Hailey Bieber’s Style on A Budget-9 Genius Ways to Recreate Hailey’s Looks

Want to have a stellar-style game like Hailey Bieber this year? From casual, oversized outfits to sleek, epic red carpet moments; Hailey’s style is inspirational and beyond chic. Reacreate Hailey Biebers and most loved looks to date with these savvy style finds!

This post is all about 9 Genius Ways to Achieve Hailey Bieber’s Style on A Budget!

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1. Nailing Hailey Bieber’s Oversized Coats and Blazers


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

Hailey Bieber’s Style → Try a unisex or universal clothing brand for an oversized styled outfit just like Hailey’s.

Have you ever seen Hailey Bieber’s outfits and wondered how in the world she can make such a high-fashion, mix, and matched or oversized look work? Same here! Hailey Bieber seemingly reeks of confidence and authenticity in just about everything she wears. No matter what style Hailey commits to, she makes it her own.

Isn’t that what makes a style icon though?! I say YES! 🙂

Nailing an ‘oversized’ look with brand new or vintage pieces is much more intense than it sounds.

Trust me, if you don’t know some style tips or outfit hacks, an oversized look can turn out to look very awkward. I am someone who ALWAYS feels nervous to wear oversized pieces other than for a fashionable photoshoot. No one wants to look like a little kid dressed up in their parent’s clothing.

Most affordable Hailey Bieber Style Trench Coat Look for less!




An oversized look should appear to fit BUT look as if it shouldn’t normally fit.

Nowadays, brands like Zara, H&M, and Revolve all carry trendy items that are MADE to be oversized style. This is WORLDS different than items sewn and designed at their usual size guide.


Fashion style hack ↓

Instant buttons for tightening oversized jeans, skirts and pants!




If you want a newer piece that you KNOW will work, then go this route.

OR you if you’re thrifty and innovative then try altering a normal-sized, item of clothing that’s 2-6 sizes larger than what you’d normally wear. You can do this by hemming or altering the sleeves, legs, base, or waist part of an item of clothing.

If you prefer not to go the extra mile to ace an ‘oversized look’ like Hailey Bieber then try just folding or rolling up with sleeves of a top, wearing a belt, or wearing heels with pants that are baggy.

Another savvy tip without going out and purchasing something new, just go into your dad, brother, or boyfriend’s closet and wear one of their t-shirts, blazers, or jeans. If you’re new to wearing an oversize or casual baggy look, buy super inexpensive pieces first to test out.

Oversized Fashion Style → Test out an oversized style crewneck for the perfect, Hailey Bieber style-on-a-budget look!

2. Hailey Bieber’s Feminine Style

hailey-biebers-feminine-summer-style-on-a-budget(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)


(Photo Credits: Via Pinterest)

Sometimes, one of the things we can forget about when emulating a high-fashion look is the art of femininity.

For some, femininity comes very easily and translates seamlessly with one’s style look-to-look. However, others go the extra mile to add dainty nuances, soft effects and girly finishing touches to an outfit almost instinctively.

Whatever your style is, body type or personality, adding a feminine flair is something Hailey Bieber excels at! To be honest, this is extremely easy to copy if you know how to broaden your horizons with colors, styles, and or brand new trends.

…And maybe listening to some women-empowerment tunes whilst getting ready helps a bit! Does anyone else jam out in their bathroom getting whilst getting ready?!

Hey Siri, play: ‘Man, I Feel Like a Woman!’ Now we’re really getting into the female-flare mindset

Sooo..now a fun tidbit regarding Hailey’s wardrobe: a majority of Hailey Bieber’s looks include men’s items. Yep, you heard me correctly! Men’s clothing aka probably Justin Bieber’s wardrobe.

Cute Wedge Heels → Next time you wear mom jeans, jean shorts or a summer dress…pair them with some delicate-looking wedges!

A lot of the items Hailey wears on a daily basis are oversized men’s sizes, clothes, and brands. Though, this is what makes Hailey Bieber really stand apart from the crowd as she STILL looks utterly womanly in these pieces.

Maybe it’s a Jedi-mind trick. However, a great little saying I always try to keep in mind is, ‘Never let the clothes wear you. YOU wear the CLOTHES’

Maybe at the end of the day, it’s just the way Hailey Bieber’s confidence shines through her style that makes anything she wears: trendy and uniquely stunning.

Easily incorporate a feminine flair to your outfits!


Another way you may not have initially thought of is to just change up your hairstyle! I always like to include my makeup AND hair when creating a whole look from head to toe.

Sometimes, the most simplistic changes are the most effective with style; including an easy hairstyle like Hailey Biebers.

…And this one is SUPER easy! You can probably do your hair in a pulled-back bun, in under 5 minutes! Perfect for the gal-on-the-go.


Hailey Bieber’s sophisticated, pulled-back hair bun


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

Try this hairstyle out when your hair is slightly damp and part your hair down the middle or make a crisp, side part.

Next, use some affordable products to hold back the flyaways and ta-daa! This will be your new easy, breezy, chic hairstyle. If you don’t have the time to do a Hailey Bieber style bun then just throw your hair in a simple hair clip! This one is by far the most time-efficient.

Great for working women, moms and busy bees!

Hailey Bieber 90’s style clip hairdo


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

Hair products to achieve Hailey Bieber’s Sleek Bun + Hair in a clip Hairstyle!


3. Hailey Bieber’s Colorful Monochrome Outfits


9-genius-ways-to-achieve-hailey-biebers-style-on-a-budget(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

9-genius-ways-to-achieve-hailey-biebers-style-on-a-budget(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

Without a doubt, Hailey Bieber is one of the gutsiest, fresher style icons who dons major pops of color at times.

Packing punch with shades of red, blue, green, hot pink, baby pink, neon, purple…you name it, Hailey Bieber has worn it. And worn it WELL she has!


Brighten up your style with some colorful Hailey Bieber-inspired clothes!


As a style maven myself, I’ve always appreciated vibrant colors incorporated within a look. However, Hailey pretty much wears solid colors as full-blown, entire outfits.

No idea how this works without looking gaudy or gimmicky, but hey, it does and I’m here for it.

Try starting off with the color RED! If you’re new to adding color to your wardrobe or choose the color red as a show-stopping but also, safe classic bet.

The color red is bold, confident, and timeless.

A perfect shade of rouge can be worn intrepidly on a date, girls’ night, interview, or during the holidays. My humble tip would be to subtly add a pop of color with a red lip, red heels, and or a red blazer.


hailey-biebers-red-lipstick-on-a-budget(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

Best lipsticks + lip liners to recreate Hailey Bieber’s red lipstick look

Oh la la! Once you feel the power of this color, you’ll want to add red with even more fashionable pieces!


4. Hailey Bieber’s Workout Outfit Style

hailey-biebers-workout-style-on-a-budget(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

Time to get into tip-top shape!

For me, Hailey Bieber really became someone on my style-inspo radar when she did a whole, Princess Diana-style campaign. Rarely do celebrities completely nail other celebrities or iconic looks cemented into history.

Especially someone as loved and idolized as Princess Diana.


When Hailey Bieber did a Princess Diana-inspired photoshoot


Photo Credot: Via Pinterest

hailey-bieber-workout-outfit-on-a-budgetPhoto Credit: Via Pinterest




(Photo Credits: Via Pinterest)

Just within the past three years as Miss. Hailey Baldwin became Mrs. Hailey Bieber, minutely has she changed her girl next door image. Hailey Bieber sets a positive example with what rings true to her but has STILL evolved with even the most straight off the runway trends.

Shelby Says: Ever wonder what it would feel like to have a rock as big as Hailey Bieber’s 7+ carat engagement ring?! Well, this is a fun and savvy tip I am excited to divulge!

If you’re a girls-girl and want to save serious $$….

Try a moissanite diamond out!

This allows essentially any diamond lover or bride-to-be to achieve a totally real and insanely beautiful way to show off some serious ice. You can even find a perfectly radiant moissanite diamond to wear out as a cocktail ring!

However, it will not have the steep price tag of nearly half a million dollars like Hailey Bieber’s engagement ring.

Ooooh no, darling.

It’ll be your little best keep secret and a serious WIN in the savings area! 😉

Hailey Bieber’s STUNNING oval diamond engagement ring for less!

Hailey Bieber has slayed magazine covers, social media feeds, and the fascination of many fashion enthusiasts. Her casual looks with workout clothes are some of my favorite looks of hers!

It’s true!

In one way or another, we have all seen a candid paparazzi pic of Hailey Bieber doing well, Hailey Bieber stuff.

Most of the time she rocks her workout looks whilst casually drinking a matcha tea, strutting in and out of her baby pink Lambo and gracefully *ignoring* the paps.

…Or flipping them off.

The same thing basically. To popular belief, I could personally go a whole week without wearing actual clothes.

Who are we kidding…you wear yoga pants all the time TOO! From TikTok obsessed pre-teens to progressive, woman getting their early spin class in before work, we have all rocked a black legging moment.

Not only is this a total Hailey Bieber, post pilates session vibe; it’s basically what’s easiest to replicate out of her wardrobe.

COMFORTABLE LEGGINGS→ Look at some of these insanely attainable workout leggings under $30 + have over *16,000 reviews!

Leggings are perfect for running errands and wearing 24/7…they are as well ridiculously affordable for most.

One can either spend hundreds of dollars somewhere like Lululemon or under $50 with one of the hidden gems I have linked here in this blog post!

Totally not knocking Lululemon btw!

One of my all-time favorite blue racerback, workout tops is from Lululemon and I’ve had it for over 5 years! That top has seen some pretty embarrassing gym moments of mine, let me tell ya.

Whichever your preference, you can achieve the SAME Hailey Bieber workout outfit for less if you know where to shop and how to style a piece.

If you can afford to splurge, check out these leggings that are sure to get compliments at the gym!


5. Hailey Bieber’s Trendy Accessories on a Budget

9-genius-ways-to-achieve-hailey-biebers-style-on-budget(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

Say hello to the ‘it bag’ of the moment! However, say goodbye to overpaying for a luxurious-looking handbag.

One of the most uncanny, Bottega Veneta Chain Pouch Leather Bag options under $50



9-genius-ways-to-achieve-hailey-biebers-style-on-a-budget(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

Designer Belt Style Hailey Bieber’s exact designer-style gold western belt

This particular belt is just the thing to add a finishing touch to a casual look OR pull a vintage jean look together in a chic way.


Luxurious, high-end looking belts to pull all your outfits together!

hailey-bieber-style-on-a-budget(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

Another, perfect Bottega Veneta inspired designer bag for less option ↓



Here are some more Hailey Bieber-style black designer handbags on a budget!

hailey-biebers-pouch-bag-style-on-a-budget(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

This past year, I’ve truly realized how affordable some brands have become with HIGH QUALITY, designer-looking accessories.

Actually, I’m quite blown away! About half of my purse collection now has pieces that are under $25

I can literally sing it from the rooftops to not overpay for what is considered the ‘it bag’ ‘it shoes’ or totally, ever-so-losable, ‘it sunglasses’ of the moment.

One of the simplest ways to achieve Hailey Bieber’s style is to find similar-looking shades to top off a look. As you have probably seen, Hailey switches between 2-3 sunglasses at all times for her numerous outfits. I personally started to grow my sunglasses collection LAST summer.

The result??

I was able to do 3-5 looks within one mini content photoshoot that looked RADICALLY different. Mastered with some simple changes like wearing different sunglasses.

For Your Sunglasses→ The most AESTHETIC sunglasses organizer for all your new shades!

Do not spend more than $100 on a pair of sunglasses if you’re on a budget.

…Don’t @ me Céline sunglasses, I see you over there. If you’re anything like me: you scratch, lose or break sunglasses like nobody’s business.


Hailey Bieber’s signature retro style cat-eye sunglasses!

hailey-biebers-cateye-sunglasses-style-on-a-budget(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)



With a price like that, you can afford to accidentally break, scratch or lose these glasses and order the SAME exact ones again. Even if you purchased 10 of these sunglasses they are still way cheaper than the designer ones.

These Amazon sunglasses also come in multiple colors and combinations!


Here is another pair of Hailey Bieber’s favorite sunglasses to wear!


Style Like Shelby @shelbyannkatherine

hailey-biebers-roun-sunglasses-style-on-a-budget(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)




An additional inexpensive accessory to add to any look is a hair bow! The most perfect, finishing touch to a hairstyle right?! Hailey Bieber chose to wear her hair in a mod, high-pony along with her Alexander Wang millennial pink, long sleeve dress at the prestigious Met Gala in 2019.



(Photo Credits: Via Pinterest)

See how that simple velvet hair bow just completed that whole look?!

From this moment forward, Hailey Bieber was now planted on the map for red carpet looks that served. Hailey was by far one of the most photographed celebs at the Met Gala this year.

Hailey Bieber proved, bows are so not just for girls in ballet classes anymore. Women of all ages can wear them and add a sophistication to an otherwise, simple dress or outfit.


Hailey Bieber’s Met-Gala inspired hair bow from Amazon




STYLE TIP: You can also check out the nearest Jo-Ann Fabrics, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby for an arrangement of ribbons for a DIY hair bow! You can wear a longer style bow or hair ribbon with a half-up hairstyle, low ponytail, or even, a boho style braid! Hair bows can come in fabrics like satin, silk, and velvet.


6. Hailey Bieber’s Shoes and High Heels

hailey-biebers-gucci-loafer-shoe-style-on-a-budget(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

Hailey Bieber’s Gucci Loafer Slides For Less ↓


hailey-biebers-white-boots-shoe-style-on-a-budget(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

Hailey Bieber’s White Combat Boots Style


hailey-biebers-nike-sneakers-style-on-a-budget(Photo Credits: Via Pinterest)

Hailey’s Casual, Nike Sneaker Style


If you’re a shoe-aholic, you’ll appreciate Hailey Bieber’s vast shoe collection.

Hailey always seems to wear super interesting shoe choices with whichever outfit she decides to impressively throw together. Sneakers, heels, platforms, boots, slides…Hailey Bieber’s shoe collection is EXTENSIVE!

One’s shoe choices can either make or break an outfit. Seriously!

Do you know how many times I’ve seen ladies not be able to walk wearing 6in Loubs?!


Something I’ve noticed with Hailey Bieber’s stellar shoe collection is that she usually adds a little bit of height.

She adds height with her shoe collection as she wears sneakers, mules, booties, boots, and heels, that are usually platform!

Next time you want to copy a Hailey Bieber look, try adding a little bit of height with your shoe choice! You don’t have to go crazy with 4-inch pumps.

Scope out a style of shoe that’s comfortable yet, a little bit on a platform base or arched near the heel 1-2 inches.


7. Hailey’s Signature Mom Jeans Style


9-genius-ways-to-achieve-hailey-biebers-style-on-budget(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

hailey-biebers-mom-jeans-style-on-a-budget(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

Never have I ever witnessed mom jeans worn in so many unique ways as on Hailey Bieber. Hailey loves her mom’s jeans and knows just how to style them just right. Ripped mom jeans, light wash mom jeans, cuffed mom jeans…Hailey has probably worn all-style jeans.

I believe everyone should have an essential pair of mom or boyfriend jeans in their wardrobe. You can dress mom jeans up or down with what top, shoes, and or accessories you pair with them!

Just check out these ridiculously affordable prices & some of my personal favorite Hailey Bieber-styled mom jeans below!


Top picks for the essential Hailey Bieber mom jeans on a budget!


8. Hailey Bieber’s Jean Shorts Style


hailey-biebers-jean-shorts-style-on-a-budget(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

hailey-biebers-jeans-shorts-style-on-a-budget(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)


Hailey Bieber totally goes for it when it comes to showing off her lanky figure. Girl has some LEGS FOR DAYS!

However, Hailey Bieber also is a pro at wearing cut off short-shorts. Thus, this gives the allusion one has model-long legs.

Take it from me, I am a shorty but I look as if I’m a top model when I wear shorts, dresses, or skirts paired with a little bit of a heel or platoform shoe.

Try trimming or cutting a pair of old jeans to make into shorts right at home!

Under 5 minutes you now have a pair of Hailey Bieber style short-shorts to wear in the spring and summer months WITHOUT spending a dime. If you want to purchase an already designed ‘ripped shorts’ look, then try out these savvy jean short finds!


BEST affordable jean shorts to have in your wardrobe



More affordable Hailey Bieber cut-off jean short options


9. Hailey’s Leather Looks


hailey-bieber-leather-looks-for-less(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

hailey-biebers-balenciaga-and-leather-outfit-on-a-budget(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

In a majority of Hailey Bieber’s outfits, she incorporates a hint of leather or *faux leather*. Or sometimes she’s feeling a head-to-toe leather ensemble.

Either way, go girl!


Celebrity Style Print Handbags: Hailey Bieber’s designer zebra print slouch purse for less!


I personally like to go the faux leather route as I would rather not wear animals. No Bueno.

Though, you can choose whichever you prefer and what’s within your price point.

Real leather is usually very pricey.

A leather outfit totally gives me a 90’s throwback.

I believe my mother even had a pair of brown leather-looking pants in the late 90’s/early 2000s that were so cool and even flared at the bottom. Leather may sound a bit dark and dingy or give one a motorcycle gang vibe kinda vibe. Nonetheless!

Leather or faux leather styles can be super fashionable and comfortable if worn the right way.

I personally always find amazing vintage, leather-style pieces at a second-hand shop or somewhere like Goodwill. Sometimes, I wear them for a photoshoot once and then resell them/donate them right back.

Though, numerous brands nowadays are putting their stamp on their take on designing new leather pieces. A valuable tip of mine to anyone wanting a trendy leather piece would be to not spend a dollar over $200.

This goes for coats, jackets, blazers, leggings, pants, etc!


Stylish leather & faux leather options to include in your wardrobe!


Wrapping up, being that you’ve had your Hailey Bieber style fill for the next year or so, I am sure you have found at least one way to copy her style to transform it into your own.

I cannot WAIT to see your spin on Hailey Bieber’s styles and how you also save major ‘moola’ by implementing these savvy style tips within this article!


This post was all about, 9 Genius Ways to Achieve Hailey Bieber’s Style on a Budget!







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