

The combination that seems to be the first to sell out for fall pillow covers includes: white (or cream), yellow, orange, and a shade of green.

As for choosing pillows sizes, I like to buy fall pillow covers 20×20 inches so that I can use them on my sofa or with my bedding. 

No surprise here, Amazon as well as Target showcase various fall pillow covers that are affordable and design-worthy. I’d recommend choosing one per your home’s aesthetics and not just for the fall home décor (so you can use it for multiple seasons later on).

Alternatively, if you love the orange hue of fall, try adding a vibrant orange pillow or some rustic burnt orange pillows. 

Place the most bright or spunky color of pillows in the middle of the rest of your pillow layout for pop this fall season.

Another option is to buy 2-4 pillows in different colors that have a subtle fall feel if you do not like seeing Halloween orange everywhere.




Autumn brings seasonal magic to any home with rustic tones, classics, and the edginess of Halloween at the end of October. So, my Halloween decor lovers; this is a time to add some Halloween pillows if you choose to.

Since I am a die-hard fan of neutral decor and a soft autumn color palette, I added these neutral pillows to use year-round but especially to be showcased in the fall season!

7.  Fall Branches


Photo Source

The sage green, yellow and orange combos of a cute fall arrangement with fall branches brought life to my plain, coffee table, and entryway table. 

Since the pampas grass and fall branches I purchased looked incomplete without a decorative vase, I mixed the pampas grass with faux leaves in a tall and or large rounded vase like the one below. 



8.  Inviting Autumn Door Mats

Nothing says welcome like a warm and inviting pumpkin graphic fall door mat to add to the entrance of your home.

Doormats, too, can be considered home decor and are transitional from the end of summer to the beginning of winter. Since doormats are functional as well as decorative, fall doormats can be totally quirky, cute, or dreamy within design and or slogans.


Photo Source

I decided to tweak my own doormat according to the season: AKA fall time.

Fall brings such darling designs with doormats and funny fall sayings-I can’t help myself with including at least one fall phrase around my house.

Also, a good thing to note is one can find doormats practically anywhere. Even some grocery stores carry seasonal doormats near their home aisle or exit of the store.

There are no excuses not to have one or two of these at the doorways of your own home to add some stress-free, dreamy fall charm your guests will remember. I, however, do change my doormats with every season just to keep it interesting with my own seasonal home decor.

For instance, in December, I’ll be toying around with some winter doormats and classic Merry Christmas-themed doormats to really get into the swing of things for the jolly, winter season!





Since I only decided to spend on decorations this fall season, that’s my list (so far) for some simple and traditional fall seasonal decorations.

Amazon has been my budget-friendly partner for all these items as well as a few other sweet spots for major savings.

If you find some other website that’s as amazing as some of my recommendations, let me know that too, and comment on your favorite place to shop for fall decor!

It’s always pleasing to refresh your home’s ambiance in any season but fall is especially a decorator’s favorite. I hope you find your inspiration from any or all of my list, of easy fall home decor ideas. Let me know how you tweaked the items you chose and what the final picture looks like! 🙂

Happy fall time and fall home decor shopping!

This blog post is all about dreamy fall home décor made easy on a budget!

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