7 Iconic Kim Kardashian Streetstyle Trends You’ll Love For WAY Less

Unless you have lived under a pop-culture rock, Kim Kardashian has made media headlines for the past decade, almost daily.

Mainly, her fashion and personal style has catapulted her notoriety through the stratosphere!

If you need a stress free wardrobe makeover and want to replicate a Kim K streetstyle outfit in a way more economically, reasonably priced way; then continue reading!

This is hands down, one fabulous and in-depth article about everything Kim Kardashian streetstyle fashion for less!

In this blog post you’ll discover 7 Iconic Kim Kardashian Streetstyle Trends you’ll love for way, WAY Less!

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Want to know what it would feel like to dress just like Kim Kardashian for a day but couldn’t even afford a hanger in her wardrobe?

LOL, I feel ya.

BUT! There’s some hope 🙂

I have personally taken on the task of achieving KKW’s exact, iconic and fashion forward style served on a way more practical and savvy budget. 

Fun fact: Kim Kardashian and myself are almost the same size. 

After finding that little tidbit of celebrity trivia out, my confidence was boosted and I truly found solace in styling clothes from then on.

Having a naturally petite but curvy figure always made for a difficult trip to the mall.

Lucking out with comfortable jeans, tops and dresses that fit just right without having to alter them was almost impossible.

Yes, hate to break it to you but Kim Kardashian and I are both around 5’3.


So, once I learned Kim Kardashian was about my height and weight, I started to try to recreate her looks for less like nobody’s business!

Basically, I made it my personal mission.

If you’re anything like me-I used to fly blindly at major department stores scouring the women’s department of trendy styles I had only noticed on other females, being too demure to actually purchase them.

This was also around the time I was transitioning from my teen years to my 20’s and could pull off more womanly clothing without feeling awkward about it.

Let’s admit it, Kim Kardashian is definitely known as taking more risks and showing a teensy bit more than the average gal with her personal wardrobe.

However, as much as one may think Kim K bears-it-all; she also wears-it-all.

I would study a multitude of pictures leanings more towards conservative or classy styles of Kim Kardashian on Pinterest.

I’d save them to a Pinterest board and then pull inspo from the pictures when shopping.

Even though I was younger and more self conscious if I could pull off a certain look; there were things within my own style realm which were non-negoitable at that point.

Thus, I had multiple goals in the back of my mind while recreating famous looks as seen on Kim Kardashian:

  1. The outfit had to be trendy 
  2. A certain ‘fit’ of a style was just as crucial as the style itself (I didn’t want to hem or alter a thing!)
  3. I aimed to keep my whole outfit under or around the ballpark of $100. 

Ok, now real talk time!

In 2021, it’s imperative to pinch pennies where we can but still look as if we have a Kim Kardashian size budget or on-call glam squad at our fingertips.

Well, you might ask, what’s so unique or interesting about her style in particular?

Unless you don’t watch tv, don’t have social media or talk about current culture with people, you most likely have heard the name Kim Kardashian in the past 10 years.

Kim Kardashian has transformed into an iconic style butterfly over the years, propelling numerous trends, styles and designers onto the fashion world map!

To be honest, I can’t think of any other reality television celebrity who has evolved so artisitcly, strategically and as high fashion forward as KKW has.

Yes, she’s had some major misses in the style department at times like most of us.

For the most part though, when she started to brand herself as a fashion icon rather than just a reality tv star…she MADE WAVES.

By doing so, Kim Kardashian impacted how millions of women dressed and continue to dress to this day. 

Specifically, her streetwear style game is off the charts. 

Bargain Sneakpeak → Kim Kardashian’s iconic oversized sunglasses trend for less!

No reason why she chose to shoot the whole Yeezy Season 6 in a casual, streetstyle, paparazzi-taken photoshoot that made headlines seemingly everywhere.


The paps were already there..so why not have a free photoshoot that will be in the media, naturally!

Kim Kardashian’s Paparazzi-Shot Yeezy Campaign 


Not only did these paparazzi shots wind up on magazine covers and social media feeds; they promoted Yeezy Season 6 collection to the selling out point.

From strutting around in Calabases to having a candidly posh, Paris fashion week moment; her style is quite literally groundbreaking.

However, not many of us can afford to strut our stuff in a $4,000 Balmain blazer…

*Wipes a tear with a dollar bill*

We all know, those Balmain blazers are oh-so irresistibly chic and classy.

Balmain Blazer Dupe → Kim Kardashian’s Balmain blazer for less than $60!


(prices subject to change on Amazon)

Though, in all honesty little grasshopper, life shouldn’t revolve around wearing the best of the best 24/7 with a price tag comparable to a small loan.

Take note when I say, you’ll be WAY MORE fulfilled rocking similar, uncanny outfits or even certain pieces for as low as a 1/10 of the price!

When you save-you win. 


Think about all the other items or things you could save for when you decide to make the conscious effort to find the best deals others usually just browse right by.

Well, if you’re reading this blog post then you’re already halfway there sister!

Replicating even a wardrobe as glamorous and upscale as Kim Kardashian’s CAN BE DONE on a Target gals budget.

Ready to transform your wardrobe with some KKW inspired pieces, save $$ and watch those 0’s grow in your bank account?! 🙂

Continue reading, 7 Iconic Kim Kardashian Streetstyle Trends You’ll Love for WAY Less!


1. Kim Kardashian’s Athleisure Looks




If you want a quick trip to the mall or nearest Target store looking for something to wear out, look no further then!

SNEAKPEAK Kim Kardashian’s similar gold layer necklaces for under $20!

Kim Kardashian’s casual-cool, athleisure looks are sure to be comfortable, stress-free and ‘in’ no matter where you rock ’em.

Skies the limit with this trend! 

(Quite literally as I always end up replicating this look when I go to the airport).

Anyone else want to be uncomfortable walking through an airport or sitting on a long flight in cute but impractical clothing?

Oooo! No no no, girl.

You can alter this particular Kim Kardashian style to be your own with the way you style your hair/makeup, accessorize and dress up or down.

Try adding some heels, sneakers, beanies…you name it, and I bet you it’ll work with this trend!

MUST HAVE → Kim Kardashian’s designer inspired sneakers for less!

There is A LOT of wiggle room with this athleisure look-for-less.

I replicated a KKW inspired jogger outfit with white booties, aviators sunglasses + quilted purse



I recreated this Kim Kardashian inspired look to be uniquely my own with a pair of white heeled booties, creme color quilted handbag from Red Dress Boutique and mirrored aviator sunglasses from Amazon!

Similar to the last featured KKW athleisure look above with her all-heather-gray jogger outfit!

Ever heard of a capsule wardrobe? 

Well, having a pair of joggers like these and a hoodie or two can make picking out an outfit super speedy.

Also, most of these simple wardrobe essentials are fairly inexpensive.

BEST JOGGERS → Check out these crazy-affordable gray jogger options!

Simple and minimalistic Kim Kardashian streetstyle outfit 


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

All of these items are easy to obtain and priced quite well!

Don’t believe me?

Just take a LOOK AT THOSE PRICES! Oooh Honey!

Now that’s some cha-ching saved and in my pocket for a rainy day 

Also, set your eyes on those, staple pair of 90 Degree black leggings linked above! 

Overall best, inexpensive leggings to own.

If you need any more convincing that this laidback look can be worn anywhere, maybe a friend of mine and fellow style influencer will inspire you!


(Photo Credit: @Jordynah_ Instagram)

kim-kardashian-streetstyle-for-lessPhoto Credit: Pinterest

Isn’t her style KKW athleisure, streetstyle goals? ?

My gal pal, @jordynah_ totally nailed this casual, ‘hanging after sunday brunch’ style, jogger pant look!

STYLE TIP One of my personal favorite Kim Kardashian athleisure trends to copy is by far-biker shorts

These athletic-style women’s biker shorts have over 44,000 REVIEWS!

With such raving reviews, no wonder they are the best selling biker shorts on Amazon!

Another great feature of biker shorts is that they can be worn essentially anytime of the year.

Not only are they convenient to purchase at multiple stores, biker shorts are STRETCHY!

You can workout in these Kim Kardashian style biker shorts, lounge around the house OR inhale a whole burrito without having to unbutton your pants.

*nom nom*

What’s more to love?!

Ok, ok…

Back to gushing over Kim Kardashian’s biker shorts style and @jordynah_ styled outfits!

Style a pair of biker shorts like Kim Kardashian


(Photo credit: @Jordynah_ Instagram)

If you go peek in your closet right now, I can ASSURE you have at least 2 of these items if not ALL already!


2. Start of Kimye + Kim Kardashian’s Style Evolution


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

Easily, the Kim Kardashian streetstyle phase to appreciate the most is by far, the beginning of ‘Kimye’ and Kanye West styling Kim Kardashian.

Shelby’s Pick: Kim Kardashian’s Posh Engagement Party White Dress from Amazon



This dress is absolutely a 10/10!

It’s stretchy, comes in various colors AND sizes.

I have this exact white dress AND in two other colors because it’s so highly rated on Amazon.

This classy Amazon dress fits like a glove and you’ll be sure to receive compliments left and right whilst wearing it!

Top off your KKW engagement party look with a timeless and elegant pearl necklace ↓

If you like those classic, metallic-silver pointed heels in the last pic then you’ll LOVE this pair for less! Kanye West, being the totally artist he is, saw his soon to be bride as a muse for his creations. Though, they both complemented each other in this aspect and together, changed the fashion world thereafter, forever.

If you can remember back to around 2013, that’s when Kim Kardashian’s style really started to shift.

In a totally new, fresh and interesting way we were all here for! I personally remember starting to eye her style and watch it transform subtly on KUWTK Season 9.

One of the classiest Kim Kardashian streetstyle outfits to date!


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

Anyone remember the episode of KUWTK where Kanye goes through Kim’s closet and starts to get rid of stuff she liked to wear??


Years 2013-2017 brought some of the most ICONIC Kim Kardashian looks to date.

Numerous innovative trends were born in this Kanye West fashion-influenced phase and continue to play out to this day.

Kim Kardashian’s streetstyle looks in this timeframe were SO EASY to replicate on a budget!


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

Budget-friendly stores like a Forever21 or H&M carried TONS of pieces that could recreate a Kim Kardashian outfit without batting an eye at the price tag.

Once Kim started transitioning with her style, it was clear to see that Khloe and Kourtney started to follow suit. 

Then, BAM!

California became a wave of girls wearing clear strappy heels, baggy joggers, camo green anything and and sleek hairstyles.

Hmm..wonder where on earth they pulled inspiration from? ?

STYLE TIP → Clear heels should be a year-round staple heel for any trendy fashionista!

Kim’s casual, LA streetstyle fashion then founds it’s way into the high-fashion world surrounding the events of her and Ye’s dreamy, European wedding extravaganza. 

Uncanny look-for-less Kim Kardashian streetstyle outfit



Soon to be Kim Kardashian-West, sported hues of pure white, off-white and creams during this particular Parisian trip. I mean..no time like to wear the color white surrounding your wedding day right?!

Another reason why this should be a staple look is because this Kim Kardashian inspired streetstyle outfit can be worn to more than ONE occasion! These heels will become your favorite pair of statement heels to dress up any outfit! Especially for special occasions! How luxurious looking right?! Still can’t stop drooling over those showstopping, gold heels.

And the price. Or, lack of.


Whether you are jotting off to a quick lunch, a meeting with the team or a casual night on the town…this sleek, bodysuit and light wash skinny jeans can mesh into ANY any event of yours.

Designer and runway looks for less!


This is one of my FAVORITE Kim Kardashian streetstyle moments ever!

Get Kim Kardashian’s Nail Color → Kim Kardashian’s PERFECT neutral, Bridal shower and wedding day nail color!

Kim Kardashian wore a beaded Balmain runway dress for a girls night out celebrating her wedding weekend in Europe.

One element we can all admire about Kim Kardashian is that she’s seriously DEDICATED to high fashion and giving justice to groundbreaking looks.

Here are similar looking dresses for a special event or bridal shower! 


Designers and magazines who had once overlooked Kim K were now begging her to wear their collections, custom designing pieces and inviting her to the front row at every high profile fashion show.

A trendy Kim Kardashian style-evolution outfit post baby


YOU’LL LOVE → Kim Kardashian’s Bottega Veneta Gold Clutch Dupe below! 



AFFORDABLE DUPE  If you want a glamorous gold clutch under $25 then this clutch is for you! 

Once Kim Kardashian gave birth to North, her style shifted in the right direction even more so.

From how she started toning down her makeup to more natural, glowy looks, her hair shorter and lighter with elegant, loose or hollywood waves and an overall, more feminine Kim Kardashian emerged.

She started to dress more classy and find pieces that worked exceedingly well for her bombshell body shape and furthermore, for her post-baby North, figure.

Take a look at the outfit below to see what I mean! ↓

Kim Kardashian streetstyle example with a sophisticated, everyday gray dress


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)


Affordable Kim Kardashian inspired wraparound dresses:

→  Stylish Surplice Wrap Bodycon Knit Midi Dress in gray

→ Women’s Sweater Dress Sexy V-Neck Long Batwing Sleeves Backless Wrap Cocktail Bodycon Dress with Belt

This Kim Kardashian streetstyle outfit is adequate for work, a special event or a comfortable dinner date!

If you’re in a post-baby body phase where everything you wear seems to fit awkwardly, then this look is sure to inspire and uplift any new mama!


 3. Kim Kardashian at the White House Outfit



If you didn’t know Kim Kardashian spoke at the White House in 2020…well, now you do. ??

You’re welcome.

Kim Kardashian is also hunkered down at times studying in a law school program, focusing on criminal justice reform.

It still amazes me all the facets Kim Kardashian has and continues to reveal to us.

From a Selfie Book to being invited to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: this renaissance woman can do anything she sets her mind to.

QUICKVIEWMost professional, presidential style pointed toe heels for work or a special event!

Kim Kardashian seemingly can hangout in any crowd, start any business and wear what could look like a potato sack and still look like a million bucks.

Now, whatever your feeling towards KKW is, one has to admit that speaking at the big house, next to the president is quite an accomplishment.

How many people can say they’ve done that?!

When Kim Kardashian West spoke at the White House in March 2020, her style was not only classy, regal and yet, simplistic; it was telling to how the future KKW was going to dress.

And run things around here!

Kim’s dark teal blazer is the PERFECT size as it’s not too body hugging, baggy or oversized.

This is a great photo to refer to when looking for a universal blazer fit for any outfit!

Hérmes Bag Dupe Similar and stunning mini Hérmes bag option for under $20!

Now, this may sound a bit corny BUT….if you really want to embody a total, head-to-toe Kim Kardashian iconic look for less, then try out her hairstyle too!

Obviously, Kim Kardashian changes it up with her hair quite frequently to suit whatever mood she’s in or vibe of the outfit she’s wearing.

Yep..thats right.  Certain hairstyles may not look right with particular outfits so why not switch it up?

Having an on-call glam squad and an endless hair extension budget is any hair lovers dream! Let’s admit it though, it’s not always realistic with being on a budget or doing 24/7. 

If you don’t want to cut your hair or invest in the pricey length of extensions, then just try a realistic looking WIG!

Yes, A WIG!


If you’re just wanting to have fun, experiment with a look or go with the theme of an outfit for a day/night out, what’s the big deal? For me, I tend to become bored of a certain hair length or color after a while and totally LOVE trying wigs out for fun!

Now, I wouldn’t recommend wearing one out and about UNLESS that wig is drop-down, realistic looking.

Realistic looking Kim Kardashian wig hairstyles!

(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

Even if it’s just a wig for a costume, try searching for a realistic wig color and texture that suits your face shape and vibe your going for.

This will ensure that your Kim Kardashian streetstyle rendezvous is even that much MORE uncanny looking and not gaudy utilizing a wig.

‘Gaudy’ is no bueno.

So please be careful if and when you decide to take a leap of faith and test a wig out for a certain look!

I was able to find a wig that looked SO similar to KKW’s hair to complete this iconic trend to the T.

STYLE TIP → Realistic long bob wig options to complete Kim Kardashians speaking at the White House ensemble!

Just like the photo depicts, Kim Kardashian’s hair is in a sleek, 90’s style long bob that is ever so slightly curled under. 

More Kim Kardashian Blazer Outfits


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)


4. Kim Kardashian’s Signature Long Coats

(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

kim-kardashian-streetstyle-for-less(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

Waterfall coats, faux fur coats, structured coats, lightweight dusters…Kim has worn them all.

Usually, a long and well-made winter coat usually comes with a pretty price tag to match the quality and work put into it.

However, this is where I’d say you can splurge a little more.

(Even within staying on a budget)

You’ll receive an item that lasts for decades and NEVER goes out of style.

Thus, you’ll be able to wear a quality winter coat over and over again and not feel remorseful about spending a tad extra on it.

SNEAKPEAK → Looking for a classy, long coat to warm up with? Here’s a KKW inspired long coat that can be universally styled with ANY outfit!

Want to know a one of the BEST affordable hacks for creating a *faux fur wintery coat look?

lt’ll give you that exact Kim Kardashian long coat vibe for as low as $15.

This style tip is a TOTAL changer for any winter wardrobe!

Amazon *faux fur collars to attach to coats!


This will SERIOUSLY up your winter coat game and make a regular, long coat into something unique, glamorous and a teensy bit more KKW approved!

How easy was that to do right?!

Black, tan and winter-white faux fur collared options will spruce up a drab, long winter coat!

How similar is that faux fur wrap to the one in this photo?!


You don’t need to search high and low or spend more than $100 to get an expensive, faux fur coat-look down pat.

If you’re someone who would rather have a year-round casual kind of coat…then find some, waterfall coats! They are are lightweight, versatile and practically sold everywhere. Waterfall coats pair outstandingly well with dresses, skirts, leggings and any outfit with shorts.

As you can see below, Kim Kardashian sure does rock her waterfall coats often.

Especially whenever she’s in California! I mean, no wonder right?

A waterfall coat is the coat to wear in California weather. Waterfall coats are definitely considered a staple item to have in your closet for spring and even cooler summer nights.

Here is an example of Kim Kardashian’s waterfall coat style 


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

If you like lighter hues and spring-inspired pops of colors, then you’ll love a baby pink waterfall coat! For the warmer months, I suggest finding an affordable, camel color or tan color longer coat.

Kim Kardashian wears a lot of longer coats in solid, neutral colors to have on hand at all times for numerous outings. Keep in mind, this longer style coat can be a somewhat oversized as well.

Try going up a size or two if you’d like a more runway, celebrity-style inspo fit for your coat! This coat below is SO similar to a longer winter coat by designer, Cole Haan. 

7-iconic-kim-kardashian-streetstyle-trends-for-less(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

You can probably find an appropriate priced neutral or camel color long coat at Nordstroms Rack, Marshalls/TJ Maxx and or Target without breaking the bank.

If you want to REALLY pinch some pennies, try visiting a second-hand store like a Goodwill, Savers or Salvation Army. 

You can easily detect a well-made, vintage, designer coat for less than $10 at a second hand rose type store.

Read that again! It’s so true!

I’ve personally found barely-worn to brand new long coats after searching and skimming through the racks at my local Goodwill. I’ll even go as far to say, I am quite proud of my little, savvy eye for style at these type of stores as I ALWAYS find something one of a kind looking.

You should give yourself a pat on the back if you decide to go this route!

If you have a passion for fashion: there’s no limits on one’s creativity and willingness to try out new things. I always like to think shopping should be an exciting adventure of sorts!

Or at least it’s like a little therapy session just to be able to get out of the house for a bit and causally roaming the mall. Most of the time I just end up drinking a latte and walking aimlessly around Target…but same theory right?

Shopping or purchasing clothes online should not result in a headache or worrying if you can afford a certain piece. Moving on a bit, since teddy coats are sooo ‘in’…I’ll just leave this here 🙂

The WARMEST Kim Kardashian style coat option!


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

Take look at this plush, ‘teddy bear’ style coat just like Kim Kardashian’s teddy coat pictured above! 

Love me some teddy coats for winter! I swear, sometimes the cozy fashion during the winter months is what gets me through to Spring! 


5. Kim Kardashian’s Monochrome Outfits FTW!

7-iconic-kim-kardashian-streetstyle-trends-for-less(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

kim-kardashian-streetstyle-for-less(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

kim-kardashian-monchrome-streetstyle-outfits(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

kim-kardasian-streetstyle-outfits-for-less(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)


(Photo Credits: Via Pinterest)

Kim Kardashian is the QUEEN of monochrome streetstyle outfits.

Amazon Trend → Kim Kardashian’s feminine corset inspired top for less!

Just type ‘monochrome outfits’ on Google or Pinterest and Kim Kardashian is sure to pop up as one of the first images donning this look.

Now, ‘monochromatic’ may be a trendy term right now people are aesthetically obsessed with..BUT this style trend has been around forever.

Even if you’re someone who loves a more vibrant, bright or neon color; a monochrome outfit can be ANY color!A lot of people assume monochrome limits one to solely neutral tones.

Not the case at all! Here’s a wardrobe must-have, especially for monochromatic outfits.

A Kim Kardashian Streetstyle MUST HAVE: bodysuits 


A ‘monochrome’ streetstyle outfit doesn’t necessarily have to be tan, cream, off white, white, gray or black. Try amping up the monochromatic trend; even if you’re newer to learning about style anf the ins-and-outs of fashion.

Remember Kim Kardashian’s signature blazer outfit at the White House as discussed above Yep..that whole dark teal woman’s blazer and pants set is monochrome.

Meaning, one color.

Now, I personally follow a monochrome scheme with most of my outfits or when pulling inspiration from a KKW look to test out.

Although, this does not limit a color-scheme to copying and pasting the same color handbag, shoes or accessories as the rest of the outfit.

That can look redundant after a while. If the outfit itself is monochromatic, try adding a subtle layer that is easy on the eyes color-wise!

Don’t stress, it’s actually super easy to enhance an outfits overall look and duality with these subtle, layers of color.

Most times, it will be done unknowingly while getting ready!

For example, you can accentuate with nude heels, a white handbag or thick brown belt with monochromatic outfits.

Those are just some off the top of my head that I know are a sure bet to look ravishing with ANY monochrome outfit of your choosing. However, skies the limit with your own accessories and way of constructing an outfit. Add a layer of texture + color to a monochrome outfit with a belt!



As long as you can fully commit to (whatever main monochromatic color you choose) it’ll look gorgeous. By going the extra mile and doing this, the outfit is way more unique to you and doesn’t fall flat or comes off as too plain with just one-singular color from head to toe. Test some accessories out in various colors, textures and prints to shake things up bit!


6. Kim Kardashian’s Sets + Bodycon Dresses


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

kim-kardashian-streetstyle-for-less(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

Kim Kardashian’s yellow bodycon dress for less!


Have a date night coming up or fun night out with the girls?

Then, this Kim Kardashians streetstyle trend is definitely going to turn heads and receive compliments from men AND women! Receiving compliments from another female is such a great feeling isn’t it?!

Like, ‘Yes girl, you own it in that dress!’

Ever look at Kim Kardashian’s outfits and wonder, ‘How in the world does she look so fit or slim in that?’

Or…‘That style surely wouldn’t look as good on me!’

Not everyone has a teeny tiny waistline or wants to wear something that body-hugging during the day or when out to eat. Been there. Done that.

Ordered the cheeseburger and had a food baby while trying to suck it in at dinner and felt miserable the whole time! Uggggh.

Here’s a life changing wardrobe hack for this awkward wardrobe situation!

Try out some Spanx!


Spanx shapewear has helped millions of women feel more at ease and positive in their outfits.

The brand Spanx, has also had my back at times, when I wasn’t confident if a piece was going to look picture-perfect or the way it did on the model/mannequin.

If you’ve been the type to brush Spanx shapewear off as an ‘old-lady brand’ or just for woman who need the extra layer to hold it in; you’re quite mistaken.

I have even worn Spanx and I am a size 2!

There is nooo shame in owning a pair of Spanx these days. Kim Kardashian has been extremely loyal to Spanx and essentially wears Spanx shapewear weekly with her styles as seen above ↑

Spanx is utilized for so much more than just helping a sister suck it in. I’m telling you, especially with bodycon dresses or pieces like the ones shown above on Kim.

These body-hugging dresses are so thin in material, you see literally see every curve or layer of panties underneath.

Spanx is here to the rescue and smooth everything seamlessly!

Trust me with this one. You’ll adore Spanx and all the options they have in colors, sizes and styles now! There’s something for everyone, every outfit and style.

Kim Kardashian even incorporated her handy-dandy Spanx with her pregnancy wardrobe. Yaaasss, mama, maternity fashion made easy! That just goes to show how many situations this fabulous, little outfit-hack can assist with.


7. KKW’s Neon Streetstyle Moments

kim-kardashian-streetstyle-for-less(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)


(Photo Credit: Via Pinterest)

kim-kardashian-streetstyle-for-less(Photo Credits: Via Pinterest)

ACCESSORIZE → Kim Kardashian’s rhinestone studded fries purse

How fun is a blinged-out, junk food inspired purse?! Neon is an excellent choice making a statement on vacay or during the hot summer months.

Here are some more neon pieces sure to be fun, bold and bright!


This post was all about Kim Kardashian streetstyle trends tp recreate for less!






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