How to Fashionably Spruce Up An Outdoor Patio In An Economical Way


This blog post is all about how you can fashionably spruce up an outdoor space like a patio, deck or balcony in an economical way!

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Let’s dive right into sprucing up an outdoor space to be the talk of the neighborhood-in a good way 🙂

Here, we break down the peaches and cream of outdoor decor and patio sets that you’ll absolutely adore due to high quality and low price $. Undoubtedly, a front porch can make any house feel charming, quaint and vacation-like.

…If done the proper way with the the most suitable outdoor decor.

Nowadays, too many outdoor sets are over $1,000. Which is mind blowing for our savvy saving ways. Obviously, you get what you pay for in most circumstances.

Home decor and especially patio and porch sets, (and other related outdoor decor products) should stand the test of time. Well, at least a 5-10 year time span, outdoors.

If you’re going to throw some $ down on a patio piece, at least invest in an outdoor item that is durable, functional and sturdy. We can definitely beat that price by at least $100 to a couple hundred dollars cheaper for the same exact quality outdoor sets.

Pay for the product folks; not the brand when it comes to home decor pieces and furnishings, especially outdoor decor.

Keep reading to discover the most incredibly priced and chic outdoor patio sets and outdoor decor! 



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Whether you are in the market for an L shape, U Shape or individual seating outdoor patio sets; there’s something for everyone right now.

Usually, we own one to two patio sets in our lives and are SET!

However, with a budget of $1,000 and under (ideally around $200-$500) you can essentially have it all with your dream outdoor patio set.

….that you can also afford to change out season to season! Woot woot!

With options like the ones laid out here in this article, you do not have to deal with burdensome payment plans, nor feel guilty about purchasing a beautiful piece of furniture for your home. Prices skyrocket with outdoor sets as companies and brands know patio furniture needs to be durable for the outdoor weather conditions.

And typically, consumers are willing to pay more for their patio and outdoor living sets knowing this. Though, you do not HAVE TO overpay to spruce up or create  your dream outdoor space!

If you cherry pick and choose a whole new outdoor set, lighting, cushions etc. with the assistance of this blog posts recommendations; then you are well under the ballpark of even $500.

This is an insanely irresistible deal for a whole new outdoor patio area facelift. If you’re someone who lives in a condo or apartment and don’t have a ton of outdoor space; then you can look at doing all this around $250.






Needless to say, even if you purchase a whole patio set for four or more people, chances are you’ll need (or want!) another cute area around your outdoor space to have adequate seating.

Ever been to an outdoor party or summer event at a friends house and theres not ever enough seating?!

Extra outdoor seating is always welcomed.

Unless…your condo or apartment has balcony and can ONLY accommodate a two person outdoor seating arrangement, then this section has some perfect picks for you! 

There’s a large range of outdoor rockers and single person chairs online with fast shipping. 

Online e-commerce shops like Amazon, Wayfair, Overstock, Pottery Barn, Walmart and Target and a TON of unique and well-priced two person seating options.

Even if you just need ONE chair for a corner or accent piece then try a boho, wicker rattan chair like this Christopher Knight Egg Chair from Overstock.

Fun fact: kids and guests LOVE EGG RATTAN CHAIRS! 

They are interesting looking, funky and definitely instagram worthy.

You can purchase a set that fits your homes aesthetic inexpensively whilst adding some extra seating without buying more chairs in the same style set you already have.




Who are we kidding.

Outdoor lighting has to be one of the BEST aspects of transforming an outdoor living space to be brighter (hehe), trendier and interesting, design wise.

You do not have to be the next Martha Stewart or Magnolia Home design feen to upgrade a space with fabulous and expensive looking light fixtures.

Hands down, the easiest way to add some magic to a balcony per sé, is with soft, twinkly, outdoor string lights.

Not only are string bulb lights charming but they are also a alluring way to incorporate some non-blinding kind of lighting to your outdoor oasis.

These globe style, hanging lights set the ambience for parties, date night or inspiring some non-gimmicky holiday cheer décor outside if you don’t like the standard Christmas-style lighting. 



Photo Credit: Pinterest @decoration_ideas_


Another way, is with lanterns for outside. These aren’t some rinky, dinky lanterns that are mere accent pieces. Nope, not at all.

Outdoor style lanterns can be heavy, ornate and chunky looking without appearing gaudy. The whole point with a lantern type of lighting situation, is to add light to a space but also make your outdoor hanging space to be bold and design-forward.

Sometimes, you can snag a beautiful and eclectic outdoor lantern from a thrift shop or local antique store.  Lanterns can be quite expensive and heavy.

That being said, don’t spend over $100-$150 dollars on an outdoor lantern.

If you can purchase two to three lanterns in different heights and sizes, this is the best option to make your space even that much more Better Homes and Magazines looking. 

Which is a major-win for any home decor enthusiast!!

Nowadays, you can find lanterns for outdoor areas in boho styles, french-country designs and even contemporary and minimalistic style lanterns like these bronze lanterns from Pottery Barn.

Round, metal lanterns look absolutely quaint come nighttime.

The light that comes from metal lanterns peeks out through arabesque or flower design carved out of the metal.


Use lanterns as a decorative, accent piece or for dreamy lighting


Photo Credit: Style Like Shelby

Thus, making a dreamy effect with lighting around your patio space. Try delicately hanging from these lanterns from a branch on a tree around your home, place them on an outdoor shelf OR on a garden stool/table. Another major trend we are seeing in patio spaces is round, paper lanterns.


Photo Credit: Pinterest @decorranch


Paper lanterns with lights have been around FOREVER!

You can make your own DIY lanterns or buy new ones from Amazon, Hobby Lobby or Walmart. If you’re hosting a party-then lanterns look so festive hanging from an overhead roofing, trees or lined up along patio.

Just make sure if you choose the lantern route for your outdoor balcony or patio-get LED flickering flameless lights like these highly reviewed flameless lights on Amazon!

That way, you never have to worry about putting out a spontaneous ooopsy fire on your balcony or porch from candles. LOL. If you don’t want a huge lantern taking up precious outdoor space, then try adding some lighting to a tree or railing area. merman

If you’re willing to add a more of a permanent lighting fixture then check out some traditional and easy to install wall sconces!  If you like the LED lighting idea just wait for the next option!


If you have an outdoor area like a porch/deck with railings, try adding solar power lighting.

Solar power lighting means you do not have to plug in or add batteries to your lighting; the lights power comes from the sun! These solar power railing lights  will be a lasting option as they are waterproof and can be used in mutable areas around your home. 

All while elegantly lighting up a an outdoor driveway, pathway, stair steps, railing and or overall, outdoor balcony area.



An outdoor doesn’t initially come to mind when decorating an outdoor area. However, indoor/outdoor rugs can revamp any space to be more comfortable and or fashionable.

A helpful tip would be to find a woven rug or a rug braided in texture to sustain different weather and environmental factors when outdoors.

Even if your outdoor space is covered or semi covered with a roof, awning or overhead structure, make sure your outdoor patio rug is composed of durable materials for wherever you live.

Whichever shape rug you fancy, just remember to always purchase a rug that is a little bigger than you initially thought of purchasing. Sometimes our outdoor spaces compared to the rest of our homes rooms can seem smaller.

If you don’t properly measure your space and add a couple of inches to your patio rug, you can end up with a ‘cute’ rug that doesn’t fill the space and ultimately, won’t look right.

A good rule of thumb is to get a rug just slightly larger in ft (feet) or inches than you were set out to purchase initially. Obviously, always measure your space correctly with a tape measure, but just keep this helpful hint in the back of your mind.

In the outdoor rug world, colors like a cool, nautical gray-blue are trending, leaf and botanical print in green and as expected, anything neutral is coveted.

TRENDING RUGS! → if you can’t decide on just one rug, you can layers rugs of different sizes!

Rugs are an ideal outdoor item to purchase if you like to walk around and kick back without having to wear shoes, have kids that still play on the floor or have pups that like to hang outdoors with you.

That being said, finding the perfect stylish and cozy outdoor mat or rug is not only practical; it’s extremely functional. Try styling a larger rectangular or square rug with a smaller and different pattern/colored rug on top of it.



Photo Credit: Pinterest @decoranch

See how they’re are two rugs on top of one another in this photo?

A suggestion would be staying away from whites, creams or any light color rug in general when thinking about purchasing a rug for an outdoor area. Also, just make sure the rug you are eyeing-is an actual outdoor rug!

Sounds comical but many times, rugs can get mixed up in department stores or have general descriptions, online and not be suitable for outside.

Perhaps, it’s best to surpass an outdoor rug completely and just invest in an indoor AND outdoor rug in one! Be sure to read the tag and product description carefully that it can be a dual rug.

This black and white plaid, hand woven rug will have multi-use and be the best bargain for your buck as you can move it to your kitchen, dining room, nursery or play room when the rug is not being utilized or styled on a balcony or patio.

Another smart idea if you’re someone who likes to be handy and creative with house projects then try making a DIY outdoor mat! ↓


A mat for your front door can be the first thing your guest see before walking into your home. 

Having said that, opting for a mat can actually be more tolerant of stains, dirt and debris from shoes coming in and out of your home. So, if you have a big family or wanting to make your outdoor space not lead into the indoors with dirt, mud etc. try an outdoor mat.

You can change out an outdoor mat as much as you’d like and get inspired with some cute, welcome sayings and quirky, fun  slogans like this hilarious, “Go Away” worded mat on Amazon.

It’s one of the easiest ways to make a house feel more entertaining and like home. You can use stencils or custom fonts from the internet you print out, spray paint and create from scratch. Here’s an affordable and easy to customize outdoor mat to start with.

Making a DIY outdoor mat is something the whole family can be involved in! It’s fun and a unique way to have and arts and crafts day thats doesn’t cost a lot of money and will add to the beauty of your home.



You probably didn’t think of your outdoor wall spaces as valuable decor areas for a patio revamp right?

With that said, not many do as inevitable wind, snow, heat and rain come into play and can damage any outdoor decor; especially outdoor hanging wall decor.

Though, if you are able to hang outdoor wall decor in place correctly, you do not need to fret about them blowing away or becoming damaged. Mirrors, wall signs, wreaths, trellis’ and much more can make an unappealing outdoor wall of your house-drab to fab! 

Here’s some of our favorites at SLS to really open up a small balcony space to feel larger and more relaxing:

Functionality  Sometimes, adding an element to your outdoor space can be as simple a some functional outdoor hooks.

These contemporary, stainless steel adhesive hooks can be used for hanging a jacket outside, towels (great for near a pool/hot-tub!), dog leashes and some lightweight, gardening tools.


To make a true design statement with outside wall décor, then artificial boxwood ivy panels are SO popular at the right now!

You can use these boxwood panels indoors, outdoors, on fencing, walls and as a backdrop for parties and photography!

These natural looking hedge panels are typically the size of 20″ x 20″  and come with 6-12 pieces, standard.  Depending on how much wall space you’d like to dress in these botanical hedge panels, you can add or remove to your hearts desire.

Hedge panels and artificial ivy vine, privacy fence like décor, are easy to install, clean and are nontoxic which is an extra bonus to families with pets or children!

Another way to make your outdoor patio or balcony space to feel larger is by adding a wall mirror to any wall on the outside of your home. Not only does the mirror expand the space but if you choose a windowpane style mirror in particular, you are able to adapt the indoors with the outdoor décor seamlessly.



Photo Credit: Via


Adding a stylish outdoor mirror like this arched black metal wall mirror is going to open up yet, relax an outdoor patio space.

If you have a teeny, tiny balcony then a wall mirror will completely enhance your outdoor space for the better. Throw in a glam, overhead chandelier and you’re well on your way to having a Restoration Hardware inspired outside oasis.

Essentially, you can use any style mirror you prefer just make sure to bolt it in place securely.


Let’s admit it, no one likes a hard, uncomfortable seat for our bums when chilling outside.

A seat cushion rarely get’s chosen as a TOP priority when picking out an overall new patio set, hosting an outdoor event or when the weather changes season to season.

Outside seat cushions are meant to be used-multiple times throughout the year. Perhaps, even daily for some people who really utilize their patios or balconies.

A standard idea with seat cushion options is to check for a set of two to four with adjustable tie-ups that can be attached to an outdoor chair. Doesn’t matter the material or style of the chair, some seat cushions can be universal enough to fit just about any outdoor chair.

You can find cushions just like the ones stated above on Amazon, Target, Walmart, HomeGoods and even some hardware stores in the outdoor furniture department like at Home Depot or Lowes.

Just make sure whatever seat cushions or pillows you choose, you do not seriously overspend on them. 

Seat cushions should easily marry the elements of your new (or old) patio set, chairs and overall, outdoor tranquil vibe. This means, the vibe is definitely hurting if there’s hundreds of dollars spent on cushions. 

Yeah…not a good vibe at all when that money can be spent or saved for something better, otherwise.

Look into purchasing a couple of cushions for your perfect little outdoor space that are around $19.99-$65.00 per cushion. That is an excellent price range to make sure you are not purchasing a seat cushion with unnecessary, exaggerated mark up. 

If you have a rectangular table, a unique idea is to purchase two cushions in one design/color and the other cushions, something alternating in color and or design/pattern.

This will give the outdoor set an edge that doesn’t cost anything different if you were to purchase the exact same style seat cushions all around for one table.



Pillows are always a good idea to add a certain level of comfortability to an outdoor space.

Quickview → top rated online and cheap outdoor pillow inserts.

In fact, at SLS, we believe that changing out or purchasing new pillows are one of the quickest and cheapest of ways to instantly make a patio, front porch or balcony more inviting.

Many people run to their nearest HomeGoods or TJ Maxx for a variety of pillow sizes, shapes and styles, which we applaud!

As far as 2021 trends go: stripe pillows, palm leaf pillows and pillows with some sort of tassel accent are trending for indoor AND outdoor living areas.



Photo Credit: Via


Even, embellished pillows with beading, pom pom accents and decorative tassels seem to be popular with pillow selection nowadays. How darling right?

You can match your pillows to your new affordable outdoor rug OR switch it up with accentuating other colors or fabrics for a completely unique look your neighbors will surely be in awe of. Outdoor pillows don’t necessarily have to be plump or soft feeling, either. These pillows can merely be prop accents to the space if you want them to be.



Being outdoors, you’d expect to smell or gaze upon some lovely flowers, botanicals or plants nearby. However, not everyone can have real plants or has the time to plant and maintain a magnificent garden and or planters around their house. 

This is why faux planters and faux outdoor flowers are fabulous accent pieces for your outdoor space!




An example of this could be buying a simple vase and filling it with faux white roses or cheerful looking flowers like the ones pictured below for a feminine touch on a side table.


If you want to make an entrance with your front patio, buy some cheap yet, realistic looking circular style bushes or vibrant artificial flowers to put in massive planters!

(You can even put them in real dirt if you’d like) for an extra realistic touch.



Photo Credit: Via

If you want to feel like your on vacay on your porch or balcony, check out some faux palm leaves, a Tuscany style olive tree and or tropical artificial plants to really solidify the out of town, energy. These options will last and be the best option to invest in that you do not have to water daily or trim! 🙂



Now that you have probably honed in on what you want your outdoor seating, pillows, lighting and rug aesthetic to be-time for some additional outdoor decor to pull it all together!

Here is some of the BEST outdoor decor you didn’t know you’d want or need until now 🙂





We highly recommend a fabric or cotton rope hammock for reading a book, chilling outside and or fun little summertime snuggle sesh with you and your loved ones.

Hammocks are fairly easy to install as long as you can find two trees somewhat near each other to place the hammocks in between.

If not, you can always find a space saving and heavy duty hammock that has it’s own steel stand. Next is some artificial turf grass that can be mini ‘lawn’ brought to your patio or balcony. An excellent option for people wanting a whimsical or natural garden feeling.

Not to mention, artificial faux grass with draining holes is helpful for people for pets.

Third on the list is some handy dandy staple, outdoor storage containers. Now that you’ve refreshed your outdoor patio with some new pillows and cushions, you’ll definitely need a storage area to securely place everything.

Storage areas should blend in as to not be a sore thumb on your patio. You can place an outdoor storage container behind a patio set, near a sliding door or discretely under a seating area.

Technically, a storage container isn’t going to be a major design element on your patio or deck but it is indeed, helpful for cleaning up an outdoor living space.

Next up is the Novogratz Poolside Collection Connie Outdoor Umbrella. One of Style Like Shelby’s personal outdoor decor favs! This outdoor patio umbrella is cleverly stylish and ties in all elements of your outdoor decor.

Even if you don’t have a pool, this outdoor umbrella will make you feel as if you’re on vacation or cooling off with a luxurious estate vibe.

The fifth random and totally neighbor envying outdoor decor item you’ll love is some adorable, potted planter boxes! You can easily find potted planter boxes anywhere online like Amazon, Wayfair, Home Depot and

Bring out a pop of color with painting them a bold hue of blue, red or yellow OR simply keep your planter boxes classic with the color white or black.

Not only is this outdoor potted planter box decorative, it’s  a more attractive alternative than the standard plastic or clay planters. Last but not least, get yourself a, ‘make you wanna set a chilled glass of rosé’ outdoor garden stool.

Outdoor garden table stools are a marvelous accent piece that will marry all the inexpensive, new (or finely refurbished) outdoor decor you set in place.



Photo Credit: Via

These type of outdoor stools can be iron, metal and or ceramic glass. Outdoor garden stools are usually a bit heavier and are adorned near a patio set.

This article was all about how to fashionably spruce up an outdoor patio space in an economical way!







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