How to Steam Broccoli in The Microwave

Who knew that steaming broccoli in the microwave could be so easy AND delicious? This post is all about how to steam broccoli in the microwave!

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Making a delicious and healthy side dish doesn’t have to be difficult. With this microwave steamed broccoli recipe, you can have flavorful and crispy broccoli in mere minutes. It’s a perfect addition to a quick and easy weeknight meal. Plus, it’s a great way to get your daily greens!

This method is one of my favorite ways to make weeknight dinners because it’s quick, easy, and healthy. Steaming vegetables in the microwave is a great way to get a nutritious meal on the table with barely any effort.

There’s just something about fresh vegetables that make them more appetizing than frozen ones. Maybe it’s the bright colors or the fact that they’re still crisp and crunchy.

For whatever reason, I tend to prefer fresh veggies to frozen ones.

Though, when I’m in a pinch to get something on the table for dinner – I opt for frozen veggies.

So, if you’re looking to get your daily dose of vegetables in a snappy way, look no further than the good ‘ol microwave.

After a long work day, knowing broccoli can be simply made in the microwave is heavenly. Not to mention, adding vibrant and green broccoli as a side dish enhances any weeknight meal. This specific technique is also wonderful for preparing veggies for a hearty stir fry.



Have you ever tried to steam broccoli in the microwave or knew that it was even possible? Well, it certainly is! Steamed broccoli is healthy and delicious on its own or but even that much better when it’s tossed in some butter, garlic and lightly topped with salt and pepper.

Steaming broccoli in the microwave is just the thing when time is limited or you want to make the whole dinner-making process a tad bit easier.

If you’re someone that likes to meal prep before a busy week, steaming broccoli in the microwave is totally the way to go! Not to mention, you can steam an assortment of other healthful vegetable in the microwave.

Luckily, steaming broccoli in the microwave does not limit its nutrition nor the taste. In fact, broccoli is just as healthy when its steamed this way.



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  1. First things first, simply place chopped broccoli in a microwave-safe bowl or dish and add 3 tablespoons – to 1/3 cup of water. 
  2. Next, you can cover the broccoli with a plate or damp paper towels folded over the bowl of broccoli.
  3. Place the bowl of broccoli and microwave on high for 2 1/2 to 4 minutes, or until the broccoli is cooked. This method will ensure that your broccoli stays fresh and crisp without becoming over-steam and limpy. You’ll have perfectly steamed broccoli to eat for lunch or dinner!


Be aware as the steam from the broccoli can be quite hot! Carefully remove the plate or paper towels that cover the bowl of broccoli from the microwave when they are done steaming.

As soon as this is done, place the broccoli in a serving dish, and walla! Perfectly steamed broccoli.

Once you’re done making this recipe, save some for later in helpful food storage containers. These food containers will keep your broccoli tasting fresh for days.



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This post was all about how to make broccoli in the microwave.



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