The Ultimate Target Bedding Guide for a Luxuriously Comfortable Bed

Want a fancy, 5 star hotel-like bed at home?

 Here, read how to affordably transform your bed with some simple yet, luxurious  bedding picks you can pick up at your next Target run!

This blog post is all about The Ultimate Target Bedding Guide for a Luxuriously Comfortable Bed!

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Ever been to Target, bought one thing and walked out? 

Yeah…didn’t think so! 

Target is the mecca for quite literally EVERYTHING it seems.

Luxuriously, expensive BUT comfortable bedding options being top on the list at Target these days.

This Target bedding guide features all the stylish options, tips and tricks to look as if you’ve splurged when you saved in a MAJOR way for your bed.

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Comfortable sheets from Target


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Affordable + Soft Fitted Sheets from Target 

At SLS, we take our beauty sleep very seriously! Without sounding too vain-sleep is not only of utmost importance in how we look, it’s prominent to which we operate and go about our daily lives.

We can’t afford to be a half asleep zombie dragging throughout the day from a poor nights sleep.

Nope, nope, nope.

Your bed should be a sanctuary to relax and unwind in from a long, hectic day. 

Best Cheap Target Hotel-Like Sheets 

Or if you’re like me-sometimes I work late at night in bed with my laptop or watch a movie with some popcorn, totally submerged in a chillaxin’ mode.

Either way, we spend about a third of our lives in a bed!

I’m going to act like you don’t know ANYTHING about bedding or how to construct the most irresistible looking place to catch some Zzzz’s…

So, let’s kick off with bedding basics 101: how to pick quality sheets. 

Best Middle of the Road Priced Bedding Sheets


You can look high and low sometimes and STILL end up with purchasing sheets online or in-store somewhere that are, just mehh.

I personally always keep two to three sets of sheets around at all times. I advise others to do the same as this is super helpful to not have to run out in a hurry when a set of sheets go awry!

Once, you find a pair of sheets that are (oh-so hotel feeling!), buy multiple.

You’ll thank me for this later tip!

Another helpful design tip with investing in sheets is to go with a neutral color or shade of white, cream, tan, heather gray or a light colored pattern.

If something moodier is the vibe, you can always go the navy blue or dark charcoal-gray route for sheets.  

Higher-end hotel like Sheets from Target

If you know someone or ARE someone who drools at night-you’ll see the drooly mess WAY easier on dark sheets than lighter color ones.

Also, sometimes the dyes used when making darker color sheets can rub off on your clothing at night. Almost like how dark wash jeans can leave your hands looking blue from the dye rubbing against them.

This will be a great indicator if you have quality sheets or not! So please, be aware that not all companies make sheets with colored threads sewn in one by one. Instead, they are made with a material then dip-dyed later on and not sealed properly.

If you’re a new-age, organic route or all-round product health aware mama, you need to know this info!

You can always look at the sheet material on the back of the package to see if you’re really curious if any material has been dyed. A good rule of thumb is to have your sheets for a minimum of three months without having any major signs of wear, tear or problems in general.


Target Duvet Covers + Comforters

Duvet covers are for the most part, pretty straightforward. One can purchase a duvet cover separately or in a set with shams, sheets and pillowcases.

Just make sure to read the package or read the description of the duvet cover online prior to purchasing to ensure you’re getting what you pay for.



Photo Credit: Style Like Shelby

Personally,  tend to stay neutral or choose a feather down duvet for all seasons. Depending on what type of material you choose for your duvet cover, this will determine a cooler feeling when it’s warm out or keep you nice and insulated during the winter months.

If you want your accent pillows and sheets to be the pop of color or contrast for your bed stick with a white, cream, tan or gray color.


Essential Target Duvet Covers

You can have fun and choose a different themed color, design and or pattern for a duvet cover every couple months to switch it up.

For example, for the fall and winter seasons try incorporating rich colors and textures of burnt orange, brown, velvet, faux fur and contrasts of black and white on your bed.

For the spring and summer months, test out a soft floral, boho or solid pops of vibrant colors with your bedding picks and duvet cover.


Chic Pillows From Target


Now, this is where designing and purchasing items to make an expensive looking bed get, well…really fun! Think of pillows as jewelry for your bed!

(Other than of course the standard pillow you’d actually lay your head on) 


Make your bed the most comfortable spot in the house with soft pillows 


 I know you have that one bumpy favorite pillow you’ve probably had for years! A golden rule is your bed should have AT LEAST four pillows.

Two bigger pillows as a base or propped against a headboard and then subsequently, two smaller pillows (the ones you actually lay your head on!) These smaller pillows should ideally, be suited for your sleep habits and what’s most comfortable for you.

BONUS: A majority of pillows at Target can be used for your bed and or sofa! 


Comfortable base pillows for your bed


Some of the best neutral color decorative pillows for your bed!

Unique + funky accent bed pillows!

Floral and botanical pattern pillows

Best Selling millennial pink and peachy color pillows

You can dress a bed up or down with a few or a WHOLE BUNCH of make-you-wanna-jump-in, ploppity-plop pillows.

Even though an ultra mod or girly sequin, studded and embellished pillow isn’t the most comfortable, they can really add an element of design to an otherwise, boring bedspread. 

Geometric and boho design pillows


Blankets & Throws from Target

If you’re a lounger at the end of the day or like to cuddle up reading a book, watching tv OR a quick snooze…throws and blankets are a MUST! Target ALWAYS has the best variety for blankets and throws.

Especially around fall and the winter months!

Most expensive looking throws for your bed

In my book, everyone should have a cream or tan color faux fur throw to use as an accent or decorative feature on a sofa or bed.

Seriously, you can even transform your whole sofa with 2-3 throws in a snap!  


Target Headboards and Beds

A new headboard can completely make your bedroom feel like a new room. Unless you need to purchase a whole bed or a new bed, I’d say opt to just switch out your headboard.

If you’d like to be an SLS posh on a penny graduate, then stay within the budget realm of around $100-$300 for a headboard. Target has some stunning headboard options in this price range.

(Of course you can go over or under that price point BUT that’s the range I’d personally suggest to stay in).

Headboards typically come in a variety of styles, materials and colors. A headboard that can blend any room would probably be a solid color, wooden headboard.

This is also one that can last the test of time as unlike fabric, wood won’t stain or show marks over time. Something that has been trending for homes lately is the antique or distressed look. Here are some prime examples of distressed wood look without looking worn.

If you don’t like a standard wooden headboard try out a metal headboard for a rustic, or industrial-chic look. 

Best wooden style bedroom headboards 

Affordable fabric style headboards

SLS favorite fabric style headboards


This post was about The Ultimate Target Bedding Guide for a Luxuriously Comfortable Bed!






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