Sherwin Williams Alabaster White: My Honest Review and Why You’ll Love This Creamy White Paint Color Too!


This blog post is all about Sherwin Williams Alabaster white paint and my complete review guide to this popular warm white paint color.

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Sherwin Williams Alabaster white SW 7008 is a beautiful and velvety smooth, creamy white.

It’s just shy of being considered an off-white paint color, but just light enough to make the cut for the perfect creamy white to use throughout your home.

If you need a paint re-fresh that is warm without being suffocating and cool without being too icy, then this warmer white paint is the perfect color to suit your needs.


Sherwin Williams Alabaster White quick stats:

  • Hex Value: #EDEAE0
  • R: 237 G: 234 B: 224
  • Alabaster SW 7003 has an LRV of 82.

(I’ll explain what these numbers and all this represents later on!)

Sherwin Williams Alabaster White 2022 – is this popular paint color here to stay or fade?  

It’s not hard to see why Sherwin Williams Alabaster white is a paint color favorite amongst homeowners, interior decorators and painters everywhere it seems.

For the past several years Alabaster white has won numerous paint category awards as being the BEST creamy white paint color. (It was even 2016’s paint color of the year!)

Though, will it stand the test of time as different home trends and color palettes  change annually?

Style Like Shelby’s answer is YES! SW Alabaster white will continue to be trending as one of the most coveted paint colors in 2022.

Why? Here’s why:

Alabaster’s, soft warm white offers a great balance for any application, and Sherwin Williams makes it easy to find the ideal match for whatever material or area inside or outside your home you decide to paint.

2022 adores warmth. This means that golds, brass and more traditional paint colors and classic home decor styles are trending.


sherwin-williams-alabaster-white-2022-paint-colors Source – Home Bunch
Whether you need to paint kitchen cabinets in your home – DIY style or repaint your walls, Sherwin Williams Alabaster paint color looks excellent in all livable spaces.

Maybe, even if you’re daring, try painting your walls AND trim with Sherwin Williams Alabaster white creamy paint color. (Painting trim work the same color as walls is exceedingly popular right now!)

A warm monochromatic look will give your room a calm and inviting feel that will make anyone who sets foot through the door want to stay forever.

What color is Alabaster? – Alabaster white undertones

You may be wondering what color is Alabaster? Here’s the long depth answer for those finicky about picking the perfect paint color:

Alabaster SW 7008 stands apart from most other white paints as this paint has a distinctive yellow undertone; however, the cooler contrasting undertones help offset the yellow color and add some cooler dynamics.

The yellow undertone in Alabaster creates an amazing duality of color balance, hue and tone for such a bright and warm white paint that’s not overtly warm looking.

(This is so once painted, Alabaster does not dry and turn out too beige, cream or yellow)

sherwin-williams-alabaster-white-paint-kitchen-cabinets Source – @homebunch
For those who have painted a wall expecting a certain color and then noticed the color changing and quickly regretted it-Alabaster will be your saving grace and a safe warm white option.

If anything, Alabaster’s yellow undertones are what makes this paint color truly unique in natural and artificial lighting.

Furthermore, this is also a wonderful color to paint a drab office room or cold looking corporate office room as the undertones and pigments of Alabaster will liven-up any monotonous workspace that has artificial or fluorescent lighting.

What paint colors are similar to Sherwin Williams Alabaster? 

Truth be told, there is no exact paint color match to any two paint colors. Especially when deciding between two completely different paint brands.

There will be slight nuances in two uncanny looking paint colors that seem identical in a color swatch but will look different once painted and dried.

If you love Sherwin Williams Alabaster but need to pick up paint at somewhere like Home Depot or Menards (which do not carry the paint brand Sherwin Williams) here are some other paint colors VERY similar to SW Alabaster.

swiss-coffee-studio-mcgee-kitchen-v-alabaster-white-paint (Similar creamy white) Swiss Coffee Kitchen Cabinets – Studio McGee

Other paint brand colors similar to SW Alabaster:

  1. Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee (pictured above)
  2. Benjamin Moore Cloud White
  3. Benjamin Moore Shoreline
  4. Benjamin Moore Seapearl
  5. Behr Silver Drop
  6. Benjamin Moore Silver Satin

Sherwin Williams Alabaster vs. Benjamin Moore’s White Dove  

Many have a hard time choosing between these two ultra-popular paint colors – Alabaster and White Dove.

Though, there are some minor paint subtleties with these two popular home paint colors that’ll make it easier to choose a which paint color to ultimately pick.




If you’ve been around the block (or searched for paint colors on Google or Pinterest) a few times, you’re probably familiar with another paint brand and color Benjamin Moore’s White Dove which is VERY close to Alabaster.

White Dove is another popular choice amongst homeowners and painters for a warmer white, but Sherwin Williams Alabaster takes the cake for versatility.

Alabaster’s slight edge on White Dove is in part thanks to those lovely cool undertones which balance out the yellow color within Alabaster.

White Dove Bedroom Wall Paint – Maison De Cinq
So, in the battle of Sherwin Williams Alabaster vs. Benjamin Moore’s Dove White, Alabaster is our winner at Style Like Shelby, though it is a close call for many.

Both white paint colors are spectacular and will look lovely in different lighting. The turning point between these two dueling paint colors really comes down to what (walls, cabinets, furniture, etc.) you’re painting and where (indoors or outdoors) as it’s a personal preference.

Other Sherwin Williams paint colors similar to Alabaster white:

  1. Sherwin Williams High Reflective White
  2. Sherwin Williams Pure White
  3. Sherwin Williams Marshmallow 
  4. Sherwin Williams Snowbound
  5. Sherwin Williams Drift of Mist
  6. Sherwin Williams Pearly White
  7. Sherwin Williams Greek Villa
  8. Sherwin Williams Creamy

Alabaster’s LRV rating

At a glance: R: 237 G: 234 B: 224

If you’re new to paint lingo, LRV means Light Reference Value. LRV measures the amount of light a paint color reflects. Pretty cool right?

For reference, pure white paint colors have an LRV of 100, while Sherwin Williams Alabaster has an LRV of 82. Of course, pure whites have a higher LRV; however, Alabaster’s LRV rating is what gives it that beautiful warm, soft white in contrast to bright white paint colors.

With an LRV of 82, Alabaster has the capability of reflecting a lot of light – even being considered a warmer white paint.

Alabaster White in Lighting 

No doubt, Alabaster paint is magical in different lighting.

Though, before you go and slab a coat of Alabaster on your walls, make sure to always do some paint samples. Try painting a piece of cardboard from an Amazon box or old shoe box to hold up against the walls or area you desire to be painted.

This rule of thumb goes for testing indoor and outdoor paint.

sherwin-williams-alabaster-white-exterior-paint Source @mrs_hart_home
Lighting can completely set the stage when it comes to painting a surface and choosing between paint colors.

Once, I painted a very popular light pink paint color I saw trending on the walls of my closet room and ended up disliking color because it looked like a bottle of Pepto Bismol once the paint dried.

Took me FOREVER and numerous coats of white paint to cover it.

Word to the wise – pay attention to the lighting of a room as paint looks different once dried and in different lighting times of the day.

Sherwin-Williams-alabaster-white-wall-paint Source @mydivinehome
Familiarize yourself with how your room’s lighting changes the color dynamics of the entire room and the paint color (in this case the paint color is Alabaster).

Take a picture of the room or walls you’re going to paint at different times of the day and at numerous angles.

Capture and compare the light in the morning, afternoon, dinnertime, and then nighttime. This will ensure the lighting of your home won’t change the effect of Alabaster paint too dramatically.

Obviously, the lighting WILL change how paint appears ever so slightly depending on the room or surface painted. Though, the goal is to still love the paint color you choose!

Tips for painting Alabaster for the first time 

Painting North-facing rooms

Because of the way the sun hits North-facing rooms, colors appear cooler with blue-ish undertones. As a result, lighter colors like Sherwin Williams Alabaster will appear more muted and brighter, and bolder colors will look better here.

Painting South-facing rooms

South-facing rooms generally have steady, bright sunlight throughout the day; as a result, both warm and cool-toned paints have an equal chance to shine in these areas of your home (or office).

The intensity of the sunlight amplifies how colors stand out; darker colors appear brighter, and lighter shades have a beautiful natural glow.

South-facing rooms are where Sherwin Williams Alabaster gets its time in the limelight. Painting this warm color on south-facing walls will give this paint a different sheen without looking yellow.

Painting East-facing rooms

Just as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, east-facing rooms have the brightest lighting hours during the morning and then settle to have deeper and cooler tones during the evening.

For this reason, Sherwin Williams Alabaster will make great impressions in east-facing rooms, providing warmth and comfort as the temperature cools.

Painting West-facing rooms

Early evenings are when west-facing rooms have the best lighting. However, painting west-facing rooms with warm tones may be too intense depending on the look you want.

As the sun sets, the yellow and orange hues of the sunlight will only exemplify the yellow undertones of warm paint colors. Alabaster works incredibly well in west-facing rooms if you primarily use it in the mornings; however, if you are in there during the evenings, this is when Alabaster looks warmest.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster White SW 7008 for exteriors 

Sherwin Williams Alabaster is an excellent option if you’re looking for a warm white for the exterior paint color of your home. As we’ve already covered, Alabaster has an LRV of 82, making it a prime choice for sunny and shaded exteriors.

sherwin-williams-alabaster-white-brick-house Source – @tuftandtrim
With an LRV of 82 and the yellow undertones, Alabaster is the perfect white paint for houses that endure a lot of natural light; this paint color will pop and look gorgeous against clean landscaping or brick.

Alabaster will catch the light on the exterior of your home beautifully without making your home seem dark when the lighting starts to change in the early mornings or dusk.

This paint color will give your home exterior a glowing effect that’ll shine!

Btw – we ADORE the aesthetic of white-painted brick homes here at Style Like Shelby. Painting brick Alabaster looks absolutely marvelous. We encourage you to lean towards Sherwin Williams Alabaster if you have a brown brick home that needs a face light with an exterior paint job.

Source – @downtownacres

Inspiration applications for Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Now you know that Alabaster is a splendid color that can be painted practically anywhere, but maybe you’re a bit stuck on what you’ll paint with your favorite new paint.

No worries, I’ve been there before. That’s why I’ve included a little segment for paint application inspiration and what you’ll have to have on hand to start painting away!

Check out my favorite painting products I’ve used time and time again for dozens of painting projects – that you’ll need too.

Best Amazon paint brushes and DIY painting tools




What You’ll Need to Paint Furniture Alabaster



Painting Shiplap Alabaster white

Shiplap continues to claim the hearts of many interior design lovers, and Sherwin Williams Alabaster white is the quintessential color to paint shiplap. The minor yellow undertones in Alabaster will make your shiplap wall stand out against any other wall color.

sherwin williams alabaster white shiplap and trim Source – The Harper House
If you want a more classic look, try painting your shiplap a pure white and then use Sherwin Williams Alabaster as an accent color on the trim or doors. This juxtaposition in lighter paint colors on one wall will look calming and charming.

Painting Doors and trimming Alabaster 

Sherwin Williams Alabaster is a beautiful color for doors and trim. The yellow undertones will make the details of your home stand out without being too overbearing against another color the paint on your walls or the color/material of your flooring.

sherwin williams alabaster white doors and trim paint

Source – Home Bunch

DIY Painting Kitchen Cabinets Alabaster

Sherwin Williams Alabaster also looks gorgeous painted on cabinetry; try painting your kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets with this warm white paint for a bright and cozy feel.

However, DIY painting kitchen cabinets total Joanna Gaines style can look fun and easy but can be a HUGE mess if you do not follow the proper steps.

Also, when repainting kitchen cabinets, be sure to take into consideration the style of your cabinets, the cabinet material, how much prepping and sanding the cabinets you’ll need to do, what paint finish the cabinets require and how many coats of paint it will take to fully cover.

We take kitchen cabinets very seriously as they are expensive to paint professionally or install new.

If you totally go this painting route as a DIY master, look up YouTube videos of homeowners with similar style kitchen cabinets and consult with your nearest paint store or local painter for more help in this area.

sherwin-williams-white-kitchen-cabinets Source – @sweet_southern_homestead

Alabaster Wainscoting 

Wainscoting is a timeless way to add character to any room, and Sherwin Williams Alabaster will help make this feature stand out in a major way. The yellow undertones, in contrast with the cool hues, will make the details of your wainscoting ever so slight stand out as the light hits it.


Source – Kylie M. Interiors

Final thoughts on Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008

This just about wraps up my full review of SW Alabaster paint! Sherwin Williams Alabaster is a versatile paint color that you can use in various ways throughout the rooms of your home, apartment, or office space.

Here, you found out some of the best ways to use Sherwin Williams’s Alabaster paint, tips when painting Alabaster, similar colors to Alabaster, and much more.


There are endless possibilities for this warm white paint that will continue to trend amongst homeowners and millennial women wanting to create a beautiful home on a budget.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a can of Sherwin Williams Alabaster white and get creative painting some furniture or rooms! Be sure to leave a comment below or tag us in your painting endeavor. 🙂

This blog post was my complete and honest review of Alabaster white paint color and why you’ll want to use this paint color, too.






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