How to Style Mom Jeans Without Breaking the Bank in 9 Easy Ways


Being that jeans never go out of style; boyfriend jeans, mom jeans, and anything high waisted-jeans are being incorporated and styled by women across the globe.

Read here, the easiest and breeziest of ways to style these staple wardrobe jeans in a budget-friendly way.

 This post is all about how to style mom jeans without breaking the bank.

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Whether you have a ‘caviar on a shoestring’  or ‘keep the caviar coming, darling’ kind of budget; we cater to and assist both parties in the style department here at SLS 🙂

This time, we’re taking on the task of styling mom jeans and we cannot be happier to break down only the EASIEST of ways to affordably style casual-cool mom jeans.

One of the many things we adore about mom jeans outfits is 1. you DON’T have to be a mom to rock ’em (duh!) and 2. there’s a multitude of stores that carry fabulous quality mom jeans for an eye-catching price.

Zara, Target, H&M, Macy’s, American Eagle, Walmart, and TJ Maxx all carry a style or two of mom jeans for under $100.

Since jeans can stand the test of time, try to keep a conservative budget of $30-$100 for any style of jeans; especially mom jeans.

Here at SLS, we’re almost positive you don’t need to spend a penny over the $100 threshold to obtain a great pair of jeans, point-blank.

Once, you find a pair of mom jeans that fit just right and the price tag (looks just right) too, it’s time to style those bad boys. Now, if you don’t know anything about how to style jeans-totally normal! Jeans can be tricky to mix and match pieces to if they are the standard jean denim color: blue.

Luckily, mom jeans nowadays come in white, cream, gray, black, and more! This makes styling mom jeans a walk in the park!

(With some humble help of course) 🙂

Let’s kick off with how to nail a mom jeans outfit aesthetic in 9 easy ways without breaking any pink piggy bank.


High Waisted Mom Jeans Aesthetic

1.  90’s style Moms Jeans Outfit


Yes, the ’90s may be long gone, but 90s mom’s jeans are here to stay for eternity!

(I’m pretty sure at least!)

90’s style anything and everything has come back with a punch in the past two years. Top models and celebrities seem to effortlessly throw together 90’s style ensembles with vintage pieces just as famous designers are making new jean styles look as if they are vintage.


90’s style light wash high waisted mom jeans



Photo Credit: @shelbyannkatherine

Mom jeans are right up there in the mix for that. You don’t have to look far to see someone like Bella Hadid or your favorite Tiktok star donning a cute pair of 90’s style mom jeans.

What makes a 90’s style mom jeans look though? Well basically, if it looks like it could have been on an episode of Friends worn by Rachel, Phoebe, or Monica: it’s totally 90’s mom jean worthy!


2. Mom Jeans from American Eagle


Now I know what you must be thinking. American Eagle is so throwback to those cringy middle school days.

However, you’d be pleasantly surprised to know that the good ‘ol AE has really stepped it up by staying up to date with current fashion trends and making their brands’ jeans even more comfortable.

American Eagle has a huge and I mean, HUGE selection of jean colors, jean styles and jean fits to choose from! My favorite is the new selections for American Eagle Outfitters Mom Jeans!

The dark toned mom jeans are also a crowd favorite at American Eagle as you can utilize dark mom jeans during the fall and winter months!



They are seriously some of the best I’ve seen with an economic price tag for adults-and teens to choose from.

At SLS, we adore it when we find a brand that one can afford and wear from their preteens into adulthood.


3.  Mom Jeans shorts 


Depending on where you live; the summer months can be brutal with the heat.

This makes selecting an outfit more difficult, especially one that includes a heavier material like denim to wear.

However, did you know there’s also a style of mom jeans that are shorts?!


Mom shorts are a trending new favorite for the spring and summer months to pair with a bathing suit at the beach, cute flips flops, low-cut sneakers, and crop tops!

Also, if you lean on the more conservative side and are not the type to rock daisy dukes-then mom jean shorts are PERFECT for you!

A mom’s jean short is a tad bit longer than the average pair of jeans shorts.

Making them more universal to wear if you don’t like showing too much skin or just don’t care for a short-short type of look.

What’s trending → Try out this mom jean short outfit with a pair of comfortable slides for a fresh, summer look!

Our blonde detective at SLS has been noting quite a few insta-gals strutting this flip-flop slides style. 

And it’s so EASY to replicate!


 4. Mom jeans with a bodysuit

A bodysuit is a great way to wear those particular high-waisted mom jeans. Being that you’re going to pull off a high-waist ensemble, you want to be able to tuck in or seamlessly blend your top selection with the high-waisted mom jeans.

A stretchy, universal bodysuit does just that!

Also, since a bodysuit is more likely to be a bit more body-hugging, the contrast looser fit mom jeans with look amazing with a more sleek and tight top/bodysuit.

Pair with a dainty, neutral color belt and walla!

You know have staple mom jeans and bodysuit outfit to throw on during the week for errands, school or even going out.


Dressy Mom Jeans Outfits

5. Lightwash moms jeans



Lightwash mom jeans should be a go-to choice in your closet for dressing up with.

Even if you are going to a more fancy-schmancy event, you wouldn’t believe how you can dress up a regular pair or light-wash mom jeans.

 Mom Jeans from Fashion nova with a vintage blazer, Gap stripe tee, Shop Red Dress quilted crossbody bag + cream Gucci loafer mule lookalikes.


Photo Credit: @shelbyannkatherine

For example, you can wear light wash jeans with a decadent but affordable pair of designer inspired heels!

This is one way to really stand out but look as if you just casually threw your outfit together. Totally Carrie Bradshaw is fashionably tearin’ up the city-style aesthetic.

Another tip to make an otherwise casual outfit more glam is to add some elegant and sparkling statement earrings into the mix.

This way, you don’t have to commit to a full piece of clothing to add a fanciful effect. Accessories like gold, geometric or modern style statement earrings are a wonderful way to dress up a mom jeans outfit.



6. Mom Jeans with heels and heeled boots

Since heels seem to be the topic in accordance with a dressy mom jeans outfit here are a few more ideas for your next night out.

A personal favorite at SLS is a classic pair of white heeled pointed-toe pumps to wear with mom jeans. Especially mom jeans that are cropped or folded at the bottom!

Below, you can see how mom jeans (and or boyfriend jeans) look surprisingly chic when paired with certain shoes and accessories.


Dress up mom jeans for a winter outfit with heels and a knit beanie


Photo credit: Style Like Shelby 

I paired my baggy, ripped denim jeans with nude pointed heels, a warm knit cream sweater, and topped off with a fluffy winter beanie.

Just like that you can take a pair of plain mom jeans to a beautifully curated and uniquely styled outfit!

If it’s starting to get a little colder out then booties should also be on your radar for a mom jeans outfit!

Shein heeled booties are a fall and winter must-have for mom jeans outfits as well.


7. Mom Jeans with blouses

A silky or sheen-style lightweight blouse will always pair well with mom jeans. This woman’s top below is fabulous for summer, mom jeans outfit look.

Try a casual half tucked-in look or a tied-up button-down blouse trend with your fav pair of mom jeans.

Here is a trending, button denim shirt option from Lulus that’s sure to last in your wardrobe and dress up a look for a day event or evening out!

You can even tie this denim shirt up in a cute knot style for more of a cropped style.


Moms Jeans Outfits for Teens

If you’re a mom, big sister, or teen reading this; it’s totally understandable how one can feel pressure to look or dress a certain way.

SLS strongly believes in dressing your age in the most fashionable and utmost appropriate way with staying unique to your personal style.

Since, we encourage our younger readers to develophealthy spending and shopping habits (check out the fabulous, ‘Boss Babe Budget Planner!’– let’s take a peek at what’s trending right now to wear with mom jeans for catering to TEENS!


8. Outfits with mom jeans + Converse sneakers


Now, Converse sneakers are making a comeback from the Avril Lavigne, ‘Sk8ter Boy’ kinda days in a big way.

Millennials, moms, students, 9-5’ers, teachers and your best friend all own or have owned a pair of Converse style sneakers.

More so, this Converse and mom jeans trend is a very appropriate and adorable outfit choice for those younger fashionistas out there in middle or high school.

Colors that seem to always to popular are red, black and white Converse women’s sneakers.

Particularly, the high-top Converse sneakers look sooo chill when worn with a slouchy pair of mom jeans. Throw on a pair of sleek aviator sunglasses or classic round metal frame sunglasses and you have the ultimate, casual, girl next door look.

Fun Style Tip → Converse when worn with mom jeans looks exceptional for a fun, 4th of July events like a parade or local family + friends bbq!

Crewneck sweaters pair well with a Converse or a general sneaker vibe.

Oversized crewnecks are most definitely in right now for our pre-teen and aspiring teen-style queens.

Just check out this cute (and totally instagram-worthy) Abercrombie boyfriend crewneck sweatshirt to wear on the 4th or with any style mom jeans outfit!

This particular Abercrombie crewneck also comes in multiple colors with various fonts/graphics.

If you want to add a little sophistication to this look then try incorporating one of the blouses mentioned above!


9. Outfits with mom jeans + Nike Air Force Ones


Just like Converse with mom jeans, Air Force 1’s are ‘the thing’ to be seen nowadays!

(Especially if you’re a pre-teen/teenager!)

Though, anyone can add Air Force 1’s to their wardrobe for an edgy, sporty change up.


Mom jeans paired with more affordable Nike Air Force One Dupes from Walmart


Photo Credit: Style Like Shelby

Youth everywhere are utilizing Air Force One’s or Air Force 1’s cheaper style dupe sneakers in essentially every outfit they wear.

Air Force 1’s are a tad bit on the pricey side so if you don’t already have them-try to find a similar pair of flat bottom white sneakers.


However, Air Force 1’s look AMAZING with mom jeans!

A personal favorite at SLS is to cuff the bottom of a pair of mom jeans and throw your sneakers on to complete the look.

Accessorize Moms Jeans → If you want to finish off your new Air Force 1’s mom jeans outfit aesthetic, then try adding a trending bucket hat!

Bucket hats are ‘grammable, adorable, and super practical for people of all ages!

Just check out this bucket hat from Amazon with over 3,000 ratings!

What a cute accessory to wear with your new mom jeans!

Wearing any kind of sneaker though-is an extremely practical choice to make mom jeans more universal and easier to do things throughout the day.

If you want another super stylish pair of white essential white sneakers similar to Air Force 1’s is a pair of platform sneakers like Superga’s!




If you’re on the smaller side and would like to add a little bit of height to your shoes then check out the Superga 2790 platform sneakers which seem to be popular right now!


This post was all about how to style mom jeans without breaking the bank!








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