The Savvy and Life Changing That Girl Morning Routine You’ll Actually Want to Do


This article is all about how to implement a savvy, life-changing morning routine to be your best, that girl self-that doesn’t have to cost a lot; ESPECIALLY your sanity!

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1. Wake up + Hydrate with Water


This sounds simple but it works miracles.

Starting your day off with a full glass or bottle of water will jump-start your metabolism, hydrate your vitals and cleanse your digestive system.

You can drink a glass or bottle of water while getting ready, as soon as you wake up or on the commute to work.

Perhaps, keep a bottle of water on your bedside table/nightstand to have ready to drink first thing in the morning.

Soon enough, you’ll start to slip out of bed, throw on some comfortable slippers and drink water as a ritual, after a couple of weeks of doing it every morning.


Try out a water bottle to stay hydrated with helpful time markers in the morning! 



Do not drink freezing, ice-cold water as this can upset your stomach and be an unsettling combo if you decide to drink hot tea/coffee after.

You can also add a bit of lemon juice or freshly cut lemons/limes to give your water some yummy flavor.

Another way to add some healthful properties to your water is with some liquid or powder supplements!

We all know collagen is super popular for aiding healthy hair, skin, joints and whole body, collagen support.

Add powdered collagen to your water like the celebrity-favorite supplement, Vital Proteins collagen powder. 

We recommend Vital Proteins because the company is constantly innovating new flavors and ways to introduce more collagen to one’s diet.


Vital Proteins seem to be one of the leading collagen products to add to liquids (especially water) with its seamless, dissolvable properties and no funky taste after mixing.

If you’re an Amazon junkie and on a budget, here is another collagen peptide brand with excellent reviews and is even more affordable to add to your water in the morning. Mmmm yes, please! 

By simply adding this to your water in the morning hours, you are starting your day off strong + dialing into your inner health to be the best ‘you’ during the day.

AKA, that girl!

If you are someone who suffers from acne or pesky breakouts; try incorporating some affordable Liquid Chlorophyll Drops to your water in the morning.

This stuff really works for clearer skin!



You do not have to use these chlorophyll drops every day.

A suggestion would be to add a few drops of liquid chlorophyll in your water 1-3 days a week if you suffer from annoying breakouts.


Inexpensive Liquid Chlorophyll Drops to add in your water in the morning!


You will see a difference within a week or two with more beautiful, clearer skin. This also is a holy grail product if you have a big event coming up and have a breakout!

Chlorophyll drops will also help your immune support, and digestion and can give you a boost of natural energy!


2.  Create a Morning Music Playlist

A creative tip that’s helped boss babes everywhere get their mood just right in the AM is listening to music!

Music is therapeutic and can really set the tone for the day.

Start this routine by creating a playlist of 5-10 songs you love and titling it, ‘a Get Ready Playlist’ or ‘Morning Routine Playlist’.

You can even be witty and title your morning music playlist like, ‘Here comes the Sun’ or ‘Rise n’ Shine Playlist’.

Does anyone else remember Kylie Jenner’s, ‘Rise n’ Shine’ song?

Your (that girl) music playlist can be rock, pop, dance, classical or country; generally, anything that makes you feel energized or jovial in the morning.

Switch up your morning routine playlist every couple of months and change out some songs so you don’t get use to the same ones playing every morning.


3. Write Down 5-10 Things You’re Grateful For In The Morning 



Photo Credit: Style Like Shelby

This morning ritual can go hand in hand while listening to your morning music playlist or a favorite song to start off the day.

Starting a ‘grateful for’ journal/writing in a notebook 5-10 things you are absolutely grateful for, no matter how small they are creates bliss, inner peace, and procures abundance.

Statistics show that this can be an absolutely natural mood lifter that doesn’t cost a thing.

If you are too busy in the morning to actually write with pen and paper things, people, or places you’re grateful for, try adding this ritual in the ‘notes’ section of your phone and date it.

This is also a beautiful self-care tip (aside from a fun, morning ritual!)

This way, you are able to look back and reflect every month on what you are appreciating in life and how happy those things play into your surviving, thriving, and overall, being.

Style Like Shelby swears by this morning routine whilst drinking a cup of morning joe.

It takes less than a minute to do and will become something you look forward to doing every morning!


4. Plan + Establish a 3 Goals A Day Rule

This may sound a little off-beat but planning 3 things you absolutely must do that day will bring you closer to accomplishing everything in and under, those crazy, 24 hours. 

The 3 goals don’t even have to be goals/tasks, for that matter.

Planning 3 things starting your day off will rewire your mindset to be calmer in any situation, more patient at work and or present with your family at home.


If you have the time to write your goals down in the morning, here is one of the BEST notepads out there to do just that!



More so, if you are able to write down or say aloud in the morning 3 things you have to do that day before resting your head on your pillow, you are more likely to do those tasks...

…and not totally dread doing them.

Here are some of the BEST Paper Mate Gel Pens to use to write down your 3 daily goals, daily tasks and your never-ending to-do list.

If you’re a pen snob-you’ll definitely enjoy using these smooth writing gel pens. Your career and or school life especially will benefit from the 3 goals rule.

This is the introduction to what’s called, shadow journaling; which can also go hand in hand with your, ‘grateful for’ morning routine.

That girl (you!) is looking more centered + productive already!


Glamorous, that girl style feather pens on Etsy


Another example of this would be writing down or saying aloud, ‘I will work out for 45 minutes today no matter what’ or, ‘I will take my car in to get serviced which I’ve put off’…etc.

We all know certain tasks and to-do’s that seem like a hassle or mundane can be placed on the back burner over time. Before you know it, Friday rolls around and your to-do list seems overwhelming and you’d rather sip on a margarita and relax for the weekend.

Been there, done that!

By setting out to accomplish 3 goals and having that positive mindset; they become non-negotiable at this point.

Starting out, crushing even ONE of those goals signifies that you are taking strides to be your best self and make the small-scale changes needed to become that girl everyone looks up to.

You are teaching yourself some simple mind hacks that will seem like you’re a full blown Jedi to everyone else struggling to stay sane with their own, hectic lives. 

…all by implementing, ‘the 3 goals’ rule. 🙂


4. Time for a Drink!- A Green Goddess Wellness Drink, That Is



Photo Credit: Style Like Shelby

To make more green (AKA money)-we have to put in work at our jobs and careers to earn that green. Inadvertently, another way to make more green, is to be healthy-no matter your age or external circumstances in life may be. 

That girl, doesn’t make excuses when it comes to her health + thriving. Simply put, health = wealth and downing a quick shot of a green goddess type drink will instantly improve your morning and life.

Or…if you’re up for it, try to drink a full glass of a green drink instead of going straight for the caffeine fix like with coffee.


Here is one of the highest rated blenders on Amazon to make your own green goddess shot/drink in the morning!



Sounds cliché but maintaining a balanced diet and consuming, nutrient and antioxidant-rich green-filled liquids in the AM is crucial to our wellbeing and success.



Photo Credit: Style Like Shelby

Here is Style Like Shelby’s customizable + life-changing Green Goddess Morning Shot/Drink Recipe:



A lesser expensive, Hamilton Beach Smoothie Blender is better if you’re on a tighter budget or just don’t want to spend more than $35 on a blender to make these drinks in the morning. Though, you DO NOT have to haul out the blender or nutri-bullet to concoct a hippie, organic-filled green juice or smoothie every. single. day.

(You can totally do this if you want though!)

Consuming a green goddess wellness drink even TWO times a week will do wonders for your wellbeing.

Look into buying cheap, reusable stainless steel metal straws for your nutritious, green drink in the morning! No one wants green residue in their teeth LOL. Best, to use a handy straw that’s also eco-friendly, has a travel case and is perfect for a girl on the go.

Drinking a green goddess drink will lead to a jolt in energy, more mental bandwidth for focus, and overall better physical health that keeps everything within, running smoothly.

If you do not have the time to blend a green juice drink every morning, try prepping ahead and making a green shot the night before or on Sundays.

It’ll look like you have a ton of odd colored shots to drink in your fridge but it’s ample for your health! LOL. Let them judge!

You’ll be shining inside and out 🙂


The cutest, portable, miniature tumblr shot glass set on Amazon for a green goddess wellness shot


How adorable are those miniature, tumblr shot glasses for a green juice shot on the go in the AM?! Similarly, if you do not have time to go buy fresh produce and or if the vegetables went bad in your fridge; incorporate, a Super Greens Powder Smoothie Drink mix!


Nested Naturals Super Greens Whole Foods Vegan Powder Mix


This will make certain you are consuming enough organic, greens without blending a ton of vegetables or fruit.

All for under $30! ↑

Applying conscious, healthy habits to our diets will give us not only the chance to be healthy to work and push ourselves in academics; it allows us to flourish completely as that girl! That girl most definitely consumes vegetables + greens on a daily; one way or another!

(We just personally love the Green Goddess Drink Way.) How Californian-cool of us!


5. Listen to a Podcast; Particularly, a Motivational Podcast 



Photo Credit: Style Like Shelby

This is by far, a favorite core part of a solid that girl morning routineNo shock, in the past five years, podcasts have skyrocketed in popularity.

Women of all ages find inspiration at the beginning of the day when listening to podcasts that nourish their minds, hearts and spirits. If you’d like a more affordable alternative to Apple EarPods or wireless headphones to listen to a new podcast in the morning, check out these pink wireless, waterproof earbuds for under $25!



Most notable podcasts have a paid for a subscription (which is not a lot of money usually)

THOUGH, there’s always the Youtube option as food for thought for a cheaper option if you cannot find free podcasts you like. 

If you’ve ever hit a slump or need an instant mood lifter in the morning, podcasts can help motivate you and improve your attitude. Try listening to a podcast whilst getting ready in the morning or on the way to work in the car, train, bus, or walking with your earpods in.

Albeit, you can pull motivation from self-help podcasts, relationship + dating advice podcasts, entrepreneurship podcasts, autobiographical + historical episodes, pop culture + entertainment news, motherhood podcasts, and much more!

There’s a slew of mind-opening podcasts out there to choose from, so choose one to start and you’ll be hooked. Just like that, you have something fueling to look froward to; even something as simple as a morning ritual podcast.


Here’s a few recommended, Style Like Shelby free podcasts for that girl:

Encyclopedia Womannica

Hey, Girl.

 The Radical Transformation Project

Heather McDonalds,’ ‘Juicy Scoop Podcast’


It’s not enough to just ‘work’ nowadays and call it a day.

Deep down, many of us have passions or hobbies we are more fulfilled doing and actually, more talented at instead of our 9-5 jobs.

This is totally normal.

If you have a dream to succeed or have more freedom in your life, that’s telling that you, in fact, have the capacity to do just that!

Listening to podcasts is like fuel for our brains, hearts, and souls to be that girl you always dreamed of being. Minuscule changes like this one in the morning can do wonders for your motivation and grit to excel in life.

Anyone can possess the will to work but it’s putting yourself in the absolute best position mental-health wise, to work outside the box and have more endurance to achieve lofty goals + big dreams.

Going the extra mile implementing savvy changes like listening to inspirational talks and podcasts when you wake up, will set one apart from an employee to a boss and a boss to a mogul.

(If that’s something that interests you!)

Anyone with the freedom, wealth, and network you look up to has probably at one point or another taken their mental health, very seriously.  So, takes notes and stay inspired by life with some pump-up podcasts in the morning!



7. Wake up Your Morning Routine with Simple Stretches

Admirably, some people are early morning risers and will go for a run or workout at the gym at 5:00 am.

*applause for those people!

We highly recommend working out during the week and if your schedule allows, workout bright and early before your day starts.

However, something that is just as important as working out, (if not more) is to stretch first thing in the morning.

Yoga, sun salutations, and or just 5 minutes of deep breathing and stretching does miracles for your psyche and body.

You’ll instantly feel more relaxed and at ease for the day ahead. No matter what life throws at you.

At first, try 5-10 minutes of stretching in the morning. If you have more time some days, you can stretch up to even, 30 mins for a fuller stretch.

Incredibly, the 15-30 minute mark when stretching is even that much more beneficial amount of time for one prone to injuries, athletes, runners, pregnant women and or desk sitters at work. 

Another tip is to stretch while your coffee is brewing!

Stretch it out for those couple of minutes your coffee is brewing, a teapot is warming up or a k-cup is being made. Soon enough, stretching will be one of your favorite that girl morning habits.

Even if it’s literally stretching as soon as you get out of bed; try doing some simple stretches on the floor next to your bedside. You will feel better in mind and body soon after.


8. Take Your Vitamins In The Morning


Photo Credit: Style Like Shelby

Whatever your diet may consist of, most times, we are deficient in some nutritional area without even knowing it. Taking a daily multivitamin or a particular vitamin to make up for a nutrient deficiency is a responsible duty for any savvy, that girl.

We implore you to take a multivitamin in the morning as a little, health insurance. Here are three popular, women’s multivitamins that are best-sellers across the board.

(Olly is also a great gummy vitamin brand that sells a beauty-related gummy as well!)


Olly Women’s Multi Vitamin



Goli Nutrition Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies


People have been going bananas for the brand, Goli Nutrition. On Amazon, Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy Vitamins have over 200,000 reviews! 

Rest assured, these apple cider vinegar gummies are vegan, gluten-free, are non-GMO, AND have more of an apple taste than a pungent, vinegar.


Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies can lead to a better digestive system, weight loss and decrease in acid reflex/gas. 

Another multivitamin which is in a category uniquely of its own is, Ritual Vitamins especially, the Muiltviamin Essential For Woman 18+. 



Ritual Vitamins is leading in it’s category as it is a nutritional vitamin company created for women; by women! Woohoo!!

We love Ritual Vitamins as they can trace the origins of the components for each vitamin a well as they have scientists that study science/genetics to pinpoint the daily vitamins and essentials we need to live a healthy life.



Photo Credit: Style Like Shelby


This blog post was all about how to have a savvy, that girl morning routine that will change your life + make for a brighter day!










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