Boss Babe Budget Planner


Time to save extra moola.

Let’s admit it, it sure does feel good when we can save or afford to splurge a little extra at times!

But how do you stay up to date with daily, weekly and monthly expenses that can seem all over place?!

If you’re a visual learner or need to SEE how & what you’re spending on then THIS digital planner is for you!

Here, I’ve designed a totally helpful and unique budget planner to narrow down your expenses and track your spending habits.

From Starbucks runs to random late-night online shopping; this Boss Babe Budget Planner keeps tabs on EVERYTHING you’ll need to grow your wealth and develop healthy spending habits!



<img decoding=” /> Unique and one of a kind categories for major expenses, smaller expenses, bills, cc’s, food, shopping and charity/donations

<img decoding=” /> Print out and keep track weekly or monthly

<img decoding=” /> Dedicated to develop a posh on a penny mindset that will lead to more financial confidence 

<img decoding=” /> Includes an easy-to-use shopping list!

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