How to Make a Delicious Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board For the Holidays


Do you like drinking hot cocoa on a cold winter day? Time to get ready for the holidays and make a yummy hot chocolate charcuterie board for friends and family! 

This blog post is all about how to make the most amazing hot chocolate charcuterie board during the holidays!

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There’s a certain kind of bliss in relaxing after a long day with a cup of something warm, sweet, and oh so, chocolatey in a mug around Christmas.

Chocolate lovers where are you at?

However, during the winter months and the holiday season, I always tend to make hot cocoa a little more regularly and certainly, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate whilst Christmas decorating around the house.

We love a good ‘ol Christmas tradition at Style Like Shelby!

Usually, I dance around the kitchen and the living room sipping on hot chocolate I conveniently warmed up in the microwave.

*Imagine a total sweatpants situation, fuzzy Christmas socks, hair in a high ponytail whilst the Kenny and Dolly Parton Christmas album bee-bops throughout the house.*

Since I take pride in amping it up a little bit more for the holiday season, this year I decided to make my first ever hot chocolate charcuterie board!!

My inner Martha Stewart really comes out during the holidays and I just couldn’t pass up this sweet idea once I saw it on Pinterest.

A hot chocolate charcuterie board is SO DANG CUTE and festive.

I saw so many trending pictures of hot cocoa charcuterie boards and DIY hot chocolate bars go viral on social media and thought, I could make one too.

If you’ve never heard of or made a charcuterie board, you may be asking, ‘what in the world is a charcuterie board anyways?’

Let me break it down for you:

What’s a Charcuterie Board Anyways?

A charcuterie board is usually a board or a platter made up of an assortment of meats, cheeses, crackers, and or mini appetizers.

Charcuterie boards are ideal for entertaining or showcasing little bites in a beautiful way for people to enjoy all year round.

Though, a charcuterie board DOES NOT HAVE to be limited to meats and cheeses.

Nowadays, people everywhere are becoming more creative and using a charcuterie board for desserts, main meals and even assembling elements to make unique drinks. 

Since charcuterie boards can be anything you want to showcase, I personally went towards something fun for the holiday season and easy enough for anyone to recreate at home.

The Best Charcuterie Boards I recommend & Use

Something unexpected happened when I started to create my first ever hot cocoa charcuterie board-and it was surprising, to say the least!

To start off, I used a gorgeous white marble charcuterie board to start adding hot cocoa and holiday treats.

I highly recommend a white marble charcuterie board for all occasions if you strive to be the hostess with the most-est.

My charcuterie board/marble platter has unique, scalloped edges.

I purchased this one below from TJ Maxx for around $30, which was a total steal!

*(I linked a similar Amazon marble charcuterie board further down!) 

TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Homegoods, and affordable lifestyle stores like these all carry incredible serving platters and charcuterie boards.

Here is a very similar white marble charcuterie board to mine but features golden handles (which is a major plus!) 


When I began assembling my hot chocolate charcuterie board this was the dilemma: I began running out of room for all the goodies on that very charcuterie board!

It’s amazing how quickly I was able to fill in space on the white marble charcuterie board.

Initially, I didn’t plan for this to happen. Whoops.

Still, I had more items and treats to add to the hot chocolate charcuterie board, so I improvised with what I could find nearby to expand the space.

This leads me to use my OG wooden cutting board I’ve had for years! (Thank you mom for purchasing this years ago and handing it down!)

This wooden charcuterie board I’ve had for years helped SO MUCH!

Mine is the John Boos and Co. Reversible Cutting Board (in maple).

Technically, this was a regular cutting board, but it’s huge and great for being multifunctional in the kitchen.

My cutting board ended up being the perfect solution for my hot cocoa charcuterie board to expand the space for more hot-cocoa goodies.

This John Boos cutting board can be used for prepping meals, cutting meats, vegetables, bread, etc.

It also doubles as the most amazing charcuterie board (once cleaned of course so no cross-contamination).

FYI, John Boos & Co Cutting boards are heavy and should be somewhere stationary on a countertop at all times rather than pulled in and out of cabinets.

Helpful tip-My cutting board is directly next to my stovetop so I can easily throw in whatever I’ve just prepped on the cutting board into the oven or in a pot on the stovetop.

Even though this cutting board is typically over $100 for the larger models, you get something that is made with quality.

John Boos & Co cutting boards are sturdy and long-lasting for your whole family to enjoy and even, pass down.

Next, I placed my white marble charcuterie board on top of the larger, rectangular wooden cutting board to spread out more treats, containers/bowls, and even some cute, Holiday décor.

I’ll talk about more charcuterie board décor like this later on! 

Placing my two charcuterie boards on top of each other creates a ‘stacked’ effect.

Luckily, it made my hot chocolate charcuterie board look like something right out of a page of Southern Living instead of wonky; which very well could have happened.

The stacked effect of the two boards (the marble charcuterie board is more off to the side) ended up looking cohesive as a whole, a delicious presentation. 

Creating a hot chocolate charcuterie board is an incredible idea for date nights, a fun activity for the kids to take part in, and an excellent way to impress guests for Christmas parties and holiday office parties.

If you live in an area where it snows and has snow days, this is as well a splendid idea for when it’s time to come inside the house and defrost.

Whether you, your friends, and or your family is playing in the snow, building snowmen, snowboarding, or even skiing; creating a hot chocolate charcuterie board is beyond appreciated when coming home to.

Better yet?

A hot cocoa charcuterie board is totally customizable!

There is NO wrong way to make a yummy, hot cocoa charcuterie board that everyone fonds over.

Most of the time, you can create an epic hot chocolate grazing board or charcuterie board depending on your creativity level and what you already have in your pantry.

Making a charcuterie board can be done under 10 minutes.

Add in a few holiday decor elements and you have a stunning hot chocolate charcuterie board that’s definitely worth showing off in an Instagram story or two to your friends.

Let’s move on to how to make a hot chocolate charcuterie board and how I designed to mine this Christmas season that you can recreate or personalize with some helpful pics and tips!

How to Make a Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

Wonder what staple items you’ll need for a hot cocoa charcuterie board? It’s in the name!

To start off, you’ll need a hot chocolate mix of some sort and a charcuterie board or platter as staple items.

Here are some of the best charcuterie boards on the market right now:


If you prefer to only shop on Amazon, linked here are some of the best charcuterie boards Amazon has to offer.

Another staple item for your hot chocolate charcuterie board is probably some sort of mug to put your hot chocolate in.

You can use the regular mugs or coffee cups already in your kitchen-just make sure there’s enough for 2-6 people.

OR you can add holiday-themed mugs for your own hot chocolate charcuterie board!

If you like the red mugs in my pictures, here are similar red mugs for hot chocolate in a set of 4.



Once you have your hot chocolate mix, charcuterie board, and mugs, it’s time to start decorating your hot cocoa charcuterie board.

I personally like to add different size marshmallows and whipped cream to top off my cup of hot chocolate as secondary, (staple items) for a hot chocolate charcuterie board.

What’s hot chocolate without fluffy, sweet whipped cream?! 

This year, I went the extra mile and embellished my charcuterie board with drizzled popcorn, sugar cookies, chocolate chips, pirouettes, star gingerbread cookies, and a few other mouth-watering treats.

It didn’t cost me too much time or money to make my hot chocolate charcuterie board with most items already being in my pantry.

Since one of the main ingredients for a hot cocoa charcuterie board is hot cocoa/hot chocolate I’d figure I’d give my personal recommendations for that too.

Ovaltine is one of the best hot chocolate mixes you can use year-round and especially for a hot chocolate charcuterie board if you’re more into health and wellness.

Luckily, kids and adults go crazy for Ovaltine. It’s a tad healthier than a regular hot chocolate mix.

This should be #1 choice for the hot chocolate mix as Ovaltine Chocolate Malt is filled with vitamins and minerals. However, you can use any hot chocolate mix you prefer.



If you don’t have a huge sweet tooth, you can make your own hot cocoa charcuterie board with more savory, salty or spicy elements.

So, if Ovaltine isn’t your vibe, try out something spicer!
This spicy Aztec hot chocolate mix has amazing reviews on Amazon if you’re not into the sweet kind of hot chocolate. 
Oh! I also added Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread too-because why not?!
Since I was going all out with chocolate here, might as well add one of my favorite things EVER (Nutella) to my hot chocolate charcuterie board.

For a decadent hot chocolate charcuterie board, you can add items like:

• Mini Marshmallows

• Large Marshmallows

• Peppermint Candy Canes

• White Chocolate Chips

• Sea Salt

• Coconut shreds

• Gingerbread Men 

• Christmas Sprinkles

• Nutella

• Toffee Bits

• Caramel Sauce

• Chocolate Sauce

• Cookies

• Wafer Cookies

• Cinnamon Sticks

Don’t let that list stop your creativity though!

A charcuterie board can be a mix and match of a certain kind of culinary theme or a totally cool mashup of your favorite treats and be more of a ‘holiday treat board’.

Tips for the Most Amazing Hot Cocoa Charcuterie Board:

1. The bigger the platter or charcuterie board-the better (usually). 

Aim for a charcuterie board or platter that’s bigger than a size of a regular placemat for a table. It does not matter what shape or material your charcuterie board is made out of.

I personally adore marble platters and natural, thick wooden charcuterie boards like the ones mentioned above.

You can even DIY your own wood charcuterie board with some simple materials from your nearest hardware store if you have the time. 

Unless this hot cocoa charcuterie board is just for two people, many times, guests (and especially kiddos!) LOVE an arrangement of different snacks to pick from.

Thus, the bigger the charcuterie board = the better for grazing!

2. Give your guests/loved ones lots of variety with a hot chocolate charcuterie board.

A good rule of thumb is to pick 3 main foods/treats to feature then add in extra ones to decorate and fill up space on the charcuterie board.

Again, there’s no wrong way to fill a hot chocolate charcuterie board!

If something looks (off) or is not as aesthetically pleasing on your charcuterie board, you can easily re-arrange treats to look more presentable.

3. Incorporate different textures + and colors for a hot chocolate board that is anything BUT boring!

Not only do hot chocolate charcuterie boards taste delicious, they sure look it! 

These boards are meant to be ‘ooh’d and ahh’d!’ 

If you like the little white dish I use to place my hot chocolate in (pictured above), here are some similar white porcelain dishes to put other elements of your hot chocolate charcuterie board in. 

As I started to fill my hot cocoa charcuterie board, I gravitated for sweeter options than savory ones.

Next, I baked some no-hassle Christmas tree sugar cookies. These were perfect for adding a pop of green to the hot chocolate charcuterie board.

Something that really stood out on my own board was the dainty, gingerbread star cookies I found at Aldi.

(Btw: I can’t believe how much Aldi has to offer these days!)Aldi has so many more name brands than years prior. Also, the Aldi grocery store is beyond affordable.

Pirouettes were a must for my hot chocolate charcuterie board.

Many hot cocoa charcuterie boards I saw on Pinterest featured some sort of wafer cookie or Pirouline pirouettes (these are the best for variety and the money). 

Adding mini chocolate chips and white chocolate chips for baking in little bowls and on my charcuterie board was something I did last minute and will do again next year. 

With these helpful tips, it’ll look like you spent hours on this delicious entertaining masterpiece which only took about 5-10 mins to design.

How to be ‘extra’ With Your Own Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board:

Learn from what I didn’t do this year with my hot chocolate charcuterie board.

Sprinkle in some magic with festive, red, and green sprinkles like these adorned on top of a beautifully topped of cup of hot cocoa with whipped cream.

Something else you can add to your hot chocolate charcuterie board or hot cocoa is, CHOCOLATE BOMBS!

Chocolate bombs come in all different flavors with even, some items inside the chocolate bomb itself!

Some chocolate bombs have caramel inside, mint, peppermint, dark chocolate, mini marshmallows, and or Belgian chocolate fudge.

Once you add a chocolate bomb to a steamy cup of hot cocoa, the circular chocolate bomb dissolves or slowly cracks open. Totally cool.

Cool Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board Décor

As you can see from my photos of the hot chocolate charcuterie board I made, I added some decorative pieces around my board(s) to make it look super cute.

Here are some of the best hot chocolate bar decor and hot chocolate charcuterie board theme décor all on a budget!
I spread the twinkle string lights in and out, around all the charcuterie board items. 
This made my board glimmering really brought it to the next level. 
Next, add a fun, ‘Hot Chocolate Bar’ sign or holiday decor around your charcuterie board.




Put some holiday tablecloths or holiday table runners under and around your hot chocolate charcuterie board.

I used a plaid one like this table runner below under my bug John Boos cutting board.

I also incorporated miniature trees around my charcuterie board (mine are in white) as well as pinecones and glitzy ornaments. 

Now that you know how to make your own hot chocolate charcuterie board, spread the Christmas cheer by making this wonderful treat for parties, family, and or friends. It will definitely be a hit!

Be sure to tag me or send pictures of your own hot chocolate charcuterie board!

Cannot wait to see the incredible designs and creativity you come up with.

Now you know how to make a hot chocolate charcuterie board during the holidays for your friends and family!


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