Glam Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas Like A Pro

Need some Christmas Tree inspiration for the holidays? You’re at the right place for all things Christmas Tree Decor and Christmas Tree design!

This post is all about glam Christmas tree decoration ideas that will ultimately inspire you and your guests for the most festive and beautifully decorated Christmas yet!

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Find some inspiration here to make your Christmas tree magazine-worthy in a snap! Whether it’s your first time decorating a Christmas tree in your first apartment/first home OR if you simply want to try a new style for a fun holiday refresh we dive into the best Christmas tree decorating ideas to help guide you. Here are some of the best Christmas tree décor ideas to spark endless holiday décor inspiration in your place.

 Glam Christmas Tree Ideas 

Warm Whites Christmas Tree and Neutral Christmas Tree Décor

christmas-tree-ideas-style-like-shelby-blog Source: Style Like Shelby 

glam-christmas-tree-decor-white-ornaments glam-christmas-tree-decor-ribbon

No matter what your home décor is, in and outside your home; a warm whites Christmas tree is timeless. Sometimes, Christmas decorating and the holiday season, in general, are hectic. Working with one color palette narrows down which Christmas tree décor to use and play around with.

Shelby says: By using past years’ Christmas decorations and ornaments in storage I was able to save a lot of money on my Christmas tree this year. I encourage everyone to use a mix of old Christmas decor and purchase some staple new Christmas decorations that you’ll use for years to come. Though, my tree needed some glam decorative elements, so I opted for anything sparkly. I was able to create a stunning Christmas tree for under $30 with the new decorative ornaments, ribbon, and floral pieces.

Since I had a lot of white-ball ornaments and icicle ornaments (like these glass icicle ornaments), all I needed was some fun glittery accents and a mix of white/silver ribbon from the Dollar Store. I really loved finding these clear ornaments from Amazon that added a modern touch to my tree. I’ll be using clear ornaments everywhere during the holiday season as they literally go with any Christmas decor or Christmas tree design!


Source: Style Like Shelby 

If you want to really elevate your Christmas tree add something unexpected but gorgeous like these hanging crystal chandelier Christmas ornaments. (Which you can use for various party decor after the holidays!)



If you choose to have a warm whites Christmas tree like me, go for shades of warm white, dove white, ivory, cream, and subtle beige and translucent accents for a tree that has class and elegance that beautifully blends.

All Bow Christmas Tree

chritmas-tree-ideas Source: @bridget

glam-christmas-tree-decor-pink-ribbon-amazon glam-christmas-tree-decor-gold-bows-amazon glam-christmas-tree-decor-ribbons-amazon

If you’re a girly girl or into super glam Christmas trees that are as well affordable-then check out some bow Christmas tree inspiration. Deck your Christmas tree out in bows of a single color or a mix of your favorite tones. You can use a couple of statement bows or gather an array of fun bows to cover your tree up. This is a Style Like Shelby must for at least one Christmas tree design this year or in for future holidays with a big ‘ol bow Christmas tree! 

Black and White Christmas Tree

christmas-tree-ideas Source: Domestically Creative

glam-christmas-tree-decor-fuzzy-ball-ornaments glam-christmas-tree-decor-black-ball-ornaments glam-christmas-tree-decor-houndstooth-ribbon-amazon

A black and white Christmas tree is so chic. If you have time to try a bold new design this year, try an all-white Christmas tree with black ornaments or a black Christmas tree with white ornaments. If you don’t have the time to purchase a new tree, just use the standard evergreen one you have and use a mix of black and white ornaments and décor.

Savvy tip: Add a few designer-inspired ornaments! Try a DIY classic Chanel CC logo ornament or other designer brand logos to your liking. (This also makes a cool Christmas gift for girlfriends who loves designer trends!)

If you have the means to splurge, check out these fabulous black and white Mackenzie Child’s ornaments for a luxury Christmas tree idea for 2022.

Pampas Christmas Tree

Source: Rose Moss Design

pampas-grass-amazon glam-christmas-tree-decor glam-christmas-tree-decor-pinecone-ornaments

Choose between an elegant floral Christmas tree and a pampas Christmas tree for an uplifting, romantic, and trendy holiday vibe that will wow guests. You can do all florals on your Christmas tree or carefully tuck in florals and pampas stems between the branches of the tree for a specific design like a whimsical, ribbon effect. Pampas, roses, poinsettias, sunflowers, and cherry blossoms are all trendy Christmas tree floral décor this year for your tree!

Mixed Metals Christmas Tree

Christmas-tree-ideas Source: Gold Decor Designs

glam-christmas-tree-decor-metallic-ornaments glam-christmas-tree-decor-rose-gold-ornaments glam-christmas-tree-decor-gold-ribbon

Decorate your Christmas trees like a pro with elegant elements like mixed metallics, mercury glass, glass ornaments, and glitter berries in gold and silver to give your Christmas tree a stunning appearance. Finding ornate and beautiful, gold, silver and rose gold ornaments will give your mixed metals Christmas tree a modern but classic look. Break up the metallic theme with some pearl ball ornaments for a lighter feel that’s equally stunning.

This glowy Christmas tree design goes with essentially any interior home dècor and will transform even the most plain, artificial Christmas trees look to the main focal point of the room.

These fun, disco Christmas tree ornaments are a great option to add minimal touches of pizzazz to your Christmas Tree.

Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Tree

christmas-tree-ideas Source: Jenna Sue Design

glam-christmas-tree-decor-pinecone-ornaments glam-christmas-tree-decor-burlap-bows glam-christmas-tree-decor

Try out an epic, cozy Christmas tree look that’s straight out of a storybook ski town! Opt for natural elements and simple textures. Adorn your Christmas tree with woodsy ornaments such as pinecones, faux fur, leaves, antlers, and neutral beige/white ornaments that you can color via DIY way with spray paint.

If you love that jolly, Christmas red, try a bold red buffalo ribbon and cute, woodland creature ornaments to really bring out that warm farmhouse Christmas tree style.



Savvy tip: Drape some trendy, beaded garland and burlap ribbon around your Christmas tree with wicker baskets and faux fur blankets around the base of your rustic boho glam Christmas tree that looks heavenly.

Organic Minimalist Tree Theme


Source: Nesting Place

glam-christmas-tree-ideas-Organic-Minimalist-Tree-Theme glam-christmas-tree-ideas-organic-minimalist-tree-skirt-amazon Christmas-tree-decor-ideas-Organic-Minimalist-Tree-Theme

If you’re the trend-setter of the group; your friends will pine over this next one. You can use a ‘barely there’ style Christmas tree with some pine cones, a simple beaded garland, and other boho-neutral ornaments in a similar color family for that minimal Christmas look. If you only have time to add one decorative feature to your Christmas tree then find some burlap to either wrap around your Christmas tree or cut in foot long sections to tuck into areas for a shabby chic burlap Christmas tree design.

This is probably the easiest Christmas tree décor inspiration if you’re on a time crunch and or don’t want to spend a lot on various Christmas tree decorations.

Savvy tip: Make a holiday dried orange garland at home! Dry out some oranges from the grocery stores and cut them into slices to add to a simple rope string for around your tree. Using holiday dried oranges for Christmas trees not only looks divine but smells it as well.

Classic Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree


Source: Sanctuary Home Decor

winter-wonderland-christmas-tree-ideas winter-wonderland-christmas-tree-ideas-berries winter-wonderland-christmas-tree-ideas-amazon-ornaments

Oh there’s no place like home (for the Holidays!)

A winter wonderland Christmas tree is a classic Christmas tree idea that you can do every year and never exhaust. A wonderful aspect of a cheerful, winter wonderland Christmas tree is lots of twinkly tree lights with classic, red, green, and white tree décor. You can make this tree more red, green or white-you can’t go wrong with these options. Personalize this Christmas tree idea with some DIY tree ornaments (which also make a thoughtful Christmas gift!)

If you buy new ornaments, look for tiny red bows, mini gift ornaments, Christmas-boot-shaped décor, and mini nutcrackers to layer in and out of each branch for a homey feel. You can also dazzle with accents of snowflake ornaments as well as classy gold and silver glass ornaments.


Bonus tip: If you don’t have a flocked Christmas tree and want an affordable, eye-catching winter wonderland theme Christmas tree; add some Snoflock Christmas powder to your artificial tree branches. Walla! You now have a flocked Christmas tree without having to purchase a new one.

Unique Christmas Tree Themes

Ombré Rainbow Christmas Tree

christmas-tree-ideas Source: Hoosier Homemade

glam-christmas-tree-decor-ideas-ombre-tree glam-christmas-tree-decor-ideas-ombre-tree-lights glam-christmas-tree-decor-ideas-ombre-tree-ornaments

An ombré Christmas tree is hands down, AWESOME.

Ombré Christmas trees have a major ‘wow!’ factor regardless of the color ornaments you use to decorate your tree. You can make a gradient rainbow tree with a couple of color ornaments starting at the tree base OR do all the colors of the rainbow with a mix of small, medium, and large ornaments.

This is a fun Christmas tree idea for families with kids who love color and a unique Christmas tree to remember for years to come. 

Coastal Christmas Tree Theme

christmas-tree-ideas Source: Sand and Sisal

christmas-tree-decor-seashell-christmas-tree-ornaments christmas-tree-decor-ideas-blue-ornaments christmas-tree-decor-ideas-teal-ornaments

Coastal theme Christmas tree decorations such as seashells, starfish, and teal ornaments adorn a white coastal Christmas tree for a laidback and vacay-inspired look. A coastal Christmas tree gives off warm weather vibes, even if the temperatures outside are not that beachy.

Add pops of royal blue, yellow, and champagne ornaments to an otherwise neutral seashell-filled coastal tree to make it really stand out and breezy. Also, you can hang some of your family’s initial monograms or picture while on vacation in picture ornaments to add bits of quaint personalization. 

Savvy tip: A coastal Christmas tree is also a great way to surprise your family with a sunny and warm vacation during the winter! Once they see the seashell ornaments and beachy Christmas tree décor; they’ll be jumping for joy.

Candy Cane Christmas Tree

christmas-tree-ideas Source: Two Twenty One

christmas-tree-decor-candycane-ribbon-amazon christmas-tree-decor-ideas-peppermint-decor christmas-tree-decor-white-candy-ornaments

It’s a fact that that staple, red and white candy canes are the ‘it’ candy of the Christmas season! Why not try a red and white candy cane dreams tree this year for fun?!

Style Like Shelby’s personal favorite Christmas tree decor for a peppermint tree is these cool, larger-than-life-sized candy canes to place around the tree for a ‘designer’ look.



Liven up your living room with fabulous peppermint ornaments, large red and white ornaments, striped candy cane ribbon, and spunky, swirl candy cane Christmas tree skirt.

Pouring Ornaments Christmas Tree Idea

christmas-tree-ideas Source: Pinterest

This witty Christmas Tree idea has to be by far one of the most unique Christmas Tree ideas we’ve ever seen! At Style Like Shelby, we believe in adding bits of unique touches to holiday decorating and this pouring ornaments Christmas tree idea definitely takes the cake.

All you need is a big basket (loving this Target Threshold wicker basket below), ornaments, glue, and probably a ladder!  



You can use ornaments you already have for this holiday décor idea and place this unique tree as the main Christmas tree in your living OR make this an additional Christmas tree for another room during the holiday party season.  

This post was all about glam Christmas tree decoration ideas!





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