30 Super Cute Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas You’ll Want to Wear This Thanksgiving

Find inspiration here for 30 of the cutest Thanksgiving outfits that are trendy and affordable! Which Thanksgiving look will you be wearing this Thanksgiving Day? Let us know in the comments!

Thanksgiving outfit ideas for Thanksgiving 2022!

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Fall is here and Thanksgiving is coming up! This means it’s time to start embracing those cozy and stylish autumn outfits. When the weather gets cooler we get a great chance to embrace layering, big coats, and boots! 

Fall is one of the best fashion seasons and Thanksgiving is the perfect day to show off your fall style. If you need some fall outfit inspiration or just want to see fall 2022 trends, look no further! Style Like Shelby has researched the cutest Thanksgiving outfit ideas to make sure you celebrate while looking incredible!

Read on to find out this year’s fall trends and pull some Thanksgiving outfit inspiration!


1. Classic Trench Coats For Thanksgiving


Style Like Shelby @shelbyannkatherine

Obviously, a luxurious trench coat like the iconic, Burberry Trench Coat is totally-wardrobe goals. Trench coats have made a comeback this year as they are sophisticated and warm for Thanksgiving weather. Though, not everyone can afford a designer-priced Burberry classic trench coat. Here is an uncanny but more affordable Burberry trench coat dupe from Amazon.  

If you want the Burberry Trench looks under $50 to wear to Thanksgiving, then you’ll want this women’s trench coat that comes in the classic neutral beige as well as black, red, and pink to match most of the other colors in your fall wardrobe!

2. Sage Green Outfits For Fall


Courtesy of @Katiechandleer

Shades of green are everywhere at the moment, but the best shade for Thanksgiving is by far, sage green. This neutral sage green shade is a perfect way to add a subtle differentiation of fall colors to your wardrobe this Thanksgiving.  that will go with most neutral wardrobe pieces. Sage green outfits are going to trending in 2022 with fall designer fashion. A personal favorite is a cute, sage green dress to pair with chunky knit cardigans and other sage green accessories.

If you’d like something with sleeves as it gets cooler out on Thanksgiving, then you’ll adore this transitional R.Vivamos Amazon brand sage green dress with sleeves.

3. Chunky Cardigan Knits


Courtesy of @sophieelkus

Wrapping up in warm attire during the colder months of fall can be quite stylish with cozy cardigan outfits! Rock the fuzzy knitwear trend and opt for a chunky knitted cardigan this year from Amazon, Kohls, Nordstroms, Abercrombie, or J Crew. A chunky knit cardigan that is trending is this women’s v neckline button down knitwear lantern sleeve cardigan in the color cream. Transition a cardigan sweater outfit for Thanksgiving with a chic dress, plaid skirt, or pair of comfortable stretchy pants for post Thanksgiving dinner relaxation!

4. Oversized Collared Shirts


Style Like Shelby @shelbyannkatherine

With vintage trends returning in time for Thanksgiving, you can embrace large collars, ornate buttons, belts and lace fabrics seamlessly into your Thanksgiving day outfit. Play with details and proportion with these dramatic lace collar blouses. Pair a feminine top like this with dainty pearls earrings, a cute hair bow and some darker color wash jeans for an adorable Thanksgiving family outfit ideas you can wear with your littles. I like H&M collared shirts, Shein collared blouses as well as Nordstroms Rack shirts for women as I find these to be all affordable Thanksgiving outfit staples.

5. Sweater Vest Outfit Ideas


Courtesy of @oliviaculpo

Sweater vests have been popular for a while now and they make a perfect Thanksgiving outfit option. Play it cool like Oliva Culpo’s style for fall with a detailed loose cable knit sweater vest and layering with a turtleneck or women’s collared shirt underneath. You can even use an oversized mens Oxford shirt for a casual oversize sweater vest Zara aesthetic look. Perfect for Thanksgiving.

If you do not want to buy a new sweater vest, try cutting the arms off an old cardigan or oversized sweater from Goodwill for a DIY sweater outfit idea!

6. Knitted Dresses for Thanksgiving


Courtesy of @shelbyannkatherine

Knitwear is making its way into the limelight of 2022 fall fashion trends. Be confident wearing this fall trend with an off-the-shoulder knit dress or knit turtleneck sweater dress like this popular knit sweater dress on Amazon for your Thanksgiving ensemble! I wanted to add contrast for my Thanksgiving outfit, so I added a pair of camel color heel boots like in the picture to my cream-knit sweater dress! This pulled it all together for a classy yet, effortless Thanksgiving outfit.

7. Cream Color Palettes for Thanksgiving


Courtesy of @rachparcell

Neutrals have been a big trend so far this year, but you can take this trend further and wear all light colors with shades of ivory, creams, and white from head to toe. This is a chic option for a Thanksgiving outfit idea with tall white boots and or white booties like these popular, women’s white western bootsBtw-those are the BEST quality cheap women’s western boots I’ve searched high and low for! Throw in a white or cream wide brim fedora and you now have a show-stopping Thanksgiving outfit that will turn heads.

8. Blue Denim Outfit For Fall


Courtesy of @fusunlindner

Some women wonder if they can pull off chambray or blue denim for the holidays, but Levi’s blue denim jeans and blue denim jumpsuits for women in the fall will forever be stylish per, Style Like Shelby’s opinion! Pair your true blue jeans with a cute blouse, structured Zara blazer, and or chunky knit sweater for an adorable Thanksgiving outfit idea. 

Also, wearing blue denim is another optimal option for Thanksgiving family photos and or a themed Thanksgiving family outfit idea to try this year.

9. Cambray Denim Shirt


Courtesy of @styleograph

If you need some unique evening wear inspiration for Thanksgiving dinner, try a women’s denim chambray shirt with a long faux leather skirt, dress pants or dark wash denim bottoms with glam Amina Mauddi style rhinestone embellished pumps. If you adore clear designer cinderella heels, here are the Amina Mauddi dupes from Amazon (they also comes in different vibrant colors!).

Top off this cute Thanksgiving outfit with some glitzy statement earrings or a faux diamond tennis necklace and you’re on a one path track be the high fashion ready on a budget for the holidays!

10. Black Bodycon Dress


Courtesy of @aniyahmorinia

You can’t go wrong with a black fitted dress for Thanksgiving. Up your style game with a sleek, black bodycon dress with some cute booties, trendy heels, and or a neutral, chunky belt to tie everything together for Thanksgiving this year. If you’d like to wear something comfier, check out these women’s Veja Rio Branco Sneakers to pair with a cute fall scarf and your long black bodycon dress.

11. Faux Leather Trousers for Women and Faux Leather Leggings Outfits


Courtesy of @gabriellamichin

Three words: Shein and Amazon. Shein as well as Amazon has the best variety of colors and lengths for faux womens leather pants and faux leather leggings! Faux leather pants outfits spike during the holiday season and are worn frequently on Thanksgivng, Christmas and New Years Eve with festive tops and glam womens accessories.

These Faux leather pants are a great material and bit more than the Amazon or Shein faux leather trousers. Though, these trouser will probably last for years to come and enjoy during the winter style season!

If you love Spanx faux leather leggings but do not want to spend over $100 then check out my favorite faux leather leggings as a Spanx leggings dupe.

12. Bold Blazers and Plaid Blazers for the Holidays


Courtesy of @downtowngirluptonchic

Need something to wear meeting your partners family for the first time this Thanksgiving break? There’s no better way to make a gorgeous statement on Thanksgiving than with block colors and wearing bold colors with a classy red women’s plaid blazer. Try wearing a Ralph Lauren plaid style structured blazer to show off your traditional style for Thanksgiving dinner!

13. Ditsy Floral Dresses For Thanksgiving


Courtesy of @hannahteitink

Who says Emrata ditsy dresses are just for summer style? Transition those delicate ditsy floral dresses from summer to winter effortlessly and wear one to Friendsgiving dinner!

Ditsy floral dresses for women and feminine floral dresses can be born with booties, tall boots, cardigan sweaters and warm fall hats. 

14. Maxi Dresses for Thanksgiving


Courtesy of @oliviatps

Though many think of long maxi dresses as a summer staple, these long dresses work well in the fall too. Layer a maxi dress with an on-trend knit sweater and pair of Jackie O’ style sungglasses for bonus style points. 

15. Casual Oversized Blazers for Fall


Courtesy of @idconceptstore

If you need a casual fall outfit for Thanksgiving without going to the store, try replacing your standard fall jacket with an oversized blazer. The bigger the better with this style! This oversized blazer style is also a great idea for pairing over other layers or making into an oversized blazer dress!

16. Striped Knitwear Sweaters


Courtesy of @fashion_jackson

Fall and winter style seasons are the best times to embrace knit trends, so don’t miss out on your chance to wear an affordable striped crewneck sweater! This is one of the only times you can wear a black and white striped sweater or red and white striped sweater and not look like Where’s Waldo lol. Pair a striped sweater with some cute black trousers, Cotton On Jeans and or white tennis sneakers.

17. Turtleneck Dresses


Courtesy of @kaitdavis

A classic turtleneck sweater dress combines some of the major trends of the autumn season, plus it’s an easy outfit for Thanksgiving that you can easily find and style (even the day before Thanksgiving) at major departments stores.

Even places like Target, Forever 21, or Amazon Prime have a fair large amount of affordable turtleneck dresses with expedited delivery for a last minute Thanksgiving outfit idea!

If you want to pair a white turtleneck dress for Thanksgiving with some cool tall boots, then you’ll like these snake print pointed toe boots on Amazon for a statement!

18. Matching Co-ords for Thanksgiving


Courtesy of @arina.bernardini

Nothing says, “I’ve got my stuff together”  like uber posh, designer style  matching sets for women. Wear this classy co-ord trend with some classy tweed styles or Chanel-inspired looks with matching shorts, skirts, and or tweed blazers. Pair with this Chanel style matching set with sheer patterned tights like the coveted Gucci tights or inexpensive Gucci tights dupe found on Amazon.

19. Patterned Shirts and Pattern Sweaters


Courtesy of @cocobeautea

A casual patterned top or pattern knit shirt women don in the fall can be versatile dressed up or dressed down. Women’s pattern sweaters are fun, spunky, and interesting for autumn time to test out with a style or two. Try wearing some eye-catching checkered print sweaters, trending zebra print crewneck sweaters, cheetah print women’s sweaters or tartan styles for your Thanksgiving plans.

If you do not want to spend the price for a Zara patterned knit sweater then check out these best-selling Zara lookalike Y2K patterned sweaters on Amazon.

20. Gingham Dresses For Women


Courtesy of @sweetsavleigh

Gingham print like this darling, gingham print dress from Amazon is a print and style that always comes in and out of fashion, especially during the summer and fall months. Gingham print comes in numerous colors but looks best in a cute gingham print dress that dons interesting or puffy sleeves – so girly and transitional for a stellar Thanksgiving style!

21. Baggy Jeans Women Love for Fall



Courtesy of @shelbyannkatherine

Baggy jeans on women is a style that is super comfortable any time of year but especially for those Thanksgiving food babies. Skinny jeans are out and baggy jeans have replaced them from trending baggy boyfriend jeans to 90’s style high rise baggy Abercrombie dad jeans. These make a great casual outfit for any daytime Thanksgiving styling with heels, boots or loafers. 

22. Mini Tie Skirt


Courtesy of @kayduree

Need a flirty skirt for the holiday season to pair with your winter tops? Try a side-tie skirt style for extra feminine detail! Perfect for any fall-themed night like a romantic Thanksgiving dinner look. 

23. Leather Blazers for Women


Courtesy of @aleynacandan_

Show your friends and family that your style is on point with a chic leather blazer on Thanksgiving. These are leather blazers for women are essential for the cooler weather and go with any style clothing to pair with (especially gold jewelry, sneakers and jeans!).

24. White Pants + White Jeans for Thanksgiving Style


Courtesy of @oliviajeanette_

White pants and white jeans for women can elevate any fall wardrobe or winter outfit. White pants are the perfect pants for a Thanksgiving meal ensemble as long as you (make sure not to spill on them of course!), pair your classy, white pants with some cute fall boots, white heels and or fall color palette tops.

25. Feather Clothing 


Courtesy of @melanycecilia

Feather clothing for women is *really* popular at the moment. Feather detail clothing adds pizazz and bold effect to any outfit during the holidays season and will be noticed almost definitely by your peers. Be the belle of the (Thanksgiving) ball with feather details in a cute feathered top or try slowly adding these statement details with an affordable feathered purse!

26. Layered Slip Dress


Image Source songofstyle.com

Slip dresses are popular for evenings out, but did you know slip dresses and silky satin dresses work for day time too? Add a blouse or t-shirt with some other seasonal layers to a simple slip dress for the perfect fall day look for Thanksgiving this year. 

27. A Pop Of Vibrant Yellow For Fall


Courtesy of @theglamannequin

Just because the days are getting darker earlier doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be drab! A bright yellow top  or mustard yellow dress for a different but cute, Thanksgiving look. Try this look in a yellow mini dress with a long coat or vibrant color yellow blouse.

28. Boxy Brown Blazers




Courtesy of @shelbyannkatherine

If you want a structured and comfortable day look, try an oversized but chic, oversized box blazer. These boxy blazers can be vintage, men’s style blazers, or a higher-end designer brand from somewhere online like, Revolve. Pair this boxy brown blazer with some tall heeled boots, light wash jeans or affordable loafer mule slides like these Gucci lookalike loafers. 

29. Long Checkered Coats

Courtesy of @sasabylopez

Long jackets and long coats for women are a great way to wrap up in style and stay warm this Thanksgiving season. A colorful long checkered coat with a grid pattern can give your outerwear an extra touch of fall detailing, too without being overpowering looking with dark colors for the season. 

30. Women’s Poncho for Thanksgiving 


 Style Like Shelby @shelbyannkatherine

If you want a more low-key style option, try a women’s poncho for Thanksgiving. A women poncho wrap is an essential autumn wardrobe piece and can be worn with leggings, jeans, and winter boots. A women’s knit poncho is also perfect for a casual Thanksgiving fit and adds an extra layer of warmth.



This blog post was all about the cutest Thanksgiving outfits ideas to wear for Thanksgiving 2022!



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