3 Outfits from Walmart You’ll Want to Wear This Summer

If you like penny pinching fashion and everyday outfit hauls inspiration then this post about outfits from Walmart is certainly for you!

Ok TJMaxx, Marshalls and Target lovers – listen up. I was in major need for some new women’s lounge shorts to wear while working and running errands…and I want to let you in on my newest obsession!

I lucked out finding some of the CUTEST and comfiest new outfits from Walmart of all places.

Apparently, ‘Walmarting’ is a thing.

Not to mention, I snagged some trendy designer looking handbags, a pair of Walmart sneakers and some other affordable accessories to add to my wardrobe.

Little did I know that Walmart is not just a go-to destination for groceries and home goods anymore – it’s also a an excellent place to find affordable fashion, shoes and accessories.

The Walmart women’s clothing section offers a variety of trendy and classic options, making it easy to find an outfit for any occasion. But wait there’s more!

The prices of outfits from Walmart are hard to beat. If you love shopping at stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and or Target, then Walmart has to be on your list as a staple place to shop next for some new outfits.

Outfits from Walmart Style Essentials:

  • Walmart Sneakers

  • Walmart Joggers

  • Walmart Casual Dresses

  • Walmart Womens Leggings

  • Walmart Workout Clothes

  • Walmart Sun Hats

  • Walmart Handbags

Walmart is often not the first place that comes to mind when you think of trendy fashion.

I decided to create some everyday outfit inspo with a few of the hand picked fashionable items that piqued my interests during my Walmart run the other day.

Not sold quite yet sold on Walmart though?

Reasons why you should buy your outfits from Walmart:


Hypothetically, say you bought 4-6 items from somewhere popular like Zara (Zara is a Style Like Shelby favorite too!) you could most likely buy 10-20 clothing items from Walmart with the same shopping budget as with Zara.

I don’t know about you – but I’d definitely go with purchasing outfits from Walmart first as I can buy more clothes, save money and wear practical clothing that will get more everyday use!

Also, Walmart is being recognized more frequently lately on social media platforms with influencers, bloggers and everyday women posting affordable ‘Walmart finds’ and ‘Walmart hauls’.

For example, women are raving about Walmart’s Time and Tru brand as it offers deals that are usually under $30 as well as the classic Walmart brand No Boundaries.

And if you’re looking for something more eye catching, Walmart’s Free Assembly brand is a crowd favorite for designer dupes. So, next time you’re in need of a new outfit, don’t discount Walmart as a potential source of stylish women’s clothing.

Another perk of shopping for fresh new outfits from Walmart is that you can pick up your weekly groceries or munch on a Subway sandwich while shopping. LOL!

I’ve totally been that person shopping in Walmart with a bag of Doritos open and pushing the cart aimlessly around.

If you love cheap home decor finds like I do, you’ll have to check out Walmart’s home decor section stocked with the best seasonal decor. No kidding, Walmart halloween decor, Christmas decor and summer outdoor section is epic!

Whether you shop for some new wardrobe pieces from Walmart before or after browsing Walmart’s home section, this will help as you won’t have to run to multiple stores on your errands day for affordable lifestyle essentials.

3 Outfits from Walmart I Created:


1. Walmart Joggers Outfit

This is now my comfortable outfit to wear basically 24/7. This Walmart sneakers and joggers outfit is laidback yet spunky for running errands or spending time at home.

For the bottoms, start with a pair of Walmart women’s joggers, lounge shorts or any kind of loose fitting pant of your choosing. I chose to go for heather gray joggers as these color womens joggers from Walmart are super versatile.

Next, add a crisp white tee, lightweight tank top or a trendy graphic tee from the Walmart women’s department.

This is the time to add that slogan tee, rocker band tee or favorite v cut top to tuck half in and half out of your Walmart joggers.

This Walmart casual clothes look wouldn’t be complete without a cool denim jacket, pair of affordable slide sandals or the most comfortable Walmart sneakers.

Finish this ultra comfy but effortless outfit with some popular gold jewelry, a colorful leather backback and or a spacious tote bag that won’t strain you arm to wear if you choose to go out.

If you’re feeling a bit more trendy, swap the gray joggers for a pair of plush white lounge pants! These are sure to look chic whilst being low key.


2. Walmart Casual Dresses for Lunch With Friends Outfit

We love a coffee date and lunch whilst catching up with our besties at Style Like Shelby!

Try this casual and stylish outfit from Walmart the next time you get lunch with girlfriends, go on a day date or have a whirlwind day being superwoman before going out in the evening.

This Walmart outfit is a livable summer style to rock when you are going to the pool or beach and are in need of something to wear over your swimsuit and then where thereafter.

Not to mention, Walmart makes it easy to dress up looks from day to night without having to change up your whole outfit vibe or color palette.

To start, I chose two looks for this outfit curation as moms, boss ladies and or that 20-something running errands needs that a staple second day outfit (just in case). We like to have options and be prepared for the unknown right?

Choose a lovely Walmart cotton dress that’s either maxi length or right above the knees. Then you’ll want to pair your Walmart casual dress with a set of gold earrings, soft scarf, white sneakers like Avia sneakers at Walmart and or durable tote bag.

BTW – isn’t that such a cute Goyard tote bag dupe?

If you choose to go for the white pants look and not wear a dress the whole day, I added in a romantic summer top and pair of classic white jeans that’ll go with anything else you choose to wear wether it be sandals, heels or a jean jacket when the temps drop.

To finish the look, add some cheap trendy sandals as well as a designer style watch and dainty earrings. Walla!

You now have a transitional and casual Walmart dress look for the whole day and a backup option just in case your ruling the day and accidentally spill that mid-day coffee break cold brew!



3. Outfits from Walmart Date Night Look

Whether you’re going on a first date or celebrating your anniversary, this Walmart outfit is perfect for a night out! The best part? You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look absolutely fabulous.

This particular date night outfit from Walmart looks like it could be from any high-end retailer like Nordstroms or Revolve. However, this style is put together with pieces entirely from Walmart.

To recreate this look, start with a casual summer dress like the one you’d wear for lunch or coffee with friends. If you want to go a little fancier this is the time to do so! Pick out a dress from Walmart that suits the vibe of the night, location and occasion. Personally, I chose a versatile dress in a neutral but fresh color.

Once you picked out a style of dress, pick out some other items as back up in case the weather changes or the venue switches up.

A good rule of thumb is to always have a traditional white blouse or white womens shirts on hand to pair with jeans, skirts and or leggings for a night out.

Add in some fun summer pieces like a strong skirt, pastel colored heels and or designer inspired glam jewelry.

I personally loved finding a gold Rolex women watch dupe at Walmart so I had to share it in this look as the price is outstanding for the quality.

No matter what you choose to add or leave out, make sure your date night outfit from Walmart feels like YOU. After all, confidence is the best accessory one can wear.

No matter what products you choose to wear and style from Walmart, be sure to pick outfits from Walmart you’ll wear over and over again.

There’s no shame in saving extra money and going to a one stop shop Like Walmart to purchase essential wardrobe pieces and clothes next time your in need for a retail therapy refresh!




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